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    sydneywhite posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 6 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hello Evers and Nevers. I’m currently going through something so I won’t be posting as often. My chapters might get shorter but I hope you still like them. So, here’s the story.

    Chapter Ten: No name (Sorry)
    Tags: @acrystaloftime

    I feel myself falling through open air. Where am I? I look around to see nothing but blackness. I look up to see a spark of light. I see Father look down at me sadly.
    “Father?” I ask.
    “You failed me” he says calmly.
    “Failed you?” I stammer.
    I see Mother appear next to us.
    “Both of us” she says, “You failed your parents”
    They start to fade slowly.
    “Wait!” I call.
    “We already did” Father says before disappearing completely.
    I scream as my eyes shoot open to bright light. I close my eyes and continue screaming. My head is exploding, and so is my body. I feel tears streaming down my cheek and I feel a hand ****** me.
    “Celeste” I hear Professor Dovey say.
    I stop screaming and open my eyes. I see Professor Dovey, Aunt Sophieand a blue nymph standing beside me. I look down at my arms and see two casts. I scream horrifically at the sight of them. Did I break my arms? No, no, no!
    “Calm down, darling” Aunt Sophie says stroking my hair.
    “It’s going to be alright, dear” Professor Dovey says.
    “W-What h-happened?” I stutter.
    “You broke your arms, darling” Aunt Sophie says.
    “What?” I cry.
    “You fell down the stairs” Professor Dovey explains, “And no, you didn’t break them. They’ll be in casts temporarily”
    “How long?” I ask.
    “Two years” Aunt Sophie answers.
    “What!?” I yell.
    “No!” The nymph says, “Two weeks!”
    “Oh” Aunt Sophie says, “I misheard”
    I try to sit up and Professor Dovey helps me.
    “So I can’t use my arms for two weeks?” I ask.
    Professor Dovey nods sadly.
    I sigh.
    “But Celeste” Professor Dovey says, “What was the reason you ran into the dark corridor? And why were those two Everboys following you?”
    I swallow.
    “They’re the ones who threw their roses to me” I say, “On my face, just to be clear. But I don’t like them, I don’t like any of them. I want to become an independent ruler in the future, by myself, with no one. So that’s why I don’t want to form anything with any boy. I crushed their roses to show them, I’m not interested in them. But they didn’t get my message and still went after me. They trapped me in the centre of them, and my only way out was that dark corridor”
    “What about the ballroom?” Professor Dovey inquires.
    “It’s much too dreadful Clarissa” Aunt Sophie says, “If it was my ball, she would’ve went in there”
    Professor Dovey bares her teeth.
    “The point is” I say, “It’s completely their fault.”
    “I agree” Aunt Sophie says standing up.
    “It’s not their fault” Professor Dovey says, “They just like you”
    “But I don’t” I reply, “So would you please ask them to leave me alone before I lose my legs too?”
    “I can’t” Professor Dovey says.
    “I will” Aunt Sophie says leaving. She turns back to me before leaving, “For you darling”
    Professor Dovey buries her face in her hands.
    I open my mouth as the nymph feeds me medicine. I taste rocks and mud and start coughing.
    “What is that?” I choke.
    “Medicine” the nymph answers.
    “More like *******” I say.
    A knock sounds on the door and I look up.
    “Who is it?” The nymph asks.
    “Flora” I hear Flora shout.
    “Tell her to go away” I whisper to the nymph.
    “Too late” Flora says walking in the room.
    “Why are you here?” I frown at her.
    “To check on you” she said leaning against the wall.
    “I’m fine” I hiss, “Now leave”
    “You don’t look fine” Flora says shaking her head, “Running away from boys, not a good idea”
    “Oh please. I’d rather lose an eye than have to deal with boys. And this is temporary” I turn to the nymph, “So nymph nurse,”
    The nymph frowns, “It’s Panala”
    “Panala” I say sarcastically, “When can I leave?”
    “Now” Panala says helping me up from the arm chair, “Flora, take her to breakfast”
    “Uhh, no thanks” I say, “I can still walk”
    “But you may injure yourself without supervision” Panala pushes.
    “I won’t” I clarify walking past Flora and into the corridor.
    “Celeste!” Panala yells.
    I turn around and look at Panala whose standing with folded arms in the clinic.
    “I’ll be fine” I say before turning back. I proceed down the corridor towards Good Hall. I feel a hand touch my shoulder and I turn around. I see the brown-haired boy from the Welcoming. I sigh exasperated.
    “Your arms” He says.
    “Are completely fine” I say, “Now for God’s sake leave me alone.”
    “Why should I?” The prince asks.
    “Well” I say, “My parents are Queen and King of Camelot and my Aunt is The Witch of Woods Beyond. And I’m not staying with someone whose name I don’t know”
    “Asher” the boy says holding out his hand, “Asher of Kygrios”
    “Really?” I said, “Can’t you see my arms are in casts?”
    Asher took back his hand, his face red.
    I turn around and start towards Good Hall.
    “I wouldn’t shake it anyway” I muttered.

        sydneywhite replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

        Two words censored for some reason.
        The first ****** is s t r o k e
        The second ******* is r u b b i s h

        anadil777 replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago


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        Great as always! Pls tag me!

          agatha2513 replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

          Or… keep tagging whoops

        bookworm87654321 replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

        Great chapter as usual!

        rylletezzy replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

        Nice!!! Like it

          rylletezzy replied 6 months, 2 weeks ago

          Oh oh oh pls tag me…. 😊😃

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