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    sydneywhite posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 months ago

    Hey everyone! So after a very long time, I present a chapter of Camelot’s Princess! Here we go!

    Camelot’s Princess
    Chapter Fifteen: Talents and Surprises

    Tags: @adi-booklover

    Hester, Anadil, and Dot exchange looks. I pick it up slowly.
    “What was she doing with this?” I say.
    “We need to get her conscious to get answers out of her” Hester says looking down at Madame Rochard. She lifts her finger and it glows, as she lifts Madame Rochard up to the tree.
    “Anadil, tie her” she orders.
    Anadil lights her finger and a rope appears and wraps Madame Rochard to the tree.
    The fingerglows dim.
    “You can go now, Celeste” Hester says.
    “What?” I splutter, “Now? When we’re about to find out everything?”
    “Madame Rochard could get tempted by you” Hester says.
    “Madame Rochard could end up saying nothing at all” Dot points out.
    “But…” I exhale, “Fine. But you have to tell me everything after”
    “I’ll write you tonight. Now go” Hester says.
    Her demon shoots out of her neck and grabs my arm.
    “Bye” I say to them, but my eyes fixed on Madame Rochard. The demon flies me back into the bathroom, and flies back up. I close the window and look at the watch. Breakfast starts in a minute. I stomp my foot on the ground in frustration. I hurriedly change into my uniform and throw on my tiara. I can’t be bothered with how my head looks. I run out of the bathroom and find Flora and Holly are both gone. I sprint down the stairs and out of the room. I stop as my body fills with coldness. What happened? I was fine ten seconds ago. A few Evergirls come out.
    “Why’s the castle so hot today?” One says, fanning herself.
    The spell must be affecting me. I leave slowly and carefully and go down to Good Hall. Lots of Evers are sitting at tables, chatting loudly. Least I’m not late.
    I join the line for food and start picking up alot of hot food.
    “Why are you taking all the hot foods?” I hear Asher ask.
    I look up at him and glare. Why is he always where I am? I move down the line and pick up some hot cakes.
    “I don’t know how you stay fit with all those cakes” Asher mutters.
    I glare daggers at him. I pick up some cake and throw it at him. And then I throw some syrup on him.
    “Probably from running from you” I snap, before picking up my tray and leaving. Why do boys have to be so annoying?
    I sit down at a table and start eating. Flora approaches me. “Did you just throw a cake at Asher?” she says, seeming shocked.
    “And syrup” I add.
    “Why are you eating so many hot things?” Flora inquires.
    “Why is your boyfriend with Holly?” I say maliciously.
    Flora turns around and sees Max talking to Holly. I smrk. “Max!” Flora yells stomping to him. I can’t help but laugh as Max hides a piece of paper and Flora hits him, Holly trying to stop her. Behind them, I see a bunch of girls helping Asher clean his face.
    I lift my finger, and some cakes rise and smash into the girls and Asher. The girls start sobbing hysterically, and Asher stomps his foot in frustration and leaves. I finish my breakfast in delight.
    I make my way to my first class, Good Deeds. As I make my way up the stairs, I’m stopped by Asher. I roll my eyes.
    “Didn’t you learn anything from the cake?”
    I say trying to leave.
    “Why do you hate me so much?” Asher asks.
    “Why are you obsessed with me?” I say back, “If you want someone to like you, you don’t become obsessed with them. Maybe try your skills on an Evergirl. Because I don’t want a boy in my life. I don’t want to graduate a princess who has to follow a prince. I want to become a Queen, on my own, without a King. And you’re stopping me from doing that. So just try to understand” Asher stares blankly at me as I go up and leave.
    I enter the Good Deeds classroom and sit down. The rest of the Evers walk in and sit down.
    “Good morning class” Professor Dovey beams, “I’m sure we all had an amazing time yesterday at the picnic. Today we’ll be learning about Good deeds in Love”
    I smash my head on the table, but it’s barely heard over the giggling of the Evergirls. Professor Dovey opens her big book of notes.
    “Oh, sorry” she says, “We’re not meant to learn that until the exams are over. Today we’re having the test”
    The Evergirls stopped giggling.
    “I hope you’ve all revised. I do recall telling you you’d have a test this week” Professor Dovey says handing out the papers.
    Good thing I spent last night revising.
    Professor Dovey hands me a different paper.
    “Since you’ve missed out some lessons, your paper is different” she states.
    How can it be different? Once Professor Dovey finishes giving out the papers, she signals us to start. I start answering the questions.
    An hour later, I leave the room feeling nervous about the test. I definitely failed Good Deeds. Oh well, I have Surviving Fairy Tales next. I hurry out of the castle and I join my Forest Group under our flag. I see Asher approach the group. Dang it. I dig my nail into my arm in anger and annoyance. A short dwarf waddles towards us.
    “Is everyone here?” He asks.
    We murmur in agreement.
    “Right, my name is Gelder ” he says, clapping his hands, “Follow me”
    We follow after him into the forest where there is nothing, but grass. Gelder raises his finger and four coffins appear. I know this test too well from Mother’s book. “Right, let me choose an Everboy” Gelder says. He points at Asher. Shoot. “Turn around”
    Asher turns.
    Gelder points his finger at the other three girls and me, and we turn into four plump, dark haired princesses. This happened in Mother’s storybook.
    “Step into the coffins” Gelder instructs.
    I sigh and lay down in a coffin. My body is frozen and the glass closes. Why can’t I move? My eyes shut. Now I can’t even see.
    “Turn around” I hear Gelder say, “And choose a princess, then kiss her hand”
    I wanna scream right now. I wait anxiously in the coffin, while despite being freezing, I feel very hot. I feel the coffin glass above me lift. No, no, no! Asher takes my hand and kisses it and I turn back into myself. My eyes open and I frown at Asher. I take my hand back and wipe it on the coffin.
    “Well done!” Gelder beams, “You might as well be looking at your future princess, dear boy!”
    I roll my eyes and get up from the coffin.
    “Rank time!” Gelder shouts.
    Asher’s name appears first in gold, my name second in silver.
    “Class dismissed!” Gelder yells.
    I stomp off and Asher grabs my arms and drags me towards a tree.
    “Leave me alone!” I yell.
    Asher pins me against the tree.
    Before I say anything else, Asher presses his lips against mine. I feel my cheeks going very red. Asher’s hands move down to my waist. After what seems like forever, he pulls away.
    “Look me in the eyes and tell me you don’t like me” he says fiercely.
    “I- I don’t” I splutter, “This is ridiculous!” I yell before stomping back to the castle.

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