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    Camelot’s Princess

    Chapter Twelve : History Repeats Itself

    Tags: @adi-booklover

    I feel pain spreading through my body, and hear loud buzzing sounds. I try to open my eyes, but I can’t wake up from this nightmare. Everything hurts, and is confusing. I start to lose air. I suffocate and start coughing my brains out. There’s no more air and I feel myself fading. I’m going to die. I’m going to die. A breeze of air goes onto me, and I take in the air with a large gasp.
    I open my eyes and see Panala, finger bright-red, Asher, and Professor Dovey standing by me.
    The pain disappears from my body and Panala’s finger dims. The three of them exhale.
    “What happened?” I say in a low voice, almost like a whisper.
    “You nearly died!” Panala exclaims, “You said you’d be careful!”
    “Stop yelling at her” Asher says.
    “Celeste, you need to take care of yourself” Professor Dovey says, “Panala, what caused this to happen? Celeste was fine twenty minutes ago”
    “She slept well” Panala said, “Did you use your arms?”
    “No” I reply.
    “Did you eat properly?” Panala pushes.
    “No…” I say, “I skipped breakfast”
    “What?” Asher says.
    Panala puts her hands on her hips, “Well there you have it! Why would you skip breakfast?”
    “I can’t use my arms, remember?” I point out, “And Holly went to use the Groom Room, so I had no one to help me”
    I could’ve helped” Asher said.
    “I don’t want your help” I say, “I just want you to leave me alone!”
    “Calm down, Celeste!” Professor Dovey says, “It’s not good for you to get angry. Is her health critical or safe?”
    “It’s critical” Panala says, shaking her head “She’ll have to take the week off, but if she’s still not better, she’ll have to go back to Camelot for special treatment”
    “What?” I exclaim, “I’m not going back to Camelot!”
    “You’ll have to take care of your health for that” Panala says,”And you’ve proven you can’t do that. So I’ll assign Asher here to help you for the next two weeks”
    “Can you not?” I berate, “Choose someone else!”
    “Why?” Professor Dovey inquires.
    “I don’t like him” I point out not caring about his feelings, “And what happens when I need help in my room ? He can’t go in there!”
    “Then I’ll assign Flora to do that” Panala says.
    “Anythings better” I mutter.
    “I don’t get why I’m in a wheelchair” I say as Flora pushes me, “I can walk quite fine, thank you very much”
    “This is to make sure you don’t escape, Panala jinxed it” Flora replies, pushing me up Purity Tower.
    “Stupid Panala” I mumble.
    “She saved your life!” Flora exclaimed.
    “No one asked her to” I say
    Flora rolls her eyes and pushes open the door.
    I see some letters on our coffee table.
    “All of them are for you” Flora says, seemingly annoyed.
    “Take me to the table” I command Flora.
    “Tomorrow” she says, stirring me to the stairs. I leap up from the wheel chair and run to the table.
    “Celeste!” Flora yells.
    I rip open a letter with my fingers and pull out the paper.
    “Reading won’t damage my arms” I say.
    “Ugh” Flora says, “Then I’m not leaving till you’re done”
    “Suit yourself” I say.
    I start with a letter from Mother.

    Dear Celeste,
    How is the School for Good going for you? Whose rose did you catch? Did you have fun at the Ever Welcome Ball? Are you doing well in classes, it’s fine if you’re not. You’ll catch on soon enough. After all, you are your mother’s daughter. I hope you have nice roommates with you, I’ve requested for Professor Dovey to place you in my old room. Your Father and I miss you very much. Your Father can barely eat. The next time Hester, Anadil and Dot stop by the school, I’ll be with them. Do your best, and study hard to be in the Trial by Tale, you may bring victory to The School for Good.

    I smile and push the note aside. I open another letter carefully with my fingers and start reading.

    Are you okay? Professor Dovey and Sophie tell me you’ve hurt your arms after falling down the stairs. You really should be careful! Take rest and don’t do anything silly until you’ve fully recovered. I hope you’re not in too much pain, Celeste. Listen to Panala, the nymph nurse, on what to do, and you’ll be just fine. Your Father has been worried sick, the rest of the kingdom too, about their princess. And about those two boys, try to calm down. They only like you, dear.
    Love, Mother

    I sigh heavily and use my fingers to move the letter.
    “You’re mother’s right, you know” Flora says behind me, “She is Queen Agatha, after all”
    I roll my eyes. “Who told you to read my letters?”
    “No one” Flora says, “Did it myself”
    “Ever heard of privacy?” I say sarcastically, “Could you give me some?”
    “Fine” Flora says turning, “But I’m staying on the couch”
    I take another letter from Hester with a stamp, reading:
    Read Now. Important
    I rip the letter open urgently.

    Important news about Madame Rochard. She’s been on the run since the day you got hit with the dagger, though your parents believe that she’s gone to see her Mother. Anadil, Dot and I, have been asking about her, and it turns out, her Mother and Father are dead. Which means she lied. She’s obviously related to the dagger that was thrown into your back. We haven’t told your parents yet, or else they’ll go crazy and ruin the plan we have. We’re looking for her and we want to catch her by surprise. If she thinks we believe she’s not with her mother, she’ll probably be hiding in a shelter. She’s likely to be running, so it’ll be easier to find her. We’ll give you updates about our moves, but she may come to the School for Good. So stay protected. Sorry about your arms though, boys never learn. I’ll send you some daggers to use against them once your arms are better.

    “You got hit by dagger!?”
    I nearly jump out of my body hearing Flora’s voice.
    “What did I say?” I bare turning around.
    “These are letters from Fairy Tale legends” Flora says, “And when did this happen”
    “Not so long ago” I say, “Just when I was born”
    “When did it happen?” Flora presses.
    “Three days ago, okay!” I yell.
    Flora exhales. “I’ll go back to class” Flora says, “But first I need to get you to your bed”
    Flora pulls my chair backwards and towards the stairs.
    “As long as you’ll leave me alone” I mumble.
    Flora presses a pink button on the wall, and the steps shrink back leaving the floor smooth. Flora pushes me up the floor with a few grunts and stops at the second floor, where I’ve left my stuff. She stops my wheelchair at the bed.
    “You can get up now” Flora says.
    I stand up and sit back down on my bed. I lift my legs onto the bed and lay my head back on the pillows.
    “Bye” Flora says turning, “And don’t do anything stupid”
    I roll my eyes as Flora leaves. A while later, the door shuts and I exhale. I close my eyes slowly. I could barely survive a few hours at this school. How am I supposed to survive a year?
    “Celeste” I hear Flora say. My eyes shoot open and I see Flora standing in front of me carrying a plate.
    “What?” I say.
    “Your dinner” Flora says holding out the plate.
    I sit up, careful not to move my arms too much. “What’d you get me?” I ask.
    “Meat loaf” Flora answers.
    “Good enough” I say.
    Flora cuts the meat loaf with the fork and points it at my mouth. This is one of the weirdest things I’ve ever done. I take a bite out of the meat and chew it down. I spot some flowers on my side-table.
    “Who are those from?” I ask.
    “Holly, Asher, Max and a few Evergirls” Flora replies, “They gave them during Lunch”
    “For my arms?” I ask, “They’re not broken”
    “They know” Flora says, “It’s the Good thing to do. Though Holly felt bad she was the reason you got worse”
    “To use the Groom Room” I mumble.
    Flora gives me another piece of meat from the loaf.
    “Have you been there?” Flora inquires.
    “No” I reply, “And I’d like to keep it that way”
    “Suit yourself” Flora says.
    I suddenly start to smell smoke.
    Flora seems to notice too because she stops cutting the meat.
    “What’s that?” I ask.
    I see a bright flame from the balcony.

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