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    sydneywhite posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 2 months ago

    Happy day everyone!
    If you read my story, Camelot’s Princess, I would appreciate if you read this, but if you don’t you can ignore this message. So I need a character or two (preferably three) who live in Camelot for when Celeste comes back. If you can, please submit a bio. Thank you

    Have a good day!

        lovergirl replied 2 months ago

        Omg! I used that name in an old story!

        arcticsorcerer replied 2 months ago

        Finger Glow: Peach (Orange/Yellow)
        Why she’s in Camelot ( @sydneywhite you can change this I just thought of it )Agatha hired her because Agatha thinks everybody deserves and chance, especially readers and Luna is from Gavaldon. She’s a maid in the castle who is taking medical courses

        Appearance: light brown skin, dark blue eyes,black straight hair, tall , only makeup she wears is mascara and if nail polish counts as makeup then that counts too.
        She’s kind but difensive of her friends and family annnnnnnd I gtg

          arcticsorcerer replied 2 months ago

          Oops I meant Peach (Orange/Pink)

          sydneywhite replied 2 months ago

          thanks alot @arcticsorcerer ! I’ll just change the age down to fifteen, if that’s okay?

        arcticsorcerer replied 2 months ago


        princessrachael replied 2 months ago

        Name: Monae
        School: Good
        Finger Glow: red-gold
        Why she’s in Camelot:
        Monae was born in Camelot and was hired as an intern by Tedros.
        Waist-length black hair that she dyed the tips of red. Sparkling stormy grey-blue eyes and luscious brown skin. She has full red lips and long lashes.
        Monae was raised to be confident and generous. She is smart and can be extremely rude. She’s persistent. She can be sensitive at times and she sometimes hides behind a mask. She is easily controlled. She also gets angry easily. She is insecure, needs someone to tell her what to do sometimes.

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