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    sweetcake920 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 11 months ago

    Hi, so… I’m back? I think, maybe. I wrote a prologue to a story I’m working on, I don’t have a bio right now but I’ll probably post one later. Feedback very much appreciated and if you wanna be tagged, please let me know! (Side note: I don’t really know when chapters are going to come out, like Tiger Peony, it might be a few months before the next chapter it released, that is, if this is any good)
    A maid girl getting accepted into The School for Good and Evil? That was the first thing the citizens of Netherwood thought was wrong when they heard the news. Why should it be that a lowly maid girl would be accepted into the School, where graduates came out as legends of fairytales, larger than life and more respected than kings and queens, when the kings own daughter, should not. The next thing they were suspicious about was the fact that the girl had been accepted into the School for Good, with flowerground pass and all! Of course, School for Good students COULD come from Netherwood, but most of them had been failed on morgrified, Heinrich of Netherwood (now Cinderella’s pumpkin carriage) had been one of the most embarrassing failures of Netherwood.
    The King of Netherwood was furious with the fact that a common servant of his which he had never noticed (almost as if she blended in with the shadows, he thought) was going to the School for Good while his daughter was left behind, the outrage! The maid girl had surely stolen his daughters package, he reasoned, because how else could she get into the famous school? He rang a bell, signalling for the maid girl to come, while he had his guards search her room.
    The maid girl was taking too long.
    Why was she not here yet.
    When the maid girl finally got there, with her weird blue hair cut in a strange bob, the king demanded an explanation as to why she had been accepted to the School, she said she didn’t know. A likely story. The king demanded that when the time came for her to be taken off to the School for Good, his daughter be taken instead. She agreed, as she should, thought the king. He sent her off to do whatever it was she should be going and the guards who had searched her room came back. Excellent timing, thought the king. He was handed the maid girl’s Flowerground pass, yes, it said her name on it alright. Still trying to think of reasons how the maid girl could have stolen it, he said that she must have written over the name of her daughter. He used his magic to try and reveal what was behind the writing. Blank paper. No name of anyone else. A wicked maid girl had been chosen, while his lovely little daughter had not.

        eloiseruizpalma replied 11 months ago

        Welcome back! Also, that prologue is very intriguing! I want to know what will happen next!

        fiiofthewoodsbeyond replied 11 months ago

        This is interesting! Its a cool concept. Could u tag me?

          sweetcake920 replied 11 months ago


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