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    Hi everyone, this might not be one of my best writings, but I hope it’s not too bad. It’s also sort of short. I’m really sorry.

    Camelot’s Princess
    Chapter Seventeen: Fleeing the Terror

    Tags: @adi-booklover

    I find myself in my familiar black area. I’ve been here a quarter of my thirteen year old life. I’m always getting attacked or injured and ending up in here. I’ve counted how many times I’ve been here. Seventeen, at least. Now eighteen. If I’ve been here eighteen times, why don’t I just die? I feel something large hit my cheek. My eyes fly open and I find myself tied to a pole on the castle roof. And next to me Madame Rochard. Oh well, I guess I get to die. But not in Madame Rochard’s hands. Madame Rochard is glaring at me. She’s probably intending to kill me right now. I should probably by some time.
    “So, this is what a seventy something year old woman dreams of” I say, staring into the lake, “Tying a thirteen year old girl to a pole. And people thought you were more dangerous.”
    Madame Rochard glares at me with steel in her eyes. “Laugh it up” she says, “You won’t be when you hit the ground.”
    “Didn’t know you would get revenge on my parents for food ” I mutter, loud enough for her to hear.
    “Is that what they told you?” Madame Rochard smirks, “If it was just that, you wouldn’t be here dear”
    “Probably saying that because you don’t want to admit that was your big goal” I say, “Look where you’ve gone, thirteen year old girls to poles. Hey, I have some friends in there who are thirteen. Could you tie them up too?”
    “Why you” Madame Rochard hisses getting out her hands, then she takes them back, “I’m waiting for everyone to come out, then they’ll see who murdered you”
    “Well, today we’re having lunch indoors, so good luck” I laugh.
    Madame Rochard stomps her foot in anger. Then she turns away and leaves. Where’s she gone? I look around. Ten minutes later, I hear screams and shouts. The Evers start running out into the Clearing. Dang it. They’re screaming so loudly, they didn’t even notice me.
    “Hello!” I scream at them.
    Madame Rochard comes from behind me and screams a loud, piercing scream. My hands are ******* so I can’t cover my ears. Everyone below cover their ears. Lucky me. Madame Rochard stops, and everyone has fallen silent.
    “You all know this girl, don’t you?!” Her voice echoing throughout the Clearing, “Daughter of Tedros and Agatha”
    Madame Rochard grabs my face, her nails digging into my skin.
    “Looks like them too” she smirks.
    “Get your filthy hands off me” I berate.
    Madame Rochard tightens her grip.
    That’s it. I start spitting on Madame Rochard, until she’s forced to let go of me.
    She wipes her face, glaring daggers at me.
    “Take a good look at her face” she yells at the Evers, “It’ll be the last time you see it alive”
    Madame Rochard starts yelling things at the Evers. It’s time to make my move. I take out my dagger from my skirt and slowly start untying my hands. She should’ve used magic. I use my hands to untie my legs, until I’m free.
    “And now” Madame Rochard yells, “I’ll kill this girl”
    “You sure?” I smirk, pointing the dagger at her.
    Madame Rochard turns around, seeming shocked.
    “How did you-?” She stammers.
    “You don’t mess with me” I say aloud, “Should’ve learnt that, after thirteen years of watching over me.”
    Madame Rochard pulls out a sword from her back.
    “You want to fight?” She yells, “We’ll fight, then”
    Madame Rochard throws her sword at me, and I throw mine against hers. I push the sword with all my might against hers.
    Madame Rochard struggles and I knock her sword out of her hands.
    “I may be without weapons” Madame Rochard berates, “But I’m good with magic”
    Madame Rochard disappears and I put down my sword confused. Professor Dovey comes out, along with Mother and Father who are startled.
    “Celeste!” Mother screams.
    The school’s flag falls down towards me and I jump off the the roof, and onto a landing just in time. I start running down the stairs panting and then to Mother and Father.
    “Everyone to their dormitory!” Professor Dovey shrieks, ” Now ! ”
    Mother hugs me and so does Father.
    “Let’s go” Dovey yells.
    Ten minutes later, I’m in Dovey’s office explaining everything that happened.
    “You knew Madame Rochard was behind everything, yet you never told us?” Father says, extremely annoyed.
    “Hester told me not to” I say, “She said it would ruin her plan”
    “Where is Hester?” Mother inquires.
    Just then, Hester, Anadil and Dot run in.
    “Sit down” Professor Dovey orders.
    By the look on her face, the witches obey immediately.
    “Celeste, go to your room” Professor Dovey says seriously.
    I stand up and leave the office. What’s going to happen now?
    I enter Room 51, and then Flora jumps onto me.
    “Are you okay?” She breathes.
    “Yeah” I say, “Although, my mouth does feel dry from spitting on Madame Rochard”
    Flora laughs. I go in the room and sit down.
    “Where’s Holly?” I ask.
    “I don’t know” Flora replies. She sits down next to me.
    “I can’t believe you just did that” Flora says.
    “She hasn’t been eating, so she’s fallen weak” I say, “Otherwise you’d be mourning over my dead body. What caused you all to run out?”
    “There was a fire in Good Hall” Flora explains, “Not a real one, but we all thought it was. I only realized when Holly had accidentally knocked me into it, trying to escape”
    Just then, the door flew open and Holly skipped in giggling.
    “Of course she’s giggling” I say.
    “No, no. I wouldn’t giggle for no reason” Holly says sitting down, “When the fire was lit, I accidentally knocked over Flora and then I bumped into Max”
    I see Flora bare her teeth.
    “I fell onto him, and then we kissed!” Holly exclaims.
    “Holly!” Flora yells standing up, “He’s my boyfriend”
    “He said you weren’t together anymore” Holly said standing up, “So he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes”
    Flora sat back down and started sobbing.
    Holly shrugged and left.
    Now that’s just plain rude.
    “Stop crying” I tell Flora, “No boy is worth your tears, unless they’re your family”
    “He lied just to leave me” Flora sobs.
    “You don’t need boys to be happy” I say, “Look what I’ve gotten into just because of them”.
    Flora continues sobbing.
    “Look Flora” I begin, “If you really do want someone to love you, whose a… a boy , then maybe you should start by a plain friendship. That way you could see what type of guy he is, and if he’s good enough, go for it.”
    Flora wipes her tears, “I guess I could do that”
    “As for Holly” I say looking up, “Ignore her and Max. That’s the best you can do.”
    A loud siren fills the room.
    “What’s that?”
    Flora stands up and approaches a small hole. She takes out something, and the siren stops.
    “It’s a letter” she says.
    I join her and we read it.
    Flora drop the letter as soon as we’re done.
    The school is being closed.

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