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    Camelot’s Princess
    Chapter Sixteen: Hot but Cold

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    I run back into the castle, my cheeks very red. What was I thinking? Why didn’t I push away? Or slap him? Or knee him? Or just say I don’t like him? Now he’ll think I like him. But I don’t. Do I? I can’t possibly. He’s in the way of my dreams, I can’t like him, or else everything is gone. Calm down, Celeste. It was just in the heat of the moment. I feel the familiar chill sweep through my body. I take out my schedule. I have Beautification. At least no boys. I run up into Hansel’s Haven, and make it just in time to the Beautification classroom.
    “Take a seat, girls” Professor Anemone chimes as we enter the classroom. Why does everyone in Good have to be so cheery ? It just makes me want to cringe. I sit down.
    “Today we’ll be taking a test” Professor Anemone says, opening a drawer.
    Great. “Not a written one” she says, “Everything we teach you must benefit you. So today, I’ll be testing whether or not you can identify what to use to beauty yourselves, and what not to use”.
    Professor Anemone starts handing out sparkly boxes.
    A glittery chart appears on top of Professor Anemone’s desk with all our names.
    “Pick a partner ladies” Professor Anemone instructs.
    Evergirls start jumping about cheerfully and giggling together. It’s like hearing 5 year olds giggling with dolls. I spot Athena.
    “Athena!” I call. Athena turns around.
    “Do you want to be my partner. I promise I won’t burn your hair”
    Athena gives a small laugh, “Sure”.
    Professor Anemone blows a whistle to stop all the giggles and chatting.
    Everyone looks towards her.
    “You have half an hour to style each other’s hair. You have all been given tool boxes with hair styling equipment. There are things you should and shouldn’t use, choose wisely. You have fifteen minutes each. I will give each of you a wig so you don’t mess up your actual hair”
    I take off my tiara. I don’t want a lump on my head. Professor Anemone lifts her finger and a heavy wig drop onto my head, and everyone else too. I touch the hair and see it’s really damaged.
    “Open your tool boxes” Professor Anemone instructs, “I’ll give you a minute to look at your tools”
    I open my box carefully. I see three hair cream bottles, two combs, four brushes, four scrunchies, multiple elastic bands and three headbands.Then there are some decorations. I’ve seen Aunt Sophie use these on me. I should be good. But then I notice all of them are different. Not all of them are correct.
    “Do you want to go first?” I ask Athena.
    “Alright” Athena says with a smile.
    “Ready” Professor Anemone says aloud, ” Go!”
    Athena picks up a comb and starts carefully brushing my wig. She does this for about a minute before picking up a hair cream and squirting it all over the the wig. She rubs it in like shampoo and starts brushing it with a brush. A strand of the hair comes in my face and I see how shiny it is. Athena brushes and combs the wig at the same time and then starts to braid the front of the wig and then ties it at the back. She then sprinkles glitter over the wig and clips in a butterfly clip on the side of my hair.
    “Stop!” Professor Anemone yells.
    Athena puts her hands down, some sweat dripping down her forehead.
    I dare not touch the wig, feeling like Athena’s created a masterpiece of it.
    Professor Anemone looks at the class, shocked.
    “I thought you were better than this, girls” she says, shaking her head. I look around and see half done heads everywhere.
    “Do you lack in time?” Professor Anemone inquires, “because in real life, you might have five minutes to do a full on makeover. Those of you who have finished, haven’t done it well”
    Professor Anemone approaches Athena and me. “Although, Athena here has done a marvellous makeover on Celeste”
    I see Athena blush out of the corner of my eye. I also see the other girls glaring daggers at her. Jealous brats. “Athena receives 94/96 for hair” Professor Anemone announces, and the chart was updated, “Well done to those who passed 46. Right, next round”
    I look around at the girls, sobbing with half done hair. They look ridiculously hideous, for a change.
    “Hey!” I hear Flora yells.
    “Invading privacy again are you?” I sneer, “I don’t look at what you write about Max. ‘Dear diary, today Max said I was better than eating a toad. I feel so special! ‘”
    Flora glares at me, and I return her glare.
    “Probably mad because you’re a victim yourself” I say eyeing her ripped wig.
    “Ready” Professor Anemone says, “Start!”
    I grab a hair cream bottle and pour some of it onto the brush. I start combing Athena’s wig as carefully as I could. Then I pick up a soft brush and brush Athena’s wig. Then I start to do something Aunt Sophie taught me on Athena’s wig. When I’m done, I look at the big bun I’ve created on Athena’s wig. I start sprinkling rainbow glitter all over it, trying not to cringe at what I was doing. I clip in a small flower onto Athena’s wig, before I hear Professor Anemone yelling “Stop!”. I turn around to the rest of the class, and I see some well styled heads.
    “Well this was better” Professor Anemone says, nodding. She looks at all the wigs and then gives everyone points. I’ve gotten a 92, surprisingly.
    “Ranking time” Professor Anemone yells.
    She waves her finger and then Athena’s name appears first in gold, and mine, second, in silver. I smile slightly.
    “Class dismissed!”
    I sit down at the lunch table, with my hot soup. I start to eat or drink, or whatever you do with soup. I see Asher enter the hall and he glances at me, before joining the lunch line. God, boys are so annoying. Imagine a world without them. Sounds peaceful. I see Flora arguing with Max in the distance, yelling something through tears. Flora stomps off and approaches me. She slumps down and buries her hands in her face.
    “Boy problems?” I say with a small smile.
    Flora looks up. “Max is being unbelievable”
    I look at Max, who is talking to Holly.
    “He keeps on talking to other girls” Flora says, tears streaming down her cheeks.
    “Don’t you think you’re being a bit dramatic?” I say.
    “He told me they weren’t as clingy and plain as I was” Flora sobs.
    Ouch. I look at Max. I don’t really care about how Flora feels, but I do care that he’s being a ****.
    “Celeste of Camelot, first year, to the clinic” a loud voice echoes through the hall. Everyone stares at me. I get up slowly and make my way to Panala’s office. I knock on the door, and I hear Panala say, “Come in”. I enter the room and find Panala holding a box beaming.
    “You called for me?” I say.
    “Sit down Celeste” Panala says smiling. I sit down.
    “Are you still feeling cold?” She asks.
    “Sort of” I say? “Why?”
    “I found a cure” Panala beams, “This way you’ll be fit and you won’t be cold”.
    “Great!” I exclaim.
    “I must warn you, it does hurt alot” Panala says.
    “If it cures me, I don’t care” I say, though not sure.
    Panala opens the box and picks up a brown bottle. “Drink the entire bottle” she orders. I pick up the bottle, and pull the lid off. I start to drink it, and it has a strong scent of ginger and cinnamon, but a taste of brick and cement. I want to sit out out, but I must finish it. I finish the bottle, and gasp for air. Then my body fills with a great pain and it feels like a seizure. Panala looks at me with a face that says, “You’ll be alright”. It feels like I’m being murdered by this juice. My eyes shut, and then open. The pain is gone, and so is the cold.
    “It worked!” I exclaim.
    Then I feel something in my stomach. Panala starts to laugh, and I look up at her confused. Before I black out, Panala pulls off her face, and I see something that made my heart stop. Madame Rochard.

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        Celeste!!! No!!! Great chapter Sydney

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          Thanks! Also the **** is J e r k

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