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    strongfish91uwu posted an update 1 year, 2 months ago

    Chapter 7

    Agatha is standing across from us, behind Professor Dovey’s desk. “I just wanted to check on you.”
    I am sitting in front of the desk with Morgan on one side and Logan on the other. “Would you like to…share what happened?” I’m not ready. I’m sure of that. I can’t refuse a queen, and what better time than now? “All right.”

    “It all started when I followed the instructions on my Flowerground ticket. It-it was confusing, but soon i got to where it said I had to go.” I pause, closing my eyes. I can’t see my friends faces when I say this. “I ended up in the Stymph Forest. By that time, I knew I was going to be late, and I was looking everywhere for a Flowerground entrance. Suddenly, I heard a whizzing noise. I looked back and saw a…” I cover my face. I feel a hand in my back. No, two. I need to go on. “A sh-shadow. It-it had a bow, an arrow, and it was pulling the bowstring. I started to run. I heard a noise, and I ducked. If I didn’t…I don’t think I would be here right now. It hit my arm, and…I kept running. I heard a search party, and I wanted to yell for help. I tripped and hit my head, and then…” I look up. “Queen Agatha saved me. She had her arm around me as the thing grew closer and closer until…” I pause. “I don’t remember anything else.” Logan’s arm tightens around my back and Morgan has her hand on my left arm. Agatha speaks up. “When we looked at the wound, it was clear you had been poisoned. But, since it was a glancing blow, you’d live. I shot the thing with a Petrification spell and it ran away.” Even Petrification couldn’t stop it? I shiver. What is after me? “You were pretty much out of it. The search party and I cleaned your wound and brought you here.” I raise my head high, my eyes closing again. “Professor Dovey told me today that they’d found out that my Flowerground ticket had been sabotaged-“ “What?” Morgan interrupts for the first time. “Sabotaged? Why didn’t you tell me?” I sniffle. “Because you were grieving and your health and well-being is much more important than my Flowerground ticket!” I curl up into a ball on the chair. Logan voices a thought I’ve been having every single time I wake up from that nightmare. “What wants you so badly?” He wraps me in a hug. “Nothing’s gonna get you. Not as long as I’m here.” It takes all my willpower not to burst into tears, but a single one trickles out. “Man, Alcina, I get why you didn’t tell us. I’d be having dreams like that too.” She hugs me too. I put one arm around each of them, thanking everything that I have good friends to support me.

        emerie-ever replied 1 year, 2 months ago

        Yeah! Would someone please give me a recap of Chapter 6 ? I think I skipped one on accident.

          strongfish91uwu replied 1 year, 2 months ago

          You didn’t skip one, I accidentally forgot to tag you! I’m so sorry about that. Chapter 6 was basically ending out the lesson in the Blue Forest, hand holding, the revelation of Morgan’s crush and said crush asking the three of them to meet someone in Professor Dovey’s office. Really sorry about that!

        clarad575 replied 1 year, 2 months ago

        So good! Keep tagging me!

          emerie-ever replied 1 year, 2 months ago

          It’s alright, just remember to tag me next time. 😉

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