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    swizza posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 8 months ago

    Sorry I haven’t posted for quite a while! I was really busy!

    A New Coven’s First Year
    Chapter 15-The Plan

    “So, we’ve got the Grand High Witch under our control.” Shadow sat on his bed, the covers completely wrinkled.
    “Grand High Witch? Do you mean Ash?” Carson asked.
    “Duh, idiot! Come on! Stick with the plan!”
    “Uhh…what exactly was our plan?”
    “Ugh!” Shadow exhaled. “Do I really have to repeat everything to you?”
    “I dunno, maybe?” Carson whispered.
    “Why are you whispering?”
    “We’ll wake Blade up.”
    Shadow gave Carson a blank look. “You do realise Blade left to eat breakfast? Anyways, we’ll blackmail Ash into helping us get to the top of the class. She’ll help us to be tracked leaders, or at least henchmen. She’ll also help us to bring the competition down, by feeding them false information and making them look bad.”
    “Couldn’t we just pay attention in class?”
    “Pshh, no! That’s way too much effort! The deal is: we won’t tell Blade that Ash killed his mom, as long as Ash helps us get to the top of the class.”
    “Let’s go find her.” Carson jumped off his bed and quickly ran his fingers through his hair.
    They walked along the corridor until they reached Room 66. Carson knocked on the door and they waited patiently.
    “What on earth do you want?” Ebony stuck her head out of the door. Her hair was a mess, it wasn’t in its usual sleek ponytail; it was going in all directions. There were black rings under her jade eyes, she was still in her obsidian pyjamas.
    “What’s up with you?” Shadow asked. He caught a glimpse of Nova inside the room, in the same state as Ebony.
    “Don’t even ask.” Ebony sighed. “Why are you even here?”
    “We need to talk to Ash.” Carson answered.
    Ebony bit her lip. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.” She slammed the door and didn’t explain further.

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        hesterjunior replied 8 months ago

        ahhhhh ive missed alotta chapters!

          cuteykitty123 replied 8 months ago

          This is great!
          Also, how do you do bold writing?

        swizza replied 8 months ago
        swizza replied 8 months ago

        @cuteykitty123 you put a with a b inside and write your text then put with /b inside when you want it to stop typing in bold.

          swizza replied 8 months ago

          I don’t know if that was the easiest way to explain it…

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