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    sydneywhite posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 8 months, 1 week ago

    Yeet, I have not posted in a while. Sorry guys! I’m on my holiday so I tried to make the chapters a bit more longer. We have made it to twenty chapters of Camelot’s Princess! *Does Backflip and breaks back* Probably shouldn’t done that. Anyway, excluding that pain I have not been this happy since I found out there was an sge site. If you want to be tagged, let moi know. Also let moi know how any of you actually read my writing. It’s the definition of cringe. See: Cringe: Camelot’s Princess Anyway, onto the story!

    Camelot’s Princess
    Chapter Twenty: The Light in the Hall
    of Darkness

    Tags: @adi-booklover

    Hester and Anadil have taken Madame Rochard to Camelot’s Castle Jail. Guess where I am? In the most akward carriage ride to the School for Good and Evil to get my things to return to Camelot. Yay. Just, yay.
    I avoid making eye contact with Mother and Father. They don’t try to make eye contact either. I’m angry, mad and upset. And just when things were getting better. Oh, who am I kidding, barely anything good happened at school. I’m going to miss the Trial by Tale. It’s in two weeks!
    “Stop the carriage” Father says.
    The driver stops the carriage.
    The carriage door opens and three old, plump men stand there.
    “Celeste” Mother says, “Can you go into the other carriage? Your Father and I need to have a meeting with the Plumduck Brothers”
    Trying not to laugh at their names, I get out of the carriage and climb into the one behind. The footman closes the door, and I laugh and then sigh. Even plump duck-men can’t change the misery of what’s going to happen.
    The carriage stops and I open my eyes to the light of sunset.
    I look out the window to the School for Good and Evil. Why? Why do Mother and Father have to do this. The last time I was this mad, was when they ruined my plan to break Madame Rochard’s legs. The footman opens the door and I step outside into the sunlight.
    Just then, Professor Dovey approaches the gates, and opens them.
    “Celeste” Professor Dovey says, “Your Mother and Father tell me you’re here to pick up your things”
    I nod miserably.
    “Let’s go then” she says, waving me on. I follow her through the gates, and with a swish of Professor Dovey’s hand they close. Professor Dovey creates a glimmering glass bridge over the sparkling lake and we cross it. She leads me into Good and stops short.
    “I need to return to my office” she tells me, “I trust you can find your room. Take your things, and the fairies will take your bags. You’ll find me back at the gate to open them for you”
    I nod, and Professor Dovey scurries up the stairs. I climb Purity Tower looking around. If only Madame Rochard didn’t exist. If only her mother never gave birth to such a creature. If only. I walk down the hallway to my room and quietly walk in. To my surprise, I find Flora on the couch.
    “Where were you?” she says standing up.
    “Doesn’t matter” I say walking up the stairs.
    “Hey!” Flora yells following me, “You don’t have to be upset, the school’s staying open!”
    I turn around to find Flora beaming.
    “I know” I say glumly, “I’m not staying though”
    “What?!” Flora berates, “Why?!”
    “Apparently saving a school that keeps the balance of the Endless Woods alive is very foolish and stupid ” I sigh, trudging up to my closet.
    “Wait” Flora says, “Did you-”
    “Yes” I say, “And I’ve been very bad, so it’s Camelot for a week”
    “That’s ridiculous!” Flora yells.
    “What can I do though?” I say, packing my trunk, “Probably won’t even make the Trial”
    I close my trunks, and fairies come through the window. They heave my trunks and I follow them glumly.
    Flora gapes at me, mouth open.
    “Bye, Flora” I say and open the door.
    “You’re not leaving” Asher says, standing in the same clothes from yesterday.
    “Well believe it or not Asher” I say walking past him, “Even fools like Madame Rochard can ruin things”
    Asher doesn’t say anything.
    I follow the fairies back down the stairs.
    “You’re coming back” Asher says.
    I turn around. “Right?” He says.
    “Depends” I say, “When I get my new vial of Madame Rochard’s blood, they might change their minds”
    I turn back and walk after the heaving fairies. I walk out of Good Castle for the last time… this week. Maybe I’m being too dramatic. It’ll be alright. I never finished that book I was reading. I’ll finish it in this week.
    I find Professor Dovey waiting for me.
    She waves her finger and the bridge reappears. We cross it in silence. Only the grunting of the fairies are heard. When we reach the gates, they open and the fairies deposit the luggage.
    “Goodbye Celeste” Professor Dovey tells me as the gates close, “Oh and, I suggest you study during this week. Might help you get into the Trial”
    I nod and step into the carriage. The footman shuts the door and the carriage starts to move.
    I lie down. It’s going to be a long ride back to Camelot.
    I wake up to the sound of trumpets. I notice the carriage has stopped. I peek out the window to see almost the entire castle staff gathered outside the castle.
    I’ll say it now and I’ll say it again. Camelot people are extra . Not me though. I’m perfectly normal. Mostly.
    The footman opens the door once again. He looks exhausted. There are dark circles under his eyes and his face is worn out.
    Poor him. I step out the carriage to see Mother, Father and the Duck Brothers exit their carriage.
    The staff bow to Mother and Father.
    They’re so old fashioned. Father claps his hands and the staff find their feet. We walk up the stairs to the castle, really slow. My hate for walking slow and Madame Rochard are really close. One of the Duck Brothers has his fat bottom in my face. I want to kick it so bad. As we enter the castle, the staff follow after us. Mother and Father stop.
    “Celeste” Father says quiet enough for only a few of us to hear, “Go to your room, you’ll find your new steward there”
    Not another one. I sigh and turn to the stairs. I run up the stairs. At least I can get back to my bed. My bed never disappoints me. Always there for me. I sprint pass some maids who haven’t left the castle, and into my wing. I throw open the door to see three people. A middle-aged woman with dark brown hair swept up into a bun. She has a mix of dark and light skin. She examines me with a smile and I turn to the other two. One of them has long luscious black hair, the tips dyed red, up to her waist. She has sparkling grey-blue eyes.
    The other has light brown skin, dark blue eyes and black straight hair. They both look only a few years older than me, two at least.
    “Good morning Princess Celeste” The woman says in a high voice.
    “Celeste is fine” I say leaning against the wall.
    “Celeste then” She says keeping a smile, “I’m your new steward. Madame Condred”
    I choke, and then Madame Condred’s smile disappears.
    “I’m sorry, is something wrong?” She asks her high voice fading.
    “Oh” I say, clearing my throat, “I’m just sick, you know. My roommate Holly, she’s got this thing called idiocimonia”
    ” Idiocimonia ?” The one with the blue eyes says, “I take medical courses, there’s no such thing”
    “Just recently discovered” I say punctuating my sentence with a cough.
    The girl looks at me oddly.
    “Anyway” Madame Condred says, “This is Monae” She points to the girl with dyed hair.
    “I’m your steward, and I need help don’t I? So that’s why I have Monae. We were hired on a short notice, considering your previous steward has been sacked and-”
    “She’s in the castle jail now” I interrupt, “She messed with me, and now she’s paying the price”
    I need them to know what happens to people who mess with me.
    Madame Condred looks at me, taken aback.
    “Continue” I say.
    Madame Condred sighs. “This is Luna” she says, “She’ll be your medical assistant, considering she does medicine. I think that’s it. Right then, we’ll let you rest. Your breakfast is on the table. We’ll be back at noon”
    They all leave and Luna shuts the door. I dash to my bed and lay down. I’m tired, exhausted and fatigued. Those all mean the same thing. Which Madame Rochard is responsible for. I turn to my side and close my eyes. I’ll only deal with my problems once I open my eyes again.

    Thanks for reading twenty chapters of my story! Also, remember my skits about the SGE characters? I know I haven’t posted since the last decade, so I’ll try to continue the skits. I’ll post them on my activity since Open Chat is gone, and tag all of you.
    Have a wonderful day!

        zseafish replied 8 months, 1 week ago

        Coincidentally, my friend is also named Celeste, lol.

          sydneywhite replied 8 months, 1 week ago

          Lol 😂

          betheverafter replied 7 months, 2 weeks ago

          My friend is called Celeste too! Coincidence?

        eloiseruizpalma replied 8 months, 1 week ago

        This is amazing!

          sydneywhite replied 8 months, 1 week ago

          Thanks @eloiseruizpalma ! I haven’t heard from you in ages. Where’ve you been? I suspect school. School is a prime suspect. With students as witnesses against school, I hereby declare that… school is guilty!

          eloiseruizpalma replied 8 months, 1 week ago

          Heh, Syd (Can I call you that?), I’m glad someone noticed! I missed you, but, yeah, you’re right! It has been confirmed that the school is guilty!

        never11ever8 replied 8 months, 1 week ago

        Loved it! Great as usual!

        katiebeau26 replied 7 months, 3 weeks ago

        That was amazing! 😊👍

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