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    strongfish91uwu posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    Chapter 11

    7 weeks and 6 days(soon to be five) until the Trial

    I can’t sleep. Not just because I’m afraid of my nightmares, but because if they know where I am, if they’re coming for me, then they know where my friends are. I look over at Morgan and Jayde, peacefully sleeping, Morgan with the covers half on her face and Jayde murmuring something about her hometown, Jaunt Jolie. I can’t endanger them. I slip out of bed. Remembering the mogrification spell, my lavender light fills the dark room as I shrink, my arms turning to wings. My nightgown slips to the floor as I flutter out, a lavender butterfly. I don’t think my talent is shrunk with me. I should still be able to use it. I flitter out the open window (thank goodness Jayde said it was too hot) and float on the breeze towards Evil castle.

    I think this is why all the Nevers hate us. Jealousy. Their castle is dank and smells awful. I can’t really smell, as a butterfly, but what i can smell is disgusting. I float up one of the stairways. Mischief. I hear someone talking. They’re going to spot me, I realize. I don’t exactly blend into the scenery. I duck into a closet and mogrify into a millipede. Ewwwww. I can’t believe I’m one of these disgusting creatures. I wiggle out of the closet towards the voices.

    “IDIOTS!” I flinch. Even though it’s not aimed towards me, it feels like it is. “IF WE DON’T CATCH THE GIRL, THE EMPRESS IS GOING TO HAVE OUR HEADS!” It’s not Castor, he’s much nicer sounding. Maybe. I creep closer, my legs moving like waves. Ew. Ew ew ew. It’s the boy from the clearing, with his roommates. I can’t believe I snuck into a boy’s room. First I’m a millipede, and now this? I make up my mind to wear as much perfume as possible tomorrow without smelling like a nymph. One of the boys peeps “How’r we sp’osed to know what girl it even is?” He turns towards me and I scuttle backwards. He has three eyes, all pitch black and green skin. Yuck. The boy from the clearing speaks up. “You will know. Trust me.” He starts to cackle. “You will know.” I let out a little ‘meep’ of terror and scuttle my way back into the closet. I change into myself for a little bit. Taking no chances when I’m an insect. I whisper “Go to sleep and wake up late.” My charmspeak should work. Please. I hear three thuds from the room I was just in. I smile and light my finger.

    Ten minutes later, my light purple butterfly squeezes through the crack in the window and I fly into my nightgown. Now I know what his goons look like. Know I know that boy is taking orders from an Empress of some sort. That just confuses me more. I revert back to myself and climb into bed, arms and legs sore. It’s right after midnight. But something is in my bed, shimmering and slithering. A silver snake, made of vapor, slides up from under the sheets.
    It speaks four more words.


    Whoo. Long chapter! I’m a Potterhead and a PJO fan, so I got the charmspeak idea from Piper McLean and the silvery thing from the Patronus. Those ideas belong to Rick Riordan and J K Rowling. Just for clarification. Hope you enjoyed!

        clarad575 replied 1 year, 1 month ago

        This was really good!

          annemarie2009 replied 1 year, 1 month ago


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