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    sydneywhite posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 6 months ago

    Chapter Eleven: Me, Myself, and I

    Tags: @adi-booklover
    @princessrachael ( I used your character)

    Everyone in Good Hall stares as I walk towards the lunch table. They sure don’t know how to mind their own business. I stop at the lunch table and turn around to avoid their stares. I try to pick up a tray but and are in casts and my arms are in too much pain to move. I see two hands pick up a tray and I look up. I see the other devil boy from the Welcoming.
    “What are you doing?” I say.
    “Getting a tray for you” the boy answers, “Now what do you want?”
    “For you to leave me alone” I snap.
    “Until your arms are better” the boy says, “No can do”
    “My arms are fine, sweaty boy” I say.
    “It’s Max, and they’re not” he placing blackberries on my tray.
    “I’m allergic to blackberries” I frown.
    “Oh” Max says dumping them back.
    I see Holly skip into Good Hall, and I sigh relieved, someone to save me from him.
    “Holly!” I call.
    Holly sees me and skips towards me smiling.
    “Who’s this?” Max asks.
    I roll my eyes, “Holly, since my arms are temporarily not able use, I need you to carry my tray.”
    “I thought I was going to do that” Max says.
    “Well you thought wrong” I say, “Holly please put some pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream for me please”
    “Won’t those make you fat?” Holly asks.
    “No” I say, “They’re pancakes.”
    Holly shrugs and picks up the pancakes and places them on my tray. She takes the tray from Max with a “sorry” and turns back to me. I turn around and head towards an empty lunch table with Holly behind me. I see Asher enter the hall and I walk faster towards the table.
    “Celeste!” He calls
    “Hurry Holly!” I urge. What is wrong with boys? I bump into someone, not focusing.
    I look up to see a caramel skinned girl with black hair.
    “Sorry” I say.
    “My goodness!” The girl exclaimed, “What happened to your arms?”
    “Stupid boys did this” I say bitterly, “Excuse me, Holly let’s go”
    I turn around and March towards the table. I reach the table and quickly sit down. Holly sets down my tray in front of me.
    “Holly, one more thing” I say, “Help me eat”
    “What?” Holly says surprised.
    “I can’t use my arms” I say.
    “But I need to get to the Groom Room” Holly said.
    “This early?” I say.
    Holly nods, “Sorry”. Holly runs out of Good Hall and disappears.
    “How am I going to eat now?” I sigh.
    “I’ll help you” I hear a voice say from behind me.
    I turn around to see Max standing behind me.
    “No” I say, “On second thought, I’ll skip breakfast”
    “That’s not-”
    I get up and abandon my breakfast and Max. I walk out of Good Hall, my stomach rumbling. How am I supposed to eat Lunch?
    I walk towards Good Deeds with my book bag held by my fingers. I walk into class with the other Evers and find my seat. I let go of my book bag and let it drop onto the floor. I slump into my chair with a sigh.
    “Good morning Evers!” Professor Dovey exclaims, “Welcome to your first Good Deeds class! As you know, I’m Professor Dovey, and I’ll be your Good Deeds teacher. Now to start off, take out your Good Deeds books”
    Oh great, more arm using.
    I bend down and try to grab my book but I can barely reach it.
    I see a hand pull out the book and I look up to see the same girl from Breakfast earlier.
    “Thanks” I say as she puts on my table, “What’s your name?”
    “Athena-” the girl says taking out my stationary, “You’re Celeste, right?”
    “Yeah, how’d you know?” I ask.
    “Everyone knows you” Athena answers, “You’re the daughter of King Tedros and Queen Agatha”
    “Should’ve seen that coming” I mutter.
    “See here everyone” Professor Dovey says, “Athena, is giving an example of doing Good Deeds. Celeste cannot use her arms at the moment, and Athena has helped her take out her books. Well done, dear”
    Athena smiled slightly.
    “If you don’t mind” Athena says, “Might I help you with the things she can’t do because of your arms?”
    “That’s really generous of you” I say, “Thanks”
    Athena pulls her table closer to me and takes a seat. At least I can eat Lunch after all.
    “Now, a question” Professor Dovey says, “You haven’t taken this, but who can guess the five rules of Good?”
    The class raised their and I managed to lift my arm up slightly.
    “Holly” Professor Dovey says.
    “Beauty?” Holly says.
    “Not quite right” Professor Dovey says, “Celeste”
    “Giv-” I pause. I feel pain in my arms.
    “Celeste, are you alright?”
    I shake my head in pain. I clench my teeth hardly and close my eyes. The pain from my arms moves up to my head, and I feel dizzy.
    “Celeste” I hear voices say. The voices start to fade and I feel myself blacking out. I try to force myself to stay awake, but my head falls onto the table, and everything stops.

    Sorry it was so short.

        glutter replied 6 months ago

        Nah its just as good [: I can’t emphasis this enough but YOUR SO GOOD AT WRITING! Celeste is like the spitting image of me cause that’s exactly what I would have done in the breakfast and welcoming situation

        skyeoffoxforest replied 6 months ago

        Can i be tagged

          sydneywhite replied 6 months ago


        sofiaishazel replied 6 months ago

        can I be tagged

          sydneywhite replied 6 months ago


        princessrachael replied 6 months ago

        So cool

        superdragon replied 6 months ago


        SO GOOD!

        adi-booklover replied 5 months, 3 weeks ago

        This is so good!! I wish I was as sincerely freaking amazing at writing as you!!!

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