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    Camelot’s Princess

    Chapter Twelve: A Fire in Heaven

    Tags: @adi-booklover

    Flora drops the plate and lunges to her feet.
    “Fire!” She screams.
    I get up from my bed hurriedly and run to the balcony. The candle’s fire has spread to the table covers and the table. Shoot.
    “Why do I smell smoke?” Holly calls from above.
    “There’s a fire!” I yell.
    “What?” Holly exclaims, now running down the stairs, “Goodness me!”
    The fire spreads to the floor, burning it.
    “How’s the floor burning?” Flora yells, “There’s no oil!”
    “That doesn’t matter” I say, “We need to get out. Now!”
    “But how?” Holly says backing away, “The door is over there and its blocked by the fire”
    “We need to get help” Flora says.
    “The window” I say. I sprint up the stairs as fast as I can.
    “What do you mean the window?” Holly says behind me.
    “We’ll call for help” I explain running faster.
    I reach the window and exhale.
    “Open the window!” I yell.
    Flora pushes it open, breathing heavily.
    “Help, Help” Holly says in a quiet tone.
    “What are you doing?” I snap.
    “I don’t want to wake anyone up” Holly says.
    “Then how are we supposed to get anyone to come?” Flora says.
    “Help us!” I shriek, “There’s a fire in our room!”
    “Hello!?” Flora screams, “Help!”
    “Fire!” Holly shouts, “There’s a fire!”
    A few windows from Charity and Valor Tower open and stare at us.
    “Why are you yelling?” A boy calls.
    “There’s a fire in our dorm!” Flora screams.
    “A what?” The boys says.
    “A fire you dimwit!” I berate.
    “A fire?” The boy says. Suddenly, another head pops out the window. Asher.
    “Did you say a fire?” He calls.
    I roll my eyes. “Yes, there’s a fire in our room!” Holly shouts.
    “Just call Professor Dovey!” I scream.
    I can feel the smoke getting stronger, and the room getting clouded with it.
    A few Evers pop their heads back into their rooms, hopefully to get Professor Dovey.
    If they don’t hurry, we’ll die.
    I start coughing, due to the smoke.
    “How bad could things get?” I say.
    “Do you have any important belongings?” Flora says.
    “My life is more important. And I hope my tiaras burn”
    “Who wouldn’t want tiaras?” Holly says.
    Suddenly, there’s a loud pounding noise on the door. I run to the balcony.
    “Who is it?” Holly says.
    “Really?” I say turning to her.
    “Open the door!” I hear Asher yell.
    “Have you forgotten we’re trapped!” I retort.
    “The door isn’t locked” Flora shouts.
    I watch as the door opens and Asher appears, in a buttoned up shirt and beige breeches.
    “What happened in here?” He yells.
    I roll my eyes. “A fire!” I shout, “In case you don’t understand”
    “Just get us out of here!” Holly yells.
    Asher searches the room for a way to get us out. He suddenly leaps to the wall and grabs onto a painting. He uses it to swing himself up to the second floor and lands on my bed. At least the bed will burn. He dashes up the stairs towards us. He stops for air.
    “And now what?” I say, “Now we’re all stuck. And I’m not doing what you just did”
    “Stop complaining” Flora says. I look back at the door to see Evergirls squealing.
    “Fire!” One screams.
    “We’ll die!” Another says dramatically.
    “We’re the ones in here!” I berate.
    “Calm down” Asher says.
    “Calm down?” I exclaim, “We’re trapped in a room with fire, there are Evergirls screaming right outside, and my arms are in casts. What should keep me calm?”
    “Panala said if you’re not calm, you could get sick again” Flora says.
    “We could die in here!” I yell.
    God, I’m stuck in a fire with a bunch of idiots.
    “I heard that” Flora says.
    “Stop reading my mind!” I yell.
    I start coughing again and Holly pats me on the back.
    “How is it you aren’t coughing?” I say, coughing harder.
    “That’s what I was wondering” Flora says.
    I start gasping for air, suffocated by the smoke.
    “Are you okay?” Asher asks.
    “No” I say sitting down on a bed, “How are you all fine?”
    “We can’t feel anything” Flora says.
    “Merlin’s beard!” I hear Professor Dovey exclaim, “Holly! Flora! Celeste! Where are you?!”
    “We’re here!” Flora yells.
    At this point, I’m coughing my brains out.
    I feel everything blurring out while I’m still coughing.
    “Celeste” I hear Asher’s voice say. I open my eyes and see Asher standing in front of me.
    “We need to get out of here” he says pulling me up.
    “Where are Flora and Holly?” I ask searching the floor.
    “They just got out” Asher says.
    I feel dizzy but keep on walking forward. Asher stops me.
    “Celeste! Asher! Get down!” I hear Flora yell. I open my eyes to see a pink rope in the air leading to the door, where Professor Dovey, Holly, Flora and a few other Evers are standing.
    I feel Asher put his arm around my waist.
    “What are you doing?” I say.
    “Getting you down” Asher says gripping onto the rope. He jumps onto it, holding onto me, and slides down the rope. I hold in a scream as I barely miss the fire. We stop at the ground and Asher lets go of me.
    “Celeste, are you alright?” Professor Dovey asks.
    “I don’t know” I say, still dazed.
    “Take her to Panala” Professor Dovey orders Asher, “Now”
    Asher lifts me up and starts carrying me down the hall.
    “This is unnecessary” I say.
    “Stop talking” Asher says, “Your health isn’t good”
    The next thing I know, the world goes dark.
    My eyes fly open and I see Panala standing in front of me. She holds out four fingers.
    “How many fingers can you see?” She asks.
    “Four?” I say.
    Panala exhales.
    “You have no idea how much you’ve worried me” Panala says opening a brown box.
    “Worried you?” I say. Then I remember. The fire.
    Panala pulls out a pink orb and places it on my forehead. The orb turns transparent and then a bright red.
    “Oh dear” Panala says.
    “What?” I say.
    “Your health is extremely critical” Panala says taking the orb off my forehead, “You’ll have to go back to Camelot for special treatment”
    “What?” I choke, “I just got here!”
    “That fire wasn’t accidental” Panala says in a serious tone, “It had a special smoke that comes from a special candle. It was aimed to kill you, not any one else. That’s why Flora and Holly weren’t effected. But you were. You were effected badly”
    “But who would do that?” I say. Then I remember Hester’s letter. It was indeed not an accident. It was a plot to kill me. A plot by Madame Rochard.

        bookworm87654321 replied 5 months, 3 weeks ago

        First of all, awesome, and second of all, isn’t this #13?

          bookworm87654321 replied 5 months, 3 weeks ago

          Madame Rochard can hold serious grudges.

        princessrachael replied 5 months, 3 weeks ago

        So Good

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