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    Camelot’s Princess
    Chapter Twenty-Two : In Darkness Comes More Darkness

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    “What are you doing here!” Father says angrily.
    “I… uh”
    I look down to see Father holding an empty gallon.
    Father notices and hides it behind his leg.
    “Get out now!” He yells.
    Without a word, I climb out, the witches shuffling behind me.
    The guards close the door, just in time for the witches to get through.
    “Why were you in there!?” Father berates.
    “Why are you holding a gallon?” I say trying to change the subject.
    “Answer the question” Father snaps.
    “Just checking on something” I say.
    “The guards may have fell for that” Father snarls, “But I won’t. Besides, what would you be checking on in the dungeon?”
    I sigh. “Madame Rochard” I mumble.
    “What!?” Father exclaims.
    He grabs me by the wrist and drags me into the hall.
    “Why would you go down there?” Father seethes.
    I take out my vial.
    “I used Madame Rochard’s blood yesterday, and have none left” I explain, “So I just went to get some more”
    “What were you thinking!?” Father booms, “Madame Rochard is dangerous! Even the witches wouldn’t do that!”
    Just at that moment, Anadil yowls loudly.
    “Dot you dimwit, why would you step on my toe!” Anadil lashes.
    “Shhh!” Hester silences.
    “What in the-” Father stammers.
    “Great” Dot mumbles.
    “Where are you!” Father demands, searching for the witches.
    “Here” Hester says glumly, removing the cape.
    “What are you doi-” Father sees the gallon of blood in Dot’s hands.
    “Are you kidding me!?” Father blares.
    “What?” Hester says, “It’s like you don’t know us”
    “Why would you bring Celeste!?” Father yells, “I don’t care if you went on your own and killed the woman, but why would you bring Celeste!?”
    “Oh give the girl a break” Dot moans, “Saves a school and now you send her back to Camelot for a week. You want her to get into the Trial by Tale? You want her to be Good’s greatest defender? Put her in school were it actually happens.”
    “Didn’t plan on being a parent” Anadil says, “But I might have to make an exception. For Celeste”
    Father gasps.
    “What is that gallon for?” Hester says, pointing at Father’s gallon.
    Father says nothing.
    “You were going to get blood” I realized, “Madame Rochard’s blood”
    Father stares at the floor.
    “Well, well” Anadil cooes, “Looks like the sherrif’s broken his own ‘rules’ ”
    “Well, I’m the king” Father defends, “Madame Rochard is my prisoner. I’m allowed to do whatever I want”
    Just then, Mother’s voice echoes down the hall.
    Hester glances down the hall.
    “If you keep your mouth shut, I won’t tell Agatha” Hester offers.
    “As long as I get half your blood” Father says.
    “Get your own!” Anadil sneers.
    “Fair enough” Father says.
    Dot throws the gallon of blood under the cape, just before Mother approaches us.
    “What are you all doing here?” Mother inquires.
    “We’re here because… Celeste wanted some fresh air” Dot says.
    “Fresh air?” Mother repeats, “But you’re still in the castle”
    “Well obviously” Hester jumps in, “We’re on our way outside”
    “Oh” Mother says, “What about you?”
    “Me?” Father says, “I’m heading to the… Map Room”
    “The Map Room’s that way” Mother says, pointing to the way she came from.
    “Because he came from that way” Anadil says pointing opposite to where Mother points.
    Mother looks at us suspiciously.
    “Okay…” she mumbles.
    She turns and leaves.
    We exhale.
    Mother turns back sharply.
    “Just to be clear, I know you’re up to something” Mother says, “But I trust it’s not that bad. If it is, just wait for what I have for you.”
    Mother turns back around and turns the corner.
    “That was close” Anadil exhales.
    “We’re going back now” Hester tells Father, “Get your own blood”
    “We made her unconscious for you” Dot says.
    “Your welcome” Anadil says.
    “Try not to die” Hester says before turning. We all walk down the hall.
    “Don’t know why I let them in the castle” Father mutters.
    “One more word and I’ll take your crown” Anadil calls back.
    And with that, we leave.
    Two hours later, my vial is refilled and I’m in my bed, reading my book. I haven’t read it since the Welcoming.
    I just realized, the main character is called Holly.
    Maybe I shouldn’t read this book.
    The door sounds loudly.
    I shove my book under my pillow and get up.
    “Come in” I say, approaching the door.
    Luna and Monae walk in. Luna’s holding a big white bag, and Monae holding my lunch in a tray.
    “Where’s Madame Condred?” I say.
    “With your mother” Monae replies.
    “Did you eat your breakfast?” Luna inquires, eyeing the tray.
    I didn’t eat it, but Dot did.
    “Yeah, ate it all” I lie.
    “Good” Luna says.
    Monae puts down the tray on the table.
    We stand in akward silence.
    “Well?” Luna says, staring at me.
    “Well what?” I say.
    “Your lunch ” Monae glares, “Aren’t you going to eat it?”
    “Okay” I say sitting down, after glancing at the two.
    I start eating the soup.
    Luna and Monae sit across from me.
    “I’m going to ask you some questions” Luna says.
    “About what?” I ask.
    “Your health” Luna replies, “You know, the reason I’m here”
    “Okay” I say, after giving Luna a look.
    “What were your most recent injuries?” Luna inquires.
    “Physical?” I say.
    “All of them” Luna says.
    I take a deep breath, between all the major inquiries, there’s been alot more.
    “So I was in a fire, which had smoke that only affected me magically which worsened my condition, because I already fell down stairs, hit my head on each step, and broke my arms temporarily , and got cuts on half my body while I was at it”
    Luna and Monae gape at me.
    “When did this happen?” Monae stammers.
    “School” I reply.
    Luna clears her throat “Okay, so if that’s it-”
    “Nope” I say, “Still more”
    More ?” Monae repeats.
    “Continue” Luna says.
    “I also cut open my foot, and have mole bites on my arm from last night”, I continue, “I also got a dagger thrown into my back before I left Camelot. That’s all. For the past few weeks”
    “The past few weeks ” Monae chokes.
    “And here I thought life as the princess was perfect” Luna marvels.
    “Far from that” I sigh.
    “We’ll be back” Monae says, as she and Luna get up and leave.
    “Eat your lunch” Luna calls back.
    And with that, they’re gone.
    I sigh and l slump backwards.
    I hear sounds and jolt up. I listen closely to see where it’s coming from. The bathroom. I pull out a dagger from my boot and quietly make my way to the bathroom. I slightly push the door. It’s unlocked. I raise my dagger and with a war cry, I barrel into the bathroom.
    I hear a scream from my right, and turn.
    I drop my dagger.
    Aunt Sophie ?” I stammer watching her holding out her makeup brush in defence.
    “Hello” Aunt Sophie squeaks, putting down her brush.
    “What are you doing here?” I inquire.
    “Well, Agatha was in her bathroom, and Tedros wouldn’t let me use his bathroom” Aunt Sophie explains, “The other bathrooms are way too small, and don’t cover the necessities I need. So I thought, which bathroom better than yours.”
    “You could’ve told me” I say, “How long have you been in here?”
    “Nearly an hour” Aunt Sophie answers.
    “And I didn’t know?” I say.
    Aunt Sophie shrugs.
    “Well you better get going” Aunt Sophie says, “I’m going to take another half hour. At least”
    I pick up my dagger, and put it back in my boot, staring at Aunt Sophie the whole time.
    I leave the bathroom with a sigh.
    I really do have quite a family.
    I return to my soup and eat it silently, hearing Aunt Sophie’s faint humming.
    Just then, Monae enters, looking disturbed. “Celeste, your parents want you” she says.

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