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    sydneywhite posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 6 months, 3 weeks ago

    Chapter Eight: The School for Good.
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    I take my place slowly on my seat.
    “Why are there no other people herre?” I ask Professor Dovey.
    “This is the first class section” Professor Dovey answers, “Only royalty and other important people come on this part train”
    “That explains why the seats feel like thrones” I realize.
    I feel the train start to move and I lay my head back
    “Celeste” Aunt Sophie says, “After the Welcoming, we have The Never Welcome Ball in Evil for the Nevers. Would you like to join?”
    “She will not” Professor Dovey says, “She’s an Ever, and she’s attending The Ever Welcome Ball”
    “I don’t want to go to any of them” I mutter.
    Aunt Sophie gasps. “You don’t want to attend your Aunt’s own party?’ She weeps.
    She jolts up and turns away dramatically.
    “Oh brother” I say.
    Aunt Sophie attempts to run away, but the speed of the train and her high-heeled shoes makes her trip and falls on her face.
    Professor Dovey giggles behind her hand.
    I hold in my laughter.
    “Are you alright?” I ask trying not to laugh.
    “No!” Aunt Sophie yells finding her feet. She tries to run away again but falls again. Professor Dovey snorts loudly.
    Aunt Sophie stands up and throws off her heels. She runs away barefoot into the train’s bathroom.
    Professor Dovey lets herself laugh loudly and so do I.
    “I can tell already” Professor Dovey says touching me on my shoulder, “You’re going to be an extrodinary student”
    I watch as Aunt Sophie talks about The Never Welcoming Ball. She’s been going on for about half an hour. She wouldn’t come out of the bathroom until I agreed to listen to her plans and maybe attend the ball. I’ll listen, but I’m not attending it.
    “Ssshhhh!” Professor Dovey says.
    “How rude!” Aunt Sophie shouts.
    “The School for Good and Evil is coming up” she says pointing at a screen.
    I look at the screen which is counting down numbers.
    “Quick!” Professor Dovey exclaims, “Hold onto your vine and your suitcase !”
    I grab the vine and my large Periwinkle Trunk immediately. Aunt Sophie uses her index finger to hold onto her vine and uses the rest of her body to hold onto her things. Professor Dovey secures her handbag inside het elbow and holds onto her vine, my Lilac Trunk and my Lavender Trunk.
    “Listen” Professor Dovey tells me, “Us deans get transported to our offices when we tug our vines. Tug your vine wheb the number turns to zero and you’ll be transported to the school. You won’t find us there, only princesses your age. Stay calm, and fairies will take you into the castle. They’ll hand you your schedule and uniform. Clear?”
    I nod at her and turn back to the screen, my heart racing.
    Three, two, one…. I tug at the vine with all my strength, and my eyes closed tightly. I feel my body levitating but keep my eyes shut. I feel air brush my face and my shoes land on grass. I open my eyes to see more princesses coming out of the grass. It’s like one of the scenes in Mother’s book. I recognize princesses from my birthday parties and some I don’t know at all.
    I feel like gagging seeing so much shiny things. It’s like seeing dozens of little Aunt Sophies. I look around to see the a shimmering lake reflecting white crystal towers. The School for Good, obviously. I turn to the other side to see a ***** moat and darker, yet decorated shiny towers. The School For Evil. If you ask me, it looks like Aunt Sophie puked over the school.

    I grip my trunk tightly and look for the fairies. I squint, trying to spot them.
    “What are you doing?” A sweet voice asks.
    I turn around. “None of your business” I say to a short-haired blond girl.
    “You’re the daughter of King Tedros and Queen Agatha, right?” The girl says.
    “Oh God no” I say imitating her silly voice, “I’m the daughter of the court jester and the maid”
    “No you’re not. But I know who are and I’d like us to be friends” the girl holds out her hand “I’m Flora”
    “Flora” I say hysterically , “I’m Celeste and I’m telling you to leave me alone.”
    I feel something land on my shoulder. I turn to see a small fairy sitting on my shoulder. She lifts her wings and I’m lifted up into the air. More faries land on the other girls’ shoulders and lift them up in the air. They fly us and our trunks across the shimmering lake and in The School for Good. A green nymph approches us with papers, and another blue nymph approaches us with pink dresses. Our schedules and uniforms. The green nymph begins handing out the schedules. She approaches me and hands me my schedule. I look at it.
    Celeste of Camelot
    Good, First Year
    Purity Tower, 51
    That’s Mother’s room. She told me about it a few years ago. She must have asked Professor Dovey to do the same thing.

    The blue nymph handed me the pink uniform. The nymphs go around handing the girls uniforms and schedules. We have our uniforms and schedules.
    What do we do now?
    “We go to our rooms” I hear Flora say behind me.
    I turn to her shaken, and confused.
    “Did you just read my mind?” I ask defensively.
    “I did” Flora answers confidently, “It’s my Special Talent”
    “Just keep your special talent away from me” I sneer walking away from her.
    “Alright girls’ the nymph says, “Go to your rooms and freshen up. At six o’clock come back here in your uniforms for the Welcoming.”
    The girls chitter excitedly and take their trunks into Charity and Purity Tower. I carry my trunk into Purity Tower and start looking for room 51. I pass excited, gossiping, and gigging Evergirls. I stop at room 41 to breathe. Only ten more to go. I proceed forward to find room 51. I turn around to see Flora behind me. Is she following me? She’s probably just finding her room, she’ll go away eventually.
    “I can hear you” she says.
    “Stop reading my mind!” I demand.
    Flora rolls her eyes and I turn my head back. I stop at room 51 and breathe. I turn to see Flora standing next to me.
    “What?” I ask.
    “I’m waiting for you to open the door” she answers coolly.
    “Why?” I ask.
    “Because this is my room” Flora says leaning against the wall.
    “You’re joking” I say.
    The grin on Flora’s face tells me she’s not joking. Which means I won’t be able to think for a year.
    I was really upset about my roommates. One of them can read my mind, so I’ll have to postponemy thinking. The other one is a dark-skinned girl -Holly- from Shazabah who can turn into any animal at any time. It’s basically becoming a mogrif with more advantages. I can’t believe I have to share a room with these freaks. Right now, we’re sitting in The Theatre of Tales waiting for the Everboys to come here.
    The doors are thrown open, and Everboys march in blue waistcoats, and black boots. Just like in Mother’s story. They hold out their roses as they march into the room. They observe us, looking for who to throw their rose to. Well, they’re not throwing one at me, I took off any makeup I had on me. I take out my book and continue from my book-marked page. I’d rather read than watch this.
    “Milady!” I hear the boys chant.
    I feel two roses hit my face and I look up fuming. Seriously? I see the other girls catch their roses jumping with joy. I didn’t see who threw the rose, all these boys look the same. It doesn’t matter, I vowed I’d never fall in love with anyone here, unless I want to become the follower of a king onr day. I brush off the thought and continue reading. I feel someone sit down next to me. A boy. Most likely the boy who threw the rose. I continue reading to show him I don’t care. Because really, I don’t care

        emilyy replied 6 months, 3 weeks ago

        This is a really good story!! Please tag me!,

          bookworm87654321 replied 6 months, 3 weeks ago

          Good chapter, but I had no idea Celeste was so…intense.

        ellieofgalvadon replied 6 months, 3 weeks ago

        This is great! Sophie is especially good. Can’t wait to see what happens!

        rileyraer replied 6 months, 3 weeks ago

        Sophie is absolutely comical, and WHAT HAPPENED TO THE OLD CELESTE?!!!!!

        sydneywhite replied 6 months, 3 weeks ago

        😅 Don’t worry! Celeste is just going through a phase

          bookworm87654321 replied 6 months, 3 weeks ago

          Well, she’s about thirteen, and as teenagers at ages 13 and 14 are kind of famous for being overdramatic, I can excuse her for the next few years.

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