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    sydneywhite posted an update 4 months ago


    I’m not sure if you knew when I said, I am taking a break from the site so I can’t do the Hogwarts program thing, which you were are apart of. But I don’t want anyone to feel upset, so I want everyone to continue it. But I want you to take the role I was going to do, if that’s okay. Don’t worry, it’s not really big.
    I’ll send you the doc and tell you what to do.
    You’ll find I wrote a speech from Professor McGonagall. Write a good luck message and then start sorting everyone. You can write the good luck message now. We start on 28th of September, so next Saturday. Which means, next Saturday, you tag everyone who has their bios complete, and send them the doc. You’ll sort everyone, and have the welcome feast.
    I’ll just give you some quick pointers, in order on what to do, in case you did not understand what I said.
    • Write good luck message on Hogwarts doc.
    • Announce on Wednesday the 25th, the timings on when you’ll start the Hogwarts Program. (Tag everyone)
    • Tag everyone and share the doc on Saturday the 28th.
    • Make McGonagall call out your name, and sort yourself. Then make McGonagall call out everyone else.
    • Make McGonagall start the Welcome Feast, then have her send everyone to bed. You can then ask everyone if they want to start the next day, or do the next day on Sunday (You choose the timings, either by yourself or ask everyone else what’s best)
    If you’re a Potterhead you’ll know what happens next (Breakfast, Classes, lunch etc) . You’ll have to also play a few teachers in classes, to ask questions.

    Since I won’t be on the site by Tuesday, I made a doc where you can ask me questions about things you don’t understand -because I know I’m not clear – so I made a doc where you can ask me quetions, and questions from other users.

    Here it is:

    Tell me if you can’t do it, and I can ask someone else.

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