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    sydneywhite posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 8 months, 2 weeks ago

    Hey everyone! We made it to nineteen chapters without writer’s block! *Victory dance* Also, following I add chapters to the Camelot’s Princess Doc two by two, you’ll find Chapter Seventeen and Eighteen in the doc. If you want to reread the chapters, please scroll down my activity find the link to the doc with all the chapters. I’m lazy, ok. But if you’re lazy too, I might as well give it to you if you ask. Anyway, onto the story!

    Camelot’s Princess
    Chapter Nineteen: Missions on the Last Night

    Tags: @adi-booklover

    Asher and I sneak out into The Clearing. It’s sunset, which means we still can’t go. We need it to be dark so no one can spot us. I lead Asher into the Blue Forest.
    “What are we doing here?” Asher inquires, as we walk through the forest.
    “Well we need someway to get to Madame Rochard, don’t we?” I say approaching Animal Territory. I stop as we approach the hideous, yet legendary bird.
    “A stymph?” Asher says.
    “They’re reliable creatures” I say patting one. The stymph bites me and I instantly let go. “And vicous” I say holding my finger.
    I pull out a paper from my pocket.
    “The fastest, safest stymph is next to the Tulip Garden” I read, “Where’s that?”
    I look around the forest, searching for the Tulip Garden.
    “Over there!” Asher yells, pointing far north.
    “Are you sure?” I say squinting to see it.
    “Yes I’m sure, come on” Asher says running ahead of me.
    I follow after him until we reach a blue tulip garden.
    “Now where’s the stymph?” I pant, looking around.
    A loud squawking voice sounds behind me.
    I turn around and see the stymph right behind me.
    “Found it” I say, “Now we just wait for night”
    We sit in silence watching the stymph, waiting for night to fall.
    I sigh loudly. I’m bored.
    “Do you think it’s hungry?” Asher asks.
    “Huh?” I say looking at him.
    “The stymph” He says pointing at it.
    “Maybe” I say pulling out my paper, “Let’s see… stymph food. They eat moles?!”
    “Do they keep them somewhere?” Asher asks.
    “It says you have to… you have to dig them up. Alive” I say shuddering.
    “Dig them up?” Asher says snatching the paper, “Oh come on”
    I get up with a sigh. “I’m going to get some gloves” I say trudging to the shed.
    “Grab me a pair!” Asher calls behind me.
    I pull open the door and grab two pairs of leather gloves.
    I turn around and slam the door.
    “Catch” I say throwing the gloves at Asher. He catches them.
    “They’re next to the pond” Asher says heading to ice blue pond.
    I follow him, cringing at the idea of taking out a live filthy mole. I shudder.
    Asher stops and gets down on his knees and starts digging. I sigh and start digging up the ground.
    I start making a huge tunnel in the ground that I can fit through. I look through the hole, squinting through the dark. I feel something move, inches from my face. I pull away? swallowing a scream.
    “What?” Asher says.
    “The mole” I say pointing down the hole, “It’s there”
    “Alright” Asher says, abandoning his hole “Before we do this, we need to decide on something. One of us will get the mole out, and the other will feed the mole to the stymph.”
    I don’t want to be in a dark hole with a forest mole.
    “I’ll feed the mole to the stymph” I say, “You should fit through the hole”
    “Just don’t back out when the mole is squealing in your hands” Asher says before disappearing into the hole.
    “Where are you?” I hear Asher say.
    I hear a small scream and then a squealing mole. I listen as Asher struggles with the mole and try not to laugh at his screams. Asher crawls out, the mole squirming in his arms.
    “Here” Asher pants, handing me the screaming, biting mole.
    I feel disgusted as the mole’s slime spreads over me. Moles aren’t supposed to have slime.
    I try to hold the mole as we walk back to the stymph. The mole bites me multiple times. I give the mole a death glare. I will throw it in the next pond I see and drown it if it doesn’t stop. We finally reach the stymph and I drop the mole in front of it.
    “I’m not carrying it anymore” I say, “I’m not dealing with two beasts. Watch the mole, while I untie the stymph”
    I release the stymph from its ropes and it charges at the mole.
    I turn away.
    “What are you doing?” Asher asks.
    “Unless that mole is Madame Rochard” I say, “I’m not watching”
    The sun has set, and now its night time. Time to put the plan into action.
    I climb onto the stymph.
    “How come you fly the stymph?” Asher says.
    “Did you sword fight a snake on the school’s roof?” I say, “Did you survive a dagger to the back? No, I didn’t think so. So you might as well get on.”
    Asher looks at me blankly then gets on.
    I tap the stymph and it starts to run into a clear area and then takes flight. The wind attacks my face and I hold on tight to the stymph.
    “Wait” Asher says, “Does the stymph know where we’re going?”
    “Course it does” I say. I bend onto the stymph.
    “Snow White’s Cottage” I whisper to the stymph. The stymph sharply turns around and flies south.
    I feel Asher giving me a look, but I brush it off. There’s worse to deal with.
    The stymph lands near Snow White’s Cottage and Asher and I get off. I pull out a rope and tie it to a tree. The stymph kneels down and falls asleep.
    I pull out a sword from my back and hand it to Asher.
    “This looks like Excalibur” Asher says observing it.
    “That’s because he’s Exfalibur” I say.
    “You just changed the c to an f” Asher says.
    “Big difference” I say giving Asher a look.
    For my birthday, I got a sword (from Hester) that looks like Excalibur, named Exfalibur.
    I pull out the piece of glass and tap it hard.
    Madame Rochard appears a few trees away.
    “Alright” I say, “Go approach Madame Rochard and attack her. Sword fight her. Try to get some blood if you can”.
    Asher looks at weirded out.
    “I have no idea why I like you” he says.
    “Me neither” I snap, ” Anyway , while you’re fighting her, I’ll petrify her. I’ll be up in the trees. Try and keep her in one place.”
    I pull out a mirror and press it until it says
    Location Sent
    “You can go now” I say.
    Asher takes a deep breath.
    “Oh and” I say, “If you do this right, you can see my parents.”
    Asher nods and heads to Madame Rochard.
    I start climbing up a tree and crawl towards the next tree. I continue this until I’m above Madame Rochard. Asher approaches her from behind and raises Exfalibur.
    Madame Rochard turns around and glares at Asher. Asher returns her glare.
    “What do you want?” Madame Rochard bares taking out her sword.
    “Your blood” Asher spits.
    Asher charges at Madame Rochard, and Madame Rochard blocks his attack. Asher releases and attacks again. Their swords clash together again and again. Madame Rochard pushes Asher’s sword against him and Asher tries to block.
    Madame Rochard kicks Asher in the leg, and he fall to his knees.
    D i r t y Scumbag.
    I might as well hit her.
    I point my finger at her and close my eyes. Nothing comes out. Shoot.
    “You shouldn’t have come here” I hear Madame Rochard spit.
    I close my eyes harder. Come on, come on.
    I open my eyes and see Madame Rochard raise her sword high.
    I close my eyes and feel something shoot out. I open my eyes and see Madame Rochard frozen in place her sword about to hit Asher.
    “Move!” I yell.
    Asher staggers to his left, and Madame Rochard falls face down. I sigh with relief.
    Just then, the three witches, Mother and Father run into the area.
    “Madame Rochard?” Father says.
    “Who are you?” Mother asks to Asher.
    Hester sees me.
    “Celeste” she says, “Come down”
    Mother and Father look at me speechless as I climb down the tree.
    “What on earth is happening here?!” Father yells.
    “Hester” Mother says sternly, “Explain”
    Madame Rochard is ******* in the corner with magic, Dot guarding her. Hester finishes explaining everything and then Mother and Father look at me.
    “What you did was very brave, yes, but very foolish ” Mother says.
    “Foolish?” I splutter.
    “You could’ve gotten yourself or this young boy hurt” Father says seriously.
    I sigh exasperated.
    “Well at least the school won’t close” I say, “No threat. The threat is *******.”
    “Yes, the school will open” Mother says, “Yes the students will go back. But no, you won’t”
    “What!?” I yell, “Why?!”
    “You’ve tasted freedom and you’re crossing the boundaries” Father says, “You’re going back to Camelot for a week”
    I stare hardly at Mother and Father. Why would they do this?
    “Hester, Anadil” Father says, “You and Anadil take Madame Rochard to the Castle Jail. Dot, take back this young boy back to the School. Thank you for your help”
    Asher nods.
    “C’mon” Dot says leading Asher away. I trudge away. This is so unfair.

        sydneywhite replied 8 months, 2 weeks ago

        The ******* is t i e d up
        Dunno why it changed

        arcticsorcerer replied 8 months, 2 weeks ago

        Oof. Poor Celeste. Good writing!

        galaxy25 replied 8 months, 2 weeks ago

        Wow!! Enticing!! Even though I haven’t read any of your other chapter!! XD Sorry!!

          arcticsorcerer replied 8 months, 2 weeks ago


          sydneywhite replied 8 months, 2 weeks ago

          @galaxy25 if you want you can fulfil the mission of scrolling down my activity to find the link to the doc where I keep ALL my chapters or I can send it to you

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