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    strongfish91uwu posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    Chapter 10
    @annemarie2009 (so sorry about that!)

    Seven weeks and six days until the TRIAL.

    My heart is pounding. Blue Forest. Surviving Fairy Tales. Mogrification lessons. Yuba says to focus on an emotion, to channel it into our fingerglow. That’s easy. The only emotion I have been feeling since yesterday is FEAR. Heart-wrenching, jumpy fear, that makes me slather my wrist in foundation. My finger glows lavender, and I think the spell. It’s unsettling, shifting. Knowing that you are still yourself when you are anything but. I step out of my clothes, a spotted lynx. Morgan is having trouble, her light blue glow flickering. The Neverboy from last week slinks up to me, a dark brown snake. His eyes are still the same. His eyes float to my wrist. Paw? Whatever. I snarl at him, pick up my clothes in my mouth (whoever knew that fabric tasted so disgusting) and pad through a bush. I revert back and change, popping up just in time for Morgan to yell “I did it!”… and vanish. “Morgan?” I walk over to where she was. Something clicks. I feel something scuttling up my legs. “It’s me, silly.” I scream and flail my arms, falling on my bottom. There is a spider on my ear. “Ugh. Morgan!” I swear I hear it giggle. “I couldn’t resist. Sorry?”
    Yuba shouts “Class is over! Revert back to human if you have not done so and go to your schools!”

    I’m sitting on my bed. Morgan decided to pay a visit to the Groom Room (as always) and I need to know more. The library.

    I walk into the library. Apparently they still haven’t found a replacement to the poor turtle who died in the Tale of Sophie and Agatha, so I can be in here until curfew. History of the Trial… History of the Trial… History of the…Got it! A STUDENT’S HISTORY OF THE SCHOOL FOR GOOD AND EVIL stares up at me, in the middle of the floor. That’s odd. Usually the nymphs pick up the library. I open the book and scan through the table of contents. History of the school, history of the Trial by Tale, Forced Trials… like now. I flip to the page to find that it has been demolished. Someone has scribbled all over the page with four words, words that plunge another dagger of fear into my heart.


        clarad575 replied 1 year, 1 month ago

        This was great!

          annemarie2009 replied 1 year, 1 month ago

          SO GOOD!

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