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    strongfish91uwu posted an update 1 year, 3 months ago

    Chapter 5!

    Morgrification lectures are finally over. Yuba lectured us on and on about visualization, proper harassment of emotions, and just about everything he could think of. Logan’s arm is still around me, and I wince as his hand brushes my still-fresh scar. “Alcina, you okay?” I smile and nod. Even Morgan doesn’t know the full extent of what happened that night. Only Professor Dovey knows, and that’s because Queen Agatha told her. I’m not ready to tell anyone yet.
    The sun is setting as we walk into the Tunnel of Trees. I am sandwiched between two people, Logan on my left and Morgan on my right. Their names are so similar, and it almost makes me giggle. “C’mon Alcina, we’re going to be late for dinner if you keep walking like that!” I smile as she tugs me along. She seems to have cheered up from lunch. I just hope she got some closure. I gasp as a hand laces into my left hand. Morgan is tugging me along, and I am dragging Logan. Morgan laughs as she glances back. “Oh, hey Logan! Didn’t see you there!” This makes me laugh, as we can barely see anything. Finally, we walk out into Good Hall. The crystal staircases seem to glow in the evening sunlight. Soon, the three of us are sitting at a table, eating dinner together and laughing at Logan’s stories of what crazy things Everboys do sometimes. Carter walks up, and Morgan stops laughing, turning such a deep red it’s almost impossible to tell her face and her hair apart. “Hi Carter.” I smile. “Want to join us, Carter? There’s plenty of room?” He clears his throat and says “Professor Dovey has someone who wants to talk to you, Alcina.” My smile melts off my face. “Um, okay…?” He nods his head apologetically. “She says to bring Morgan and Logan as well.”

        strongfish91uwu replied 1 year, 3 months ago

        This is actually chapter 6, I messed up the numbers.

        clarad575 replied 1 year, 3 months ago

        This was great!

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