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    starsshinebright posted an update in the group RP Level 1: Great Lawn 1 year, 11 months ago

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    I felt like this POV was very needed

    I wake up on the floor. Where am I? I look around. I am somewhere dark. Freaking out I get up. Then I notice bars. Dungeon bars. I run over to them and start banging on them.
    “Hello? Is anyone there?” I scream. I call out more. Then I look out a little more. Am I in? No. Maybe? Shoot! Yes. I am in the Doom Room. When did I get here? How did I get here?
    A memory comes up from last night: I was in my room with Peter on the other side. I woke up from some kind of noise. I looked toward the window and saw something. I got closer to close the shades. Then I remember seeing the window was open too. I thought Peter closed it last night. Then I looked over to see if Peter was still asleep so I would not wake him up. I remember that Peter was fake. I looked back at the window and some kind of figure was there. Its figure glowed a bright orange and then I blacked out.
    So that is how I got here. I blacked out and then the figure probably took me here. I turn around to see if there is any window I can climb out of. I frown. There is not a single thing I could do to get out.
    I hear the dungeon door open. I freeze. Then I will myself to turn around. It is him. Again.
    “Why did you bring me here?” I scream at his face.
    “So you can help us,” then he does a smirk. I have had it with these pirates. My mind goes clear and feeling anger rise up in me it somehow gets directed toward the man in dungeon with me. He falls over and starts gasping for air. I smile, happy to see the pirate suffer.
    I notice he never closed the door. I start walking to it when out of nowhere a person with a bat smacks me in the stomach. I freeze. Then I fall. Gasping for air I cannot move. The main pirate comes on over and looks at me, apparently able to breath again.
    “You know, I don’t think I ever told you my name,” he kneels down and picks me up, princess style, “It’s Victor.”
    “So this is her? The special girl who is helping us?” The lady who hit me with a bat said.
    Victor looked at her, “Yup, fifty, fifty. Just like me.” What does he mean by fifty, fifty?
    “Looks like good, but she has lots of evil in her too,” bat lady said, “She is perfect.” While Victor and bat lady are talking I start crawling away. Almost at the door Victor grabs my leg and pulls me back.
    “Where do you think you’re going?” He asks.
    “Away from you,” I growl.
    “Then let me remind you what will happen if you get away.” He touches my head and my vision gets all blurry. Then I see my mother tied to a poll. I realize it is my dream again, but worse. People are yelling “kill the witch” and “burn her!” Then I see my childhood friends April and Sarah. They are also tied to polls. Then everything goes up in flames. Suddenly, I can see again.
    “Now, don’t try to run away again. Or what you just saw will become reality,” Victor says. I cannot help but nod. Victor pulls me to my feet. He starts walking over to the equipment area. He takes out something sharp. He puts down the sharp thing and grabs a vile full of an orange potion. He drinks it. Then he comes over to me and kisses me. I want to pull away but I cannot. Actually I cannot move at all. Victor pulls away.
    “Did it work?” Bat lady asks.
    “I think so. I’m testing it now,” Victor responds.
    Without even thinking it I walk over to where Victor put down the sharp thing. I do not want to pick it up but for some reason I do. Against my will I ***** my finger and then put down the sharp thing.
    “It works!” Victor exclaims.
    I finally find Lola on a balcony. I gulp. I did not want to do this at all. Slowly walking over to her I grab her and put a sack over her head. Then the pirate behind me throws her over his shoulder. He smacks her head on the granite. I start following, and a tear rolls down my cheek. The one part of me that is still me is screaming at Victor to get out of my head. A flash of the witch in me shows and I stop. I am not going to bring out Blackthorn today.
    Handing some kind of torture thing to me I stand still. I sit down on a chair kind of close to Lola. Lola slowly starts walking up I start crying. I stand up, still under the spell and apparently I am about to hit her with whatever I am holding. Suddenly, the spell wears off.
    I throw down the thing in my hands and start saying, “I can’t do it. I can’t.” Lola sees me and I start undoing her gag. Almost finished with untying her binds too I get pulled away from her. Someone puts their hand over my mouth and try to fight. Wait. No. No! Victor and his minions pull in Lola’s dad. He keeps on pleading. I want to help him but I cannot.
    “Boss, what do I do with her?” The man holding me asks.
    “We’ll let her watch. And also bring out the special thing.” Victor says.
    Hooking me up to something I cannot move. Sadly, I am in the perfect position to see what is happening to Lola. The man who hooked me up to this thing brings out some kind of torture devise. Pressing it to my palm it shocks me. I scream. I start crying because Lola is being tortured, her dad is being tortured, and this so called special thing hurts like heck.
    Suddenly the room gets flooded with water. I realize I will not being able to swim upward in this because I am still hooked up to this thing. When the wait is to my chin Victor swims over to me and unhooks me from the thing. He pulls me upward and I breath rapidly. Then I see Sienna.
    “I knew there was something suspicious about you,” she calls. About to run out of air I visualize being able to breath. A purple bubble forms around me and I can breath again. Then I faint.

    Hoped you enjoyed! 🙂

        nadea replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        Um…. That was good. However, Sienna only says there was something suspicious about Peony AFTER everyone is out of the Room and the pirates are frozen. And Sienna can only do magic because of her talent, I don’t think anyone is Unlocked yet. But maybe that’s Peony’s talent….

        rophie replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        Hi guys, um sorry for the notice but, can I not be tagged anymore? It’s not your story, but I just don’t have time to read any anymore. But please continue!

        starsshinebright replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        Oh. Oops, I will remember that for the next POV @nadea
        But thanks for telling me anyway! 🙂

        pandagirl31 replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        This is great!! Yeah, nobody’s unlocked, but Sienna has her talent and Lola has water and animal powers. 🙂

          nadea replied 1 year, 11 months ago

          Well. Like I said in Sienna’s bio, she can control water and ice. It’s a power she has, but not necessarily her only talent.

        starsshinebright replied 1 year, 11 months ago

        Peony also has a talent, just I don’t think anyone knows it yet 😉

        impossiblegirl replied 1 year, 11 months ago


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