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    swizza posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 9 months ago

    A New Coven’s First Year
    Chapter 14-D-Dead???

    “K-Killed? What are you talking about?” Ash looked horrified.
    “Was there a time when the springs stopped moving?” Zane had a grave expression plastered to his face.
    “Well, yes-“
    “That’s when Mother died. I’m assuming after a while the springs started to move again.”
    “Yeah, but-“
    “That was me.” Zane said, no tone in his voice whatsoever.
    Ash stood up. Blood dripped from her dress to the floor as she made her way in front of Zane.“Why would you hurt me? How do you know I killed Mother?”
    “I think both of you have some explaining to do.” Ebony slumped onto her bed.
    Zane exhaled. “Okay, I’ll go first. When I saw the springs hurting Ash I said our mom was the cause. I lied. I was the cause.”
    “ Why would you hurt me intentionally? “ Ash asked in a reticent voice.
    “BECAUSE YOU KILLED OUR MOTHER!” Zane began to shake with fury, his face going bright red. He glared daggers at Ash, as he began to pace the room.
    “I-I still don’t know what you mean, I didn’t kill her.” Ash stuttered.
    “You were the last person who was with her. I saw her. I saw her die. She was covered in blood as she collapsed on the floor and breathed her last breaths.” Zane stopped pacing the room and his cobalt eyes met Ash’s cinereal eyes. “I saw her when she was fleeing this room, I followed her down the stairs until she collapsed just outside the school. She wasn’t breathing.” Tears clouded Zane’s eyes. “One of the wolves told me to stop crying and threw Mother’s body into the moat. Mother’s gone, our Mother is gone.”
    Ash lay down on her bed, the crisp black sheets soaking up her blood. “Is this some kind of sick joke?”
    “Ash, can you tell us exactly what happened when you talked to your mom?” Ebony asked.
    “Yeah, sure.” Ash looked up at the ceiling. “As soon as I came in, my mom started to shout at me, she said something about me ‘ruining her reputation’. Anyways, she was about to kill me so I did the first thing I could think of; I commanded my springs to protect me from her, to harm her.” Ash sighed. “I didn’t know that my dad had made sure I wouldn’t be able to hurt my mom with the springs. The next thing I knew, she was in control of them. I grabbed the thing nearest to me and threw it at her.”
    “Oh. I think I know what you grabbed.” Ebony frowned. ”It was the knife I’d left on my bedside table, wasn’t it?”
    Ash nodded then faced Zane. “I honestly didn’t mean to kill her, I just got scared. Does Blade know about Mother being, you know, dead?”
    Zane shook his head. “I’m not going to tell him, not yet. He doesn’t have his emotions under control. He would kill anyone in his sight if he knew.”
    Silence filled the room; then 2 people behind the door smirked.


        hesterjunior replied 9 months ago

        OMGGG so good, nice cliffhangers!

          swizza replied 9 months ago

          Thank you so much!

        agathawillwin replied 9 months ago

        Amazing job!

          swizza replied 9 months ago

          Thank you very much!

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