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    Chapter Two

    Nicole sighed as she did the usual chores; cleaning up her room, and other things like that. She was the eldest of her family, and often overlooked because of the younger ones’ needs. She had two sisters- Tiara and Phoebe. The main London clock tower struck 12 as the streets became busier by the second.

    Her second errand was buying the eggs for lunch. “Hello, Mr. Aker,”she said with a friendly tone. “Hello, Nicole. Eight eggs, I believe?”he winked. She smiled. “Of course,”Nicole answered. He handed her one carton, and she left, returning to her home.

    Her 14th birthday was today, September second, but no one seemed to remember. She wasn’t paid much attention to by her family; in fact, they almost forgot about giving her dinner once. Or twice. “Put in the kitchen,”her mother said hurriedly, not giving a second glance to Nicole as she walked in.

    She looks out the window, softly humming a tune that Mr. Flint usually sang every morning. “If only I could have a bigger like. One where people acknowledged me,”she whispered to herself softly, turning away. Little did she know that ‘if only’ would reverse itself much later on.

    “MOTHER!!!!!!”Tiara yelled, her mother immediately rushing towards her. “What is it, dear? Lunch? Toys? Sleep time?”she asked Nicole rolled her eyes, sighing. Tiara was only five years old, but she had a flair for drama. And she would get upset if she didn’t get what she wanted. Phoebe was quieter, yet she still received attention. But nevertheless, she still did love them, even though she got jealous from time to time.

    Evening neared, and Phoebe felt sick. Nicole’s father stayed with her for a long time, and now it was time for one more errand. “Mother? I’m off to the shop-”she stopped as she saw her mother in Tiara’s bedroom, playing with her to keep her entertained. Nicole blinked fast, and walked out the door without another word.

    She ran to the bakery, needing to grab some bread. “Hello, Nicole! On your errands, I presume? The usual?”the shopkeeper asked. “Of course. Thank you, Mr. Fahey,”Nicole replied with a smile, taking the nine loaves of bread back home. “Leave it on the counter,”her father said, like he’d say everyday.

    She left it on the table, walking out to the garden. Nicole sat by the river, dangling her legs into it. I wish I could have a better life. One where people noticed me, she thought, sighing. But suddenly, she saw a letter on the grass. It was apparently from something called “A.O.M.”. She ran inside. “Mother, here’s a letter-” “Leave it my table,”she interrupted.

    Nicole sighed, placing the letter on her mother’s desk. In around fifteen minutes, Tiara was asleep, so she came and opened the letter.

    Dear Mr. and Mrs. Flintstone,

    We have come to accept your eldest daughter into A.O.M- the Academy of Magic. Some people are born on Earth, but with magical talents. These people have the choice to attend a school where they will learn magic, and control their talent. We hope that you will consider sending Nicole Flintstone to this school. She would have to leave immediately, for school starts tomorrow.

    Best Regards,
    Headmistress Jasmina

    Nicole’s mother read this, and laughed out loud. “Magic talent? Who came up with this stuff?! It’s obviously a prank letter,”she tossed the card away. But then, letters appeared in the air. “Magic is real. Do you believe me now?”it said. Nicole’s mother gasped, and fainted.

    An hour later, she came to, breathing heavily. “Magic… is… real,”she said through panting breaths. “Nicole. I think that you’re… going to go,”her father said. She tried to hide her excitement , but she was shocked as well. How would she, of all people, have magic?

    They were in silence for the rest of the evening, Nicole packing her things quietly. “How are you supposed to get there?”her father finally asked, standing at her doorway. “I-I don’t know,”she replied. He frowned, and walked out without a word.

    She sighed. Maybe this school would be a fresh start for her. Suddenly, words appeared in the air again. “Nicole Flintstone, you are to leave for school immediately”it said. “How?”Nicole groaned. Something appeared in front of her.

    “Aah!”she yelped, inching back. “Who… are you?”she asked softly, peering closer. It was a squirrel, but it started to grow bigger. Nicole yelped again, drawing back. “I’m Samuel Squirrel,”he said. “Samuel… Squirrel?”she tried to clarify, biting back a laugh. He frowned, turning into a young man.

    “Hmph. Shows your lack of self-control. I’m not a squirrel, I’m Headmistress Jasmina’s assistant. Just use this spare wand,”he said. Nicole gulped. Okay???”she said hesitantly, gripping the wand. In an instant, she was transported to a beautiful school. “Here it is,”the man said with a satisfied smile. “The Academy of Magic.”

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