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    Age: 14

    Personnality: unique, bold, occasionally shy/gentle sweet.

    Appearence: messy blue hair in braids, big smoky goggles, often seen wearing a blackened lab coat over a navy blue tank top, gadget at hand.

    Role: ****** creator.

    Parents: scientists Will Chase and Leila Chase

    Backstory: Divina was created by her parents in a lab. A cyborg beauty, her parents called her. But Divina knew no one could really understand her. In a world of natural process and nature, she was always the outcast. The robot. Divina started making robots and devoted her robotic life to it. Now the world rests in her metallic hands.

    Introduction to story: now, one day, at school, Eliza, the chattiest  girl in class went deathly quiet.
    All the other kids went zombie too.
    Eventually, everyone, even M. Grammar!
    The next day, no one but Divina and M. Grammar were at school. He took her to a secret room were she met Lily, Neila, Freddy and Xavier, and she learned about the witch sucking energy out of everyone.
    “We’re the last hope, ” M. Grammar said.
    The glitches,
    Lily, planner.
    Neila, hacker.
    Freddy, computerist.
    Xavier, warrior.
    And Divina, ****** creator.

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        Divina Chase. Whoops

        superdragon replied 5 months, 3 weeks ago


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