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    sydneywhite posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 4 months ago

    As some of you may know, I’m taking four months off from the site. So this is the last chapter before I leave.

    Camelot’s Princess
    Chapter Fourteen: Cold as Ice

    Tags: @adi-booklover

    I look at Panala debating whether or not to tell her who was behind the fire. If I tell Panala, Mother and Father will end up knowing too and Hester’s plan will be ruined. I won’t say anything, not until I tell Hester about it. But now, I need to find a way to not go back to Camelot.
    “Isn’t there something you can do here ?” I ask Panala.
    Panala shakes her head. I look down glumly. “But there is one thing” Panala says.
    “What is it?” I say looking up.
    “It’s a spell that could help your health become better and heal your arms” Panala says.
    “What’s the spell?” I urge.
    “Not so fast” Panala says, “There’s a catch. The spell will heal you but it will make you feel freezing cold for five days”
    “That’s it?” I say, “I’ll put on a jacket. Problem solved!”
    “It’s not solved” Panala says, “No matter how many parkas you put on, you’ll still feel cold.”
    I pause to think. Five days isn’t too much. I spent five hours having Aunt Sophie lecture me on makeup. This won’t be hard.
    “I’ll take it” I say.
    “What?” Panala chokes, “Do you know how cold you’ll feel?”
    “I’m used to the cold” I lie, “I sleep with my windows wide open and without covers. It’ll be nothing”
    “Are you sure?” Panala says.
    I nod.
    “Alright then” Panala says, “But I’ll have to take off your casts”
    “Please do” I say, holding out my arms.
    Panala gently removes the casts and throws them into the bin. The air touches my arms and I feel calmer.
    Panala points out her finger.
    “Just be aware” Panala says, “This will hurt a little”
    “No problem” I say.
    Panala’s finger glows bright red and I feel a slight pain in my arms and head. Then it disappears and I feel myself less weak, and my arms able to move.
    I lift up my arms with ease.
    “It worked!” I exclaim.
    Then I feel my body getting colder. Oh right, the side-effects.
    “Are you alright?” Panala asks.
    “Never better” I say, despite being freezing, “Can I go now?”
    “I suppose so” Panala says, “Just be extremely careful”
    “Alright” I say standing up. My body is getting colder by the second. I only have to bare this for five days. I can handle it. I start approaching the door.
    “And Celeste” Panala says.
    I turn around.
    “If you get too cold, make sure you come to me” Panala instructs.
    “Will do” I say before turning the ****. I walk out of the room to see Max standing there. Before I say something, Max raises his hand.
    “Don’t worry” he says, “I’m not here to annoy you. I just came to say I’m not interested in you anymore. I’m with Flora now”
    I exhale. These two idiots deserve each other.
    “Your arms, they’re not in casts?”
    “I told you they weren’t broken” I say folding them.
    Max shrugs.
    “I have to go now, Flora’s waiting for me”
    And with that, Max leaves. I exhale. At least he won’t be annoying me.
    “Just because he doesn’t like you anymore, doesn’t mean I don’t”
    I turn around to see Asher leaning against the wall. And just when I thought everything was getting better.
    “I don’t have time for this” I say stomping away.
    “You can’t escape your destiny” Asher says, following after me.
    “And what do you mean by that?” I inquire, stopping.
    “You caught my rose, which means you end up with me” Asher says.
    I frown. “One, I didn’t catch your rose. You threw it at my face.Two, Max did the the same thing, and he’s with Flora. And the same will happen to you. For all I know, you could be with Holly by dinner time.”
    I turn around to leave but Asher grabs my arm. By his expression, I can tell he feels how cold my arm is. Asher let’s go of my arm.
    “Your arm is freezing!” He exclaims.
    “You don’t say” I mock before marching down the hallway.
    “Celeste!” Asher calls going after me.
    Is he ever going to leave me alone? I see the Groom Room just next to me. I really don’t want to go in here, but I don’t want this dimwit following me. I push the door open and run in, the door now closing behind me. Phew. I turn around to see dozens of Evergirls sitting at vanities applying makeup, and fluffing hair. Gross.
    But for some reason, they look more extra than usual.
    “Celeste!” I hear Holly call.
    I look up to see Holly, in a bright purple sleeveless dress, her black locks ******* in a tight bun, and her face covered in makeup.
    “You’re okay!” Holly exclaims walking towards me in heels, “And you don’t have casts!”
    “Like it’s any better” I mumble, “Why are you so poofed up?”
    Holly giggles. “Oh, it’s the Ever’s Picnic night!”
    “The what?” I choke.
    “The Ever’s Picnic Night” Holly begins, “Is the night where the Everboys, ask us Evergirls on a picnic date!”
    “We literally just came out of a fire!” I exclaim.
    “Oh yeah” Holly says, “You were unconscious for a week, so..”
    “Of course I was” I mutter.
    “Guess who asked me!” Holly exclaims.
    Before I can answer, Holly squeals.
    “And I’m supposed to know who that is?” I say. I’m feeling colder now, but I’m doing my best to bare it.
    “You barely know anyone” I hear Flora say. I watch as she stands up from a vanity, in a dark-red flowy dress, her wavy hair bouncing on her shoulders.
    “This is a picnic” I point out, “Not a fancy restaurant”
    “You’re just upset no one asked you” Flora says.
    “Oh I’m more than delighted I don’t have to go” I shoot back.
    “Actually, everyone has to go” Holly says, “Whether you got asked or not”
    “Seriously?” I berate.
    “Seeing you have no casts, you’ll have to go” Flora says.
    “It doesn’t matter if I go or not” I point out, “None of you annoying fools will be bothering me.”
    I turn around and push open the door.
    I’m greeted by Professor Dovey.
    “Good evening Celeste” she beams.
    “Good evening Professor Dovey” I respond.
    “I see you’re in better shape now” Professor Dovey says observing me.
    “Panala did it” I say.
    “Well now that you’re healthy again, you can go to the picnic” Professor Dovey says.
    I sigh. Why am I not in the School for Evil?
    “You better start getting ready” Professor Dovey says before walking out.
    Great. Saying my parents aren’t here, I’ll wear whatever I want. I turn around and pull open the door. I walk out and check if anyone’s in the hallway. The hallway is empty, except for a few Everboys heading to the Gallery of Good. I turn around and walk up the steps of Purity Tower, while rubbing my arms, trying to keep them warm. I bump into Athena who is in a dark blue dress, her hair styled, and her face not so full of makeup.
    “Athena” I say, “You look…”
    I would not dress like that, but Athena has been nice to me, so I can’t insult her.
    “Nice” I say, finally.
    “Thank you, I see you’re healed” Athena says.
    “Yeah, Panala fixed me up” I say.
    “Why aren’t you ready for the picnic?” Athena asks.
    “I just came out of Panala’s office” I say, “Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to change”
    “I’ll see you there then” Athena says, before stepping elegantly down the stairs. I turn back and make my way back to my room. If it’s even there.
    I step out of the bathroom, in my black leggings, purple skirt and blue sweater. I exhale. Now this is what comfort feels like. I sit down on the couch and slip my only comfy shoes onto my feet. I look glumly at my tiara and pick it up. I place it on my head with a sigh. Could I go one hour without wearing this? I stand up from the couch and pick up my fingerless gloves. They’re the only gloves I don’t hate that keep my palms warm. I slide them onto my hands and then walk towards the door. It’s funny how they managed to make this place look exactly the same after it was burnt down. I push open the doors and step into the hallway. This tiara is ruining my look. I move my hair a bit to cover it so it isn’t visible. Now I can go, I’m starving, and picnic means food. Lots of food. I march down the hallway, then back to steps of Purity Tower. I spot Professor Dovey standing with two lines. One with poofed up Evergirls the other with groomed Everboys.
    Professor Dovey spots me and looks slightly surprised. Most likely because I look like a Never.
    “Celeste, there you are!” She exclaims, “We’re waiting for you to go”
    “I’m coming” I say as I walk down the stairs and join the line of Evergirls.
    “Is that everyone?” Professor Dovey ask.
    The Evers murmur in agreement.
    “Follow me then” Professor Dovey says.
    I feel a slight chill under my sweater. The Evers start following after Professor Dovey, down the hall to the gates of the Clearing. She points her finger at it, and the doors open. We follow her outside into the dark Clearing. She stops right there and holds her bright finger up to give off light.
    “Alright” Professor Dovey says, “Everboys, take your partners and I’ll hand you each your picnic baskets.”
    The Everboys went out of their line and approached Evergirls. I spot Max approach Flora with a smile and he holds out his hand, which she takes excitedly. Do I even belong here? Pairs of Evers step forward to Professor Dovey to get their picnic baskets. Aren’t they supposed to be thirteen. And here they are acting like adults or something. Panala was wrong, this sweater is keeping me warm.
    A Evergirl and an Everboy take a basket from Professor Dovey and she holds out her finger. An open, transparent, bubble with a picnic blanket appears on the Clearing.
    “Go on” Professor Dovey says smiling widely.
    The Evergirl and Everboy step into the bubble smiling.
    “I’ll bring you back down in an hour” Professor Dovey says. She closes up the bubble and it turns completely blue. It floats into the Blue Forest swiftly and carefully. Does this mean I’ll have to go with someone? I look around to see everyone paired up. I exhale, everyone has a partner so no one can go with me. I spot Asher coming from behind Max. Everyone except him. God, why does everything happen to me? I rush to Professor Dovey, I’d rather not eat than have this happen.
    “Professor Dovey” I say.
    “Yes, dear?” Professor Dovey says.
    “I-I can’t stay here” I say.
    “Why?” Professor Dovey asks, “Is there no one to go with you?”
    “No” I say, “I… I need to study.”
    “Study?” Professor Dovey says confused.
    “Yes” I state, “I’ve been behind on everything, you know… passing out and all, and I want to make sure I’m in the Trial by Tale. So, I need to study”
    “Are you sure you don’t want to stay?” Professor Dovey inquires.
    “Yes” I say.
    Professor Dovey sighs. “Alright, you may go”
    “Thank you” I say before turning around and running back into the castle. I wasn’t lying though. I need to study to get into the Trial by Tale.

    I wake up surrounded by books. I lift my head up and see I’m in the library. Did I sleep here? I look down at my watch. Breakfast starts in fifteen minutes. Shoot. I jolt up from my chair and start closing books and stuffing them into my book bag. I rush out of the library and into the hallway. Thank goodness no one’s here. I sprint down the hallway and start climbing up Purity Tower. I dash down the hallway and barge into my room. I see Flora and Holly sitting on the couch.
    “Where were you?” Flora exclaims.
    “None of your business” I say marching up the stairs.
    “Why are you wearing the same clothes?” Holly asks.
    “None of your business” I snap. I grab my uniform and rush into the bathroom. I shut the window to prevent unnecessary cold air to come into the room. I exhale. I take off the tiara from my head. I can’t believe I slept with it. My scalp really hurts now. I hear a squeaking sound and I look up. The chandelier lets loose from the ceiling and falls down. I block my head with my arms immediately. I feel something soft and mushy land on my arms. I put them down and see chocolate all over them. It smells familiar. I turn around and see Dot at my window, held by Hester’s demon.
    “Dot!” I exclaim. I rush to the the window, which is already open.
    “What are you doing here?” I say, helping her in.
    “I came to save you” she pants, “Well, we did”
    I look out the window to see Hester and Anadil standing in the Clearing, right below.
    “Celeste!” Anadil yells, “Are you alright?’
    “Yeah” I say wiping off the chocolate, “How did you know the chandelier was going to fall?”
    “We followed Madame Rochard and we saw her climb into your bathroom” Hester explains, “She must have jinxed your chandelier to have it fall on you”
    “So if you hadn’t turned it into chocolate? I could be dead by now” I say, “Thanks guys”
    “Your welcome” Dot says patting me.
    In the distance, I see a hooded woman standing behind a tree in the Clearing. Madame Rochard.
    “Hester!” I call, “Could you bring me down?”
    “Why?” Hester shouts.
    “Just do it” I urge.
    “And bring me down with you” Dot says.
    Hester’s demon flies up towards and grabs Dot and I. It shoots out of the window and flies us down to Hester and Anadil.
    “Look” I whisper to Hester, raising my arm slowly to Madame Rochard, “Madame Rochard is hiding behind a tree, over there”
    “She is?” Dot exclaims.
    “Ssshhhh!” Hester says putting he finger to her lips, “We need to get her, but she can’t know that we see her”
    “So what do we do?” Anadil asks.
    I think for a while. “A stun spell” I say, “We can stun her”
    “But then, we’ll have to go over to her” Anadil says.
    “Not necessarily” Hester smirks. She pulls out a piece of glass from her jacket and puts it up.
    “What are you doing?” I ask.
    “Let me concentrate” Hester says. She moves the mirror around and stops it at angle. She lifts her finger up and closes her eyes. Her finger shines bright and a beam shoots out of it to the mirror. The beam bounces of the mirror and hits Madame Rochard, who falls instantly.
    Hester places the glass back in her pocket.
    “Let’s go” she says running ahead. We run behind her and we stop at the tree. Madame Rochard lies frozen in place, a horrified expression on her face.
    Hester lifts up her body, with the help of Dot and Anadil.
    Something falls out of her hand as they lift her. Dovey’s Crystal Ball.

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        Aww, I’ll miss you 😉

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          I’ll miss you too Adi

        sydneywhite replied 4 months ago

        The first ***** is k n o b

        The second ******* is tied

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          Awesome! Amazing cliffhanger, I’m going to miss you soo much!

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        I will miss you, your a nice and good human [:

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          Me too! I love Maid of Camelot

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        Sorry I’m a little late, but I’ll miss you! See you when you’re back!

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