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    storygirl1 posted an update in the group Website Central 11 months, 1 week ago

    Hi @Jun ,
    I have a suggestion. Can we have a search bar where we can type a user’s name with an @ sign, and then we can see their activity? That way we can find links or things they posted without having to find one of their posts or tags.

        itzmoviestar replied 11 months ago

        it’s not that hard to find someone’s activity.
        Just go to your own activity, see the search bar up there? Delete your username, add in theirs, and boom, you’re at their activity. I do this whenever I wanna see someone’s activity for whatever reason.

        storygirl1 replied 11 months ago

        Wait, whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? I need to try this……

        storygirl1 replied 11 months ago

        That doesn’t work for me.

          itzmoviestar replied 11 months ago

          It’s not me hacking into a website or something that not everyone is able to you, maybe I just didn’t make my instructions clear enough.
          Okay, click on your report card, then click on your activity. In the search bar at the top, it should look like this.

          itzmoviestar replied 11 months ago

          now, delete the part that says “storygirl1”. Don’t delete the slashes. Now, your search bar should look like this:

          itzmoviestar replied 11 months ago

          Let’s say you were trying to view my activity. Then, in between the two slashes where your user name used to be, you would type in my username (no “@ symbol, just the username itself”). It will look like this:

          Now, hit enter. You will be at my activity.
          **I just realized I made a typo in my first response, it should be “able to do” not “able to you”**

        storygirl1 replied 11 months ago

        Okay. That makes more sense now, I’ll try it next time I need to find someone’s activity. =)

        Jun replied 10 months, 3 weeks ago

        Hi there Storygirl, I think Itzmoviestar’s suggestion is a good work around — we’re focusing on fixing the Mentions feature right now, and hope to give you guys a more stream-lined Notifications system soon!

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