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    starsshinebright posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 2 years ago

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    New POV! Has a very important thing at the end we all forgot about.

    I have been really scared lately, those pirate guys are everywhere. I am walking to my room when I met up with Lola and her friends.
    “Oh, hi Peony. Are you okay?” She asked.
    I jumped when she talked to me, “Umm, yeah I’m fine Lola. You should go now. quickly.” I really want to get away. I did not feel like trying to get her to come and switch places today.
    She looked a little sad, “If you don’t want to talk to me, you could have just said so.”
    I start walking again, really wanting to escape the world and read. Some people pass by and I press myself against the wall. I look back at Lola again but then get pulled into a room by a hand? No, it did not feel like a hand at all.
    I look around and this is not my room. The door suddenly closed behind me and I jumped. Cautiously, I turn around. It is him. The main pirate.
    “Hello again, my dear,” he said with a crooked smile, “How are you doing?”
    I gulp, “I am fine.”
    “I see you haven’t done what we asked you to do yet.”
    “I just have to find the right time to do it, okay?”
    “But we need you to do it soon. Real soon. Otherwise, we do have a backup plan. With that boy Liam. That’s his name right? Liam. You know him, right?”
    “A little.” I started to wonder what they did to him.
    “Okay, the plan with him might work out better.” I do not show it but I am thinking I am free.
    “Okay,” I say.
    Then part of my dream comes true, “We will just have to use you for the next part of our plan…” The pirate smiled. I will never be set free, will I? He opens up the door for me. I start walking.
    “Oh. Peony,” He grabs my shoulder, “We are still watching you.” He touches the bottom of my hair and I walk out quickly.
    I look at the time. About twenty minutes until lunch. I can relax for a little. I start walking when I bump to someone. I gasp and put my hands over my mouth.
    I take my hands off, “Liam!” I say shakily. He is beat up badly. Very badly. This is what they did to him.
    “Hi, P-Peony,” he kind of says. I start shaking my head. This was their plan, to beat him up? It takes me a moment to realize it but now I know. They are probably using him for bait.
    I cannot help but ask, “Liam, what happened?”
    “Should I take you to Professor Dovey?”
    He shakes his head slowly. It is almost lunch.
    “Do you want to go to lunch at least?” I say. This boy should eat some. It would get some energy in him. “And I’m not asking you to go with me to lunch,” I add. Liam nods and mumbles yes. I start walking and he trails on behind me. I look back once and he actually looks eager to get to lunch. I am guessing he probably is not really hungry, so why he wanting to go?
    On the way to lunch I see the ranking board. I expect my name is in the middle or the bottom, but actually I am in tenth place. Shoot! I have been so worried about pirates and other things I forgot about the Snow Ball, Circus of Talents, and Trail by Tail.
    Once in the lunch room Liam walks over to Peter, who is with his sister and her friends. Peter waves me over to them and for once I actually come.

        ivypool2005 replied 2 years ago

        Where is everyone right now? Lola’s in Foxwood with Marie, and everyone else is in Good?

          nadea replied 2 years ago

          I think everyone is in Good right now.

        starsshinebright replied 2 years ago

        I guess so…

        starsshinebright replied 2 years ago

        Read the new POV

        pandagirl31 replied 2 years ago

        This is great! 🙂

        impossiblegirl replied 1 year, 11 months ago


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