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    superdragon posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 1 year, 2 months ago

    Chapter 1
    Twelve years later
    Sophie walked down the castle. She heard her older brother exercising in his room. She emerged, tripping over her brother doing push-ups. 😖😲 “TEDROS!” She yelled, “you’ll miss breakfast!” Tedros grumbled. “Thanks, but next time, KNOCK!☠” he grumped.  “WELL NEXT TIME, I’LL LET YOU GO HUNGRY! she yelled. “Settle down!” Came king Arthur’s voice from the kitchen. Eventually, they made it without shredding each other to pieces. “I have an announcement to make, said their father. What? asked Sophie and Tedros at the same time. Sophie is going to the school for good! And what about me? Tedros asked. You my son will be a teacher!” said their father. “WHAT!” they both screamed.😫😫😫
    I’m sorry I didn’t post yesterday, I had a tiny writer’s block. *lowers head in shame.@ausha @ellieellioh @kiko11
    Did I miss anyone?

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