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    superdragon posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year, 3 months ago

    We’ve headed to animal communication class. Suzy was excited. “I just can’t wait!”she said. She was so excited she crashed into Professor Uma! 😅 We finally got to class. “Sit down girls! ” professor Uma said. She started talking about trials and class. “Those of high talent who’ll become princesses will have your faithful companions on your journey. Those who will fair less well who’ll undergo transformation may become those animal companions. You may keep a fair maiden company or help save their lives!” she droned on. Suzy though,  was hooked on every word. I cracked a smile. Princess Uma said today we would be getting an animal companion. We would focus on forming a bond, and those who succeeded early would try to communicate. She taught us basic animal calls. She unveiled the animals. Including myself, everyone let our a cry of suprise. “ADORABLE!” screamed all girls in unison. We got to work. Suzy had a little horse, while Beatrix had a chick. I received an adorable owl with big round eyes. 😉😗 “Don’t be scared,” I said. I’m nice and friendly.  The owl came up to me and snuggled. At the end of class, I came out with a golden 1 over my head. “Good job Elena.” Suzy told me. “Thanks!” I said. Together, we made our way to Good Deeds.

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