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    Ch 1-8 (Idk what to call this so pls give me some ideas) comment if you want to be tagged
    ch 1 trapped
    It has been years since I last saw Agata. She was trying to run up to me but Rafal’s magic was too strong and I knew deep inside couldn’t bear to see her dead. Rafal was about to swing his axe on Terdos, and no matter how much I hated him I knew Agatha couldn’t live without him “Wait!” I yelled, everyone looked at me, I knew I had to be smart while talking him out of this “Take them to their corrupted kingdom and let them rule it, it will be nice to see how it turns out, and If you do it I’ll kill Stefan with a dark heart.” I gripped my axe tight and lowered it to Stefan’s head “1” locked my eyes into his “2” he gave in and started to open a portal. Agatha looked into my eyes to see anything I said was real, it wasn’t but I was trying to protect her by not being dead, they fell through the portal as Agatha gave me one last look of pure hatred. I knew I had to keep the deal, I closed my eyes and gave it a swing. Blood came all over my dress and I was thinking about all the time he didn’t care about me when I needed someone. The sunset and a full moon rose in its place. I am now regretting what I’ve done but I can’t go back in time and besides I have a child now.

    Ch 2 Black heart
    Every day is such a bore with the same old classes that I take. It’s dose get fun in a while when my mom is teaching she secretly give me the answer and she always makes my birthdays the best in school, she makes sure only my friend are invited and if an intruder comes in we will give him/her a punishment and my mom give them a hex which are the spells I want to learn so bad. I love my mom a lot though whenever I ask about her life before she became the dark queen she always changes the subject quickly, it’s strange. Mom told me about how I was born on a full moon. My dad on the other hand always tried to love me but it’s obvious he doesn’t since he wanted a son. I don’t have much in common with him besides my looks I have his pale skin and snow white hair everything else I got from my mom or it’s mixed like, my eyes they sometimes change from blue to green or there both. This is my first year and day five the day I have been waiting for when we can learn our talents. I met up with my friends the Sirens or at least they like to be called that, but there just the daughters of the coven(Dot,Andil, and Hester). Scarlet is the daughter of Hester she got ruby red hair and when there in moon or sun they look like a rainbow.Next is Maddy Daughter of Andil she different from most villains but she got cool snake that follow her command and she has great ideas of projects the other reason we have A+ in all our test but she can talk for hours about her “beautiful” white hair and her enchanting red eyes which are actually blood red eyes and di.rty white hair.The last Melo Daughter of Dot she is skinny and basically decides what we’re going to do if we find an intruders which are “perfect evers” everybody hates the sound of that and everybody loves giving torture to the intruder though we never had one. We all talked about what our special talent will be. I was excited and wondering about it trying not to show it, we entered class we were late. “Your late” Lady Lesso said “and” I said, she grinned “So you and your friends are going to be last.” “Good save the best for the last.” Scarlet said we high-fived and sat down next to each other we’re best friends after all. Everybodys was boring I almost fell asleep here’s a few can talk to monsters, what are going to do with that we already control them, mind reading its ok but not amazing, now Melly was up my enemy I hated her so much that I could kill her here but I didn’t because I wanted to see what her talent I was hoping it was moving small things. She came up and said “Be careful of what you wish for.”She whistled and a fairy came in her hand shaking and scared “Impressive” Lady Lesso said “If you want them to bite you.” I added she gave a look and I almost let out a laugh “Well Raven it seems to be your turn and let’s see if you can do better.” I came up to the desk and started to float unwillingly. I felt so much darkness and evil around me, squirming around the room then all of it came into my heart and I fell on the floor and everything black.
    Ch 3 Found someone
    I woke up at the nurse and saw Lady Lesso and mom I’m dead and probably also in trouble. “We need to talk” Lady Lesso said definitely dead “About what” “Your special talent, it almost killed everyone in the class and Melly is complaining about it.”mom said she should be dead “What is it?” I asked I wasn’t in the mood to talk, I wanted to see my friends “You can bring death to anything want, that’s impressive” Lady Lesso said I was speechless and shocked I said the first thing that came to my mind“How’s Scarlet” “She’s in perfect condition, and waiting outside” I drank some water and went outside,I saw Scarlet “Hey” “Hey” she looks worn out and tired “What happened in class.”I asked, she looked confused “Honestly hard to rember.” ”Same”.After school ended me and the Sirens made a plan, that they’ll cover for me when I go out in the in the “Endless” woods to look for and intruder since there more chances that they’ll be one there instead of one of them stumbling here which is dumb. I stole my mom’s snake-skin cape just in case I get caught “Wish me luck” I said as I went through the gate’s it was easy since I was the school master’s daughter. As I went into the forest I could feel peace in the shallow darkness. It was my first time out of that school, I watched students come and go and this time it’s my turn to go out into the world. As I walked I heard some rustling in the bushes, “Who’s there.” I said as I got out my sword and pointed to the bush there was more rustling and out came two people arguing, there was a boy he had sea blue eyes and black hair that seem to be in a mess and the girl was a total mess her dress was ripped up and her orange hair had a branch in it. “This is your fault.” the girl started “My fault how is it my fault, and weren’t you the one saying that, there helpful ingredients in the forest let’s go.” the boy said, “After you talked me into it, and beside you were the only one who wanted to go.” I sat down on a stump and watched when they would stop, it was hirarious. “Just saying that even Never’s have better clothes than you two.” I finally cut in when they are about to kill each other, they slowly turned their heads and see me, there was a long awkward silence. “How long have been here.” the boy said, raising his sword up to my neck. “Saw the whole thing, it was hirarious.” I said with a grin he cut into my neck a bit of it bleed a bit I saw the girl behind and she was horrified “You know you can stop now.” he stopped and turned around he saw the girl behind him and told her to run to the nearest tree. While I climbed the tree behind me and sat on a branch, he turned around and punched in the air I think it was at my stomach. He looked around in confusion and I laugh at him, he looked up and look as I’ve done something impossible “What” I said impatiently “Get down here.” He spat “No, beside your either gonna make more scars on me or I’m gonna have a sword though my stomach.” I said “She has a point.” The girl yelled “Who’s side are you on” he yelled back “No one’s” and they started arguing again.I was really getting tired of this so I laid down one on the branch and fell asleep.
    Ch 4 stories to tell
    I woke up only to get hit by the other branch and fall down face first on a bolder. I could feel my head banging all over and I couldn’t get up and see what happened. There was so much weight everywhere, but I eventually got up and no one was there, heard a scream. I quickly rushed to where I heard it, I saw Scarlet in a pool of blood and I rushed over to her. “Are you ok” The first thing I want to hear is her condition. She turned over to see me and look scared and shocked at the same time, “You have to get out of here!” she yelled, she sounded worried. “Well sorry I’m not leaving without you.” I lifted her up, carried her on my back and ran. I ran in random directions and stopped at a dead end, I put her down “It’s coming” she finally managed to say, I listened to her while checking her pulse it was slowing down quickly “What’s coming” I asked trying to remember a healing spell, but the only one’s I can remember are death spells. I felt something creep all over me as if I was the reason for her being dead, I started to cry and as she,I took her hand as her breath got weaker and shorter. “Don’t cry” she said “We’ll meet soon”. I woke up for real and my head hit a branch and I fell down. “You gotta be kidding me!” I mean the same thing happens in your dream and then in reality so what do you expect. “Well this time I’m gonna catch you.” He caught me and well I had to say this “Let me go!” “Alright.” he said and let me go on the flat stone and winked at me, I am forever gonna hate him for that. “Well you did find someone but apparently not intruders.” I heard someone said I looked up and saw Lady Lesso “So, am I in trouble.” I said praying that it will be a small one. “Well no you’re not, because who you found is the prince Carlos of Camerlot and his friend.” I really couldn’t believe I’ve found out of millions of people I bumped into him. “And I believe it’s time to tell your parents story to the both of you.” She pointed to Carlos and me.
    Ch 5
    Lady Lesso told the whole story and I was in shock. I had no idea that my mom went to the school for GOOD AND EVIL and her “best friend” was Carlos’s mom. So Lady Lesso unlocked my finger glow early and it flashed from pure white to pure black to gray. “HOW DO YOU HAVE MORE THAN ONE COLOR.” Carlos said in shock “And can I have my finger glow unlocked.” “No” I said just as swirled my finger around now it was gray “But that’s impossible” Lady Lesso said “What is” I asked “Tell me you percentage” “100% evil” “Your real percentage”Lady lesso look at me cold and hard, so I had no other choice “50-50, and some time 100% evil other times 100% good” Carlos look like if he has been kicked in the stomach, the girl looked like a statue, and Lady Lesso looked at me with bulging eyes. “What” everyone acted so strange Finally Lady Lesso sighed, she was sorta like an Aunt to me “Sader once told me that there will be someone in our school that will like you, and after you were born your father summoned Sader’s soul to tell your future but lied to them and told it to me.At first I never believed it he said that you were the one to bring back the school for good, but over the years I started to see that power in you.” I took a few steps back, me revive the school for good, the daughter of the school master, someone who’s supposed to be 100% evil, I felt dizzy then, everything went black.

    Ch 6 Beyond the School
    Voices I hear voices all different types of voices. “WHY IN THE WHOLE WORLD DID YOU EVEN THINK OF BRINGING SOMEONE FROM THAT CURSED AND EVIL SCHOOL HERE!” It was a woman “Is she dangerous?” It was a girl she sounded about 10 or 11 “And another reason why you can’t be the king your going to bring enemies into m- our kingdom” this guy sounded older near 14 “Son even if somehow you become king, Luther has a point you can’t bring in people who are our enemies, especially their children.” This was probably Carlos’s Family “BUT SHE NOT OUR ENEMY, SHE NOT DANGEROUS, AND PEOPLE CAN BE DIFFERENT FROM THEIR PARENTS!” This for sure was Carlos, but he was defending me, why? That question hung in my head like an echo, but then I thought maybe under all that crazy-Carlos-ness he was good, really good. I started to open my eyes, light blinding light, I shut them back `Note to self don’t open your agan. Someone started to walk toward me, please be Carlos please be Carlos I begged I held my breath my heart pounding, “So you’re awake, we thought you were dead and I didn’t know someone “100% evil” could faint.” It was Carlos I took a breath in relief, but started to growl at that comment “Fine, fine sorry, lower the lights” he said “But then she’ll be able to-” It was the woman “Lower the lights.” he said much colder the light were lower I could feel it. This time I slowly opened my eyes and saw a big room it had a chandelier and fancy decoration all over the place I looked down to see I was wearing a dress with fancy patterns on it and worst of all it was PINK.I screamed and then started to yell at Carlos since he was the only one I knew “ONE why am I in a dress, I HATE DRESSES, AND WHO CHANGED ME! TWO WHERE IN THE WORLD AM I. THREE WHY ARE YOU SO CALM, I MEAN NO ONE CAN ACTUALLY BE THIS CALM?!” I was out of breath but still angry “One you fainted into mud, so you sorta had to be changed. Two I’m always this calm-”I interrupted him “Hold it, you, calm, is that a joke cause when I saw you, you were trying to attack me and had a sword and tried to punch me in the-” Now he interrupted me “Ok, ok that’s because I thought you were going to kill us.” That made a lot of sense since I thought he was going to kill me. “Three we’re in Camelot.” Now I was furious he brought me to the one place that has people who could just kill me on sight, and if Agatha is good why did she leave my mom there all alone try to protect them, if betrayal is good then what’s evil. All of a sudden all that has happened flashed back to me, Lady Lesso unlocking my finger glow, her telling me that I was the only one that can revive good. “So let me get this straight you brought me here, EVEN AFTER WE READ THE WHOLE BOOK, THERE MY PARENTS ENEMY ARE YOU CRAZY!” I yelled at him I almost thought I was going to lose my voice. I suddenly started floating, oh no not this again. “Carlos HELP ME!.”I reach out to him my vision started to blur I closed my eyes fill with tears sliding down my face this couldn’t happen here, not now, or ever, everybody would be hurt because of me.I could feel myself getting deeper in the darkness I could feel the pure evil waiting for me in there, waiting to try to make my soul more evil than it already is. “This is probably one of your jokes.” he replied, I couldn’t believe it “Carlos this is not a joke help me!” my shoulder was already inside the dark cloud “CARLOS.” I yelled but it was too late I was already inside. The darkness strapped all around me,beside my face “Be loyal to evil, be pure.” an eerie voice said, I stayed quite “BE LOYAL TO EVIL, BE PURE.” the voice roared, the strapped tightened, I couldn’t move only trying to breath as my breath got shorter, one strap came to my heart it twisted, turned, and sharpen until it became a blade, a blade aimed at my heart. All of a sudden light came through “NOOOOO” the voice roared and my head felt heavy, then light, then dizzy, soon everything went black.
    Ch 7 Family Reunion
    There was cold and darkness all around me, I couldn’t feel my limbs, the only thing I felt was the coldness around me. Suddenly a burst of warmth came, I could smell smoke from firewood. I slowly opened my eyes, I was in a bed, there was wood on all four walls, except for a wooden door. I slowly and carefully got up and went to the door, it creaked open, I still went forward and turned the ****. I saw my dad by the fireplace, his face was gentle but it was still him, it looked exactly like him, white hair, blue eyes. He turned and saw me, I quickly slammed the door shut, and tried to remember a spell my finger glowed, white for good. What was I doing that was sooo good right now I was only trying to defend myself. As he got closer I pushed harder against the door, “Raven, open the door, I’m your Uncle, please.” he said, now this was so weird my dad never says please. “One I don’t HAVE an Uncle, two how do I know your telling the truth?” I said, my shoulders started to ache. “Your finger finger glow is white, gray, and black, Lady Lesso told you that you were the only one who could revive good, and I’m your Fathers twin brother, Rhian.” He replied, I slowly opened the door, he was there smiling. I slowly went to a chair and sat. “How do you know this, and WHERE am I, I mean one second ago I was-”I stopped, I was in Camelot, begging Carlos to help me while getting eaten by a monster, just when I thought Carlos was good, it turned out to be all wrong, my eyes started to mist, stop it I told myself villains don’t cry over stuipid,cute,annoying boys. “I’ve seen you grow up through your whole life, but rarely seen you cry, what’s wrong.” he asked softly, his eyes twinkled “You said that you seen me through my whole life, you know.” I said, “Yes, but I couldn’t see what happened after you started floating, It’s like my vision blurred.” he said “I-I-I saw darkness, evil, it was in an orb this time and it spoke” just even talking about it gave me fear,he looked shocked and worried and didn’t say anything for a long time “What do mean ‘this time it spoke’?” he asked his face looked confused “It had a voice this time, last time it just swallowed me.” I said, slowly I noticed the scene started to fade, with every second that went by. “Raven I have to tell you something very important, the Stoiran is writing about you. My brother is in a rage state, and your mother has turned into a witch for the third time and both of them are storming towards Camelot with the whole school, hurry.” His voice faded as the scene finally went black,his last words echoed and I had to choose between family and foe.I wished that this whole thing was just a dream, that none of this was real,I wish I could just wake up and go hug my mom and saying “I love you” just to her. I finally woke up, the bed was tear stained.The black orb was still there, there were swords clashing next to me. I turned and saw Carlos, and his probably older brother Luther fighting with each other, “For the last time she’s not evil, or trying to destroy the kingdom or any of that other junk you said.”Carlos yelled dodging an attack, and swung the flat part of the blade and Luther’s leg.I could see that Carlos wasn’t trying to hurt his brother, but was still angry with him.Something caught my eye, something in a shadow closet in a dark corner where no one could could see from there angle but me.There was a girl in the shadow grinning at me she had long black hair and bright emerald eyes, her eyes met mine, with a sword at a another girl’s neck,this girl had bright red hair.I could immediately tell who they were, Melly and Scarlet,my blood boiled just at the sight of Melly she is the most cruelest person on Earth(beside my mom or me when we’re angry).“PASS ME A SWORD.” I roared, jumped off the bed and dogged the fight between the two. “No way you’re staying in the bed!” He said now trying to knock his brother off, “Oh for the love of humanity” I said sarcastically, I grabbed his sword and swung it at the grip.In one moment Luther’s sword was out of his hand and fell to Carlos’s feet.“See now we both have swords.” I said in a somewhat happy voice, Carlos was speechless but still spoke a bit “Wait-but how, and just in one.” in gibberish, my eyes staring into the shadow of the closet “And now Carlos I’m going to need this” I said, and waited for her to come out. “Fine I’m here” Melly said with annoyance blade still at Scarlet’s neck, an idea popped into my head but before my brain could think I said “Well since no one is here, let’s say we have a little duel.” I was grinning at the thought of my plan, just need her to say yes. “Alright beating you for once wouldn’t hurt.” Melly said putting the sword blade off of Scarlet and I turned my head to Carlos.
    “Carlos listen to me, I have a plan.” I said in his head
    Carlos look shocked as if this had to be a dream “B-but how is this possible, THIS IS IMPOSSIBLE!” he was definitely shocked “Now…LISTEN TO ME YOU NUTSHELL I have a plan, while I’m fighting her you grab Scarlet the girl in the red hair, and throw her on the bed and help me fight her OK.” I said “Uh ok, I am still in shock.”
    I charged towards Melly she did the same, our swords clashed both of us try to outdo the other. Melly was keeping her eyes on Carlos, she knew something was happening but wasn’t sure what. After at least 30 minutes, Carlos came running in with his sword and tossed Scarlet over to the bed and at the same time we pointed the blade at her neck.Melly knew there was no escape “Well just a heads up, Raven there coming.” Melly said viciously, she raised her finger, It glowed a dark purple, there was light coming from her finger, then a blast.She was gone, I went up to the window and looked past the kingdom’s borders and saw dust charging towards the castle. “Uh Raven what does she mean by “there coming?” I began to think after that dream, why did he say “Not this time.” How did he know? My mind began thinking about all the possibilities, it began thinking about family and foe, and my mom.
    Ch 8 When your worries have no limits (Carlos P.O.V)
    “Um…Raven what did she mean by “there coming.” I said I was starting to worry, my fist began to clench, everyone was waiting while she was looking out a window. “Raven” my voice began to harden, “What did she MEAN!” Her hands clenched the window still and she mumbled something, “Oh I’m sorry, did you say something, I couldn’t hear you can you repeat that.” I said sarcastically “I said GET OUT OF HERE!” her voice roared, I fell back. “WELL AT LEAST ANSWER MY QUESTION!” I yelled back, and quickly got up. She tried to punch me the moment I got up,I was swift and dogged. The black orb above reacted bubbling, stretching, growing, sharpening until it got arms. It mimicked what Raven tried but more accurate and painfully, I fell back against the wall and probably broke my leg. “Stop this Raven.” my voice was breaking, hoping that she would just stop. Suddenly a gold light blasted between us “I think I had enough of this.” I turned to see my mom, eyes full of rage. “M-mom I’m fine.” I said trying to get up but sliping every time. Raven snapped her fingers and the orb shielded her and Scarlet who was still on the bed, “By the greatest depths of evil” she closed her eyes and began chanting, the sky outside begain darkened, and everyone in my family was scared, especially my little sister. I pushed myself against the wall trying to get up with my leg and arms Raven continued chanting. I know that there’s some good in her, I now realized that I shouldn’t have yelled at her to begin with, none of this would have started. Raven’s skin began to pale and she started to shake “May everyone be loyal to evil.” the chant was finished, Raven leaned on the cabinet limbs still shaking. I looked over to the other side, my mom and dad were angry, I know that they were going to shoot some spells. I heard blasts of gold, glass shattering, and a scream, I pushed myself against the wall over to the cabinet and then to the window. “Carlos, what do you think you are doing.” My mom said in a stern voice, but I didn’t care. I began to think about how easily my mom got fooled between Sophie protecting her and banishing her and replied “You should know.” and with all my strength jumped from the window.

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