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    sydneywhite posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 6 months, 4 weeks ago

    At this point, you should be used to me posting late. But hey, at least it’s a chapter. I’m surprised I even made it past two chapters.
    Here’s something to read during your online class. Make sure you guys try to stay away from the virus and do everything to protect yourselves. Coronavirus is real . Anyway, I hope you enjoy the chapter.

    Camelot’s Princess
    Chapter Twenty-One : Restless Resting

    Tags: @adi-booklover

    My door opens with a crash and my eyes fly open.
    I sit up to see the witches march into my room.
    “Good morning to you too” I groan.
    “Why’re you so grumpy?” Anadil says,”You’re usually happy to see us”
    “Don’t let Madame Rochard bring you down” Dot says. She pauses and looks at my breakfast.
    “Can I have this?” She asks.
    “It all you do eat?” Hester growls.
    “I had to fly an Everboy back to school on a stymph last night, and I haven’t eaten anything since yesterday evening since we got that letter from Celeste. You two ate last night, while I didn’t” Dot lashes.
    “Just eat” I say, getting out of bed.
    “Look, it’s only a week away from school” Hester says, “You still have a chance of getting into the Trial if you study. Trial tryouts begin a about a week before the Trial. You’ll make it.”
    “Yeah, but it would’ve been better if I could learn with everyone else ” I point out.
    “We can teach you” Anadil says.
    “Yeah, but you guys are Evil,” I say, “I’m fighting for Good. Our rules and strategies differ.”
    “We spent most of our time at school fighting with Good” Dot says, munching on some fruit, “We know their strategies and their rules. Or would you prefer training with your parents?”
    “Alright fine” I say, “Once I asked them to help me with my homework from Merlin and they changed it to kingdom matters and tried to make me solve it, to solve their problems. They called it, ‘smart thinking'”
    “Your father was always bad at problem solving” Anadil sighs.
    “Might be a bit hard though” I say, “I still responsibilities, and three new stewards”
    Three ?” Dot chokes.
    “All replacing Madame Rochard” I say, “Since when do I need a medical assistant?”
    “Well you do get injured alot” Anadil says.
    I can’t argue with that.
    Dot knocks over the orange juices and it spills over the floor.
    “You clumsy baboon!” Hester berates.
    “It’s not my fault!” Dot says wiping the floor with her hand.
    “Just leave it” I groan.
    Dot sheepishly gets up and wipes her hand on the curtain.
    Just then, the door flies open and Aunt Sophie sashays in.
    “What are you doing here?” Hester growls.
    “And here I thought you’d be happy to see me” Aunt Sophie says.
    “Hasn’t happened since… ever, now that I think about it” Anadil says.
    “Well at least Celeste is happy to see me, right Celeste darling?” Aunt Sophie pooh-poohs.
    I nod slowly, not wanting to upset Aunt Sophie.
    “But seriously” Dot says, “Why are you here? You’re Dean of Evil. You’re supposed to be with your students”
    “Well, if you must know, I left Professor Manley in charge. You should’ve seen the man’s face”
    “That doesn’t answer the question” Hester snaps, ” Why are you here ?”
    “Fine, if you don’t want me, I’ll leave!” Aunt Sophie yells, “I know Agatha would appreciate me!”
    Aunt Sophie turns on her heel, and attempts a run before slipping on the juice and falling face-first into the floor.
    Hester snorts, Dot covers her mouth to laugh, and Anadil’s rats snicker in her pockets.
    “It’s not funny!” Aunt Sophie cries.
    The witches explode into howls and Aunt Sophie stomps out of the room. I finally let myself laugh. The laughter slowly dies away and we all are on the couch.
    “What’s next?” Dot says, wiping tears off her face.
    “Blood fishing” I say with a smirk.
    The witches gape at me.
    “I thought you were Good” Anadil says.
    “No, Madame Rochard’s blood” I explain.
    “Oh” Dot says.
    “Never mind” Hester says.
    I get up and approach my desk. I open the drawer and pull out a vial.
    “Let’s go visit the dungeons” I say.
    “We could” Anadil says, “But there’s too many guards.”
    “You’re acting like we’ve never done this before” Hester says.
    “Yeah, it’ll be easy. Just need some snakeskin” Dot says. She turns to me.
    “I’ll get it then” I sat heading to my closet. I open it and pull open the bottom drawer. I open a blue box and pull out a glimmering cape.
    “The first and last thing your aunt gave you that will be useful, even if it’s a copy of the original” Anadil says.
    “We just need it long enough for all of us” Hester says, pointing at the cape with her glowing finger. It instantly lengthens until I can no longer stretch my arms to hold it.
    The witches rise and approach me.
    We go under the cape and walk slowly towards the door.
    “Dot, stop moving so slow!” Hester blares.
    “It’s not my fault!” Dot defends, ” I barely have space! This cape isn’t big enough for the four of us!”
    “Or you alone” Anadil mumbles.
    Dot elbows Anadil, who bumps into Hester, who pushes me into the wall.
    “Dot, you nitwit!” Hester berates.
    “If I react, I’m a nitwit, if I don’t I’m a cowardly ever. Make up your mind!” Dot lashes.
    “Guys!” I yell, “Stop arguing!”
    The witches scowl, and we leave the room. We’ll be lucky if we even leave this floor unnoticed.

    Half an hour later, we’re at the dungeon door, which is guarded by three guards. We hide behind the biggest pool to decide how we’ll get in.
    “How’re we supposed to get in?” Anadil whispers.
    “There’s three guards” Hester says, “They’re all glued to the door, we can’t sneak past”
    “One of us would have to distract and clear the path, for the rest of us to get in” Dot sayd
    I ponder this.
    “Got it!” I half-whisper, half-shouting.
    “Well, tell us” Hester presses.
    “Just get under the cape” I say, “I’ll distract them and then we’ll all go in”
    I stand up and straighten my dress. The witches get under the cape and disappear. I walk towards the guards, trying to look as formal as I can.
    The guards straighten.
    “Your highness, what are you doing here?” a guard asks.
    “Oh, my father, the King, sent me to check on something in the dungeon” I say.
    “And what may that be?” The guard asks.
    “Just the situation down there” I say.
    “Wouldn’t he ask us to do that? Are you sure he sent you?” Another guard asks.
    “Let me go check” The other guard says.
    “I don’t think so” I say stopping him “He would think that you don’t know your own king, to no what he’d ask. He’s also in a very bad mood, he told me to do it quickly. Any delay, might make him even angrier. He sacked a cook for asking him if he was sure he wanted salt in his food.”
    The guard whispers something to the other guard.
    They clear the path to the door.
    “Would you like me to accompany you?” The guard asks.
    “No thank you, I’ll be fine”
    They open the door and I step in, feeling the witches behind me.
    The door closes behind us, and I light my finger glow, as do the witches as they remove the cape.
    “You know” Anadil says, “You and your mother always have your way with tricking people to get where you want”
    WHO’S THERE ! ” A voice booms.
    “Is that-”
    “Madame Rochard” I say, “Not even a day in prison and she’s gone mad”
    We go down the stairs and meet Madame Rochard, cooped up in a jail cell. Her hair is wild, her face a mess and madness in her eyes.
    You ” she spits.
    “Yeah, me” I say.
    “You look like a mess” Dot says, examining Madame Rochard, “Serves you right for using me as an example to Celeste as why you shouldn’t eat junk,”
    “Why are you here” Madame Rochard blares.
    “Just picking up something” Anadil says. She picks up a gallon from the ground.
    “And that would be?” Madame Rochard says.
    blood ” Hester glares, death-staring Madame Rochard.
    GET AWAY FROM ME ” Madame Rochard thunders.
    Anadil points her finger at Madame Rochard and she drops to the ground.
    “That was easy” Dot says.
    “Does she have to be unconscious?” I moan, “I want to see the pain in her eyes”
    “Woah, there” Anadil says, “Can’t get any blood if she’s awake”
    “On three” Hester says.
    “One” Dot begins.
    I know what they’re going to do. It’s a blood sucking spell.
    “Two” Anadil says, summoning her glow.
    Might as well join them.
    “Three” the witches yell in unison.
    We point our fingers at Madame Rochard, and blood spills out of her body.
    If it was anyone else, I would be weirded out.
    The witches look at me, taken aback.
    “When did you learn that?” Hester inquires suspiciously.
    “Yesterday” I answer aiming the blood into the gallon.
    “Sometimes I wonder if you’re Good or Evil” Anadil says, eyeing me.
    “Me too” I say.
    When the gallon is full, our finger glows dim.
    Dot closes the gallon. “That should be enough for all of us”
    Dot heaves it.
    The witches get under the cape.
    “Right, let’s go” I say heading back up the stairs. I turn the handle and gasp.

    Thanks for reading, please forgive me for a short chapter over a long period. Sometimes I get lazy.

        never11ever8 replied 6 months, 4 weeks ago

        Oh no Celeste!

          pencilpeytie replied 6 months, 4 weeks ago

          Tag please! This is great!

        sydneywhite replied 6 months, 4 weeks ago

        Thanks @pencilpeytie ! If you want to read the rest of the chapters, I’ll send you a link, were at least 98% of them are. I’ll be uploading the newest chapters soon. Here’s the link

          grannylou replied 6 months, 4 weeks ago

          I liked this chapter! πŸ™‚ And can anyone use the link? Stay safe, everyone!

        sydneywhite replied 6 months, 4 weeks ago

        Thanks @grannylou ! Is the link not working?

          grannylou replied 6 months, 4 weeks ago

          Oh, no, I haven’t tried the link yet, but I will soon. πŸ™‚ Have good day.

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        You too.

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          πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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