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    Hi everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful day and not too bored in quarantine, like someone I know. Cough *Me* Cough. If you got tagged, you can skip this part, not the whole thing though! But, if you didn’t get tagged and just found this, please consider reading my story. I know this is the 23rd chapter, but fear not. You do not have to scroll though my activity to find all the chapters. *Cheers* I made a doc with all the chapters from the beginning which I add chapters to, two by two, so fortunately you will this chapter and the chapter before there in the doc. Here’s the link: . After reading the chapters, if you would like to be tagged just let me know. Speaking of tags, I would like to remind you about the chat that I’m setting up. It’ll be like open chat, just on my activity. Since open chat isn’t back yet and docs are kinda confusing, I’ll be tagging people who want to be part of it. There has to be at least seven people (me included) for the chat to start. Let me know what you want to be tagged for, or if you want to be tagged for both. Where was I? Oh yeah, the story. *Draws in breath* So without further-a-do I present Chapter Twenty-Three of Camelot’s Princess!!!

    Camelot’s Princess
    Chapter Twenty-Three : Consequences

    Tags: @adi-booklover

    As Monae leads me down the hall, I feel a sense of uneasiness.
    Whatever my parents want me for, I can tell it’s not good by Monae’s expression.
    “I’m not in trouble, am I?” I inquire.
    Monae pauses. “Their faces suggest you are”
    My stomach drops.
    “They’re Good’s Greatest Heroes” Monae says “They won’t be harsh. I hope”
    “They did they say why they wanted me?” I push.
    “Just that to bring you to them quickly” Monae says, hurrying her pace.
    Ten minutes later, she stops at the Father’s door and knocks.
    “Come in” Mother’s voice says, sternly.
    Monae pushes open the door and I walk in.
    The witches and Father are sitting on a couch, while Mother is standing over them.
    Monae gives me a slight push and I move towards Mother.
    “You called for me?” I say quietly.
    “Sit down” she says harshly.
    I obey and slide down next to Dot, who gives me a nervous glance.
    “Thank you Monae” Mother says, and Monae courtesies before closing the door.
    Mother approaches me, her eyes cutting through me.
    Her hand reaches for my neck, and for a moment I think she’s going to strangle me. Instead, Mother undoes the vial around my neck and dangles it in front of me.
    “Would you like to explain to me what this is?” Mother says.
    “Strawberry syrup?” I squeak.
    Mother glares at me.
    “It’s blood” I mumble, looking down.
    Whose blood?” Mother pushes.
    “Madame Rochard’s” I say looking back up at her.
    “And where did you get it from?” Mother says.
    “Madame Rochard” I reply slowly.
    “Well obviously” Mother says, “How did you get it from her? If you’re supposed to be up in the castle, and she is in the dungeons?”
    I glance at the witches.
    “Just tell her” Anadil sighs.
    “The witches and I” I start, “We…. went into the dungeon. We knocked her out, and then we uh used a blood-sucking spell to get a gallon of her blood.”
    Mother glares at the witches.
    “And you think this is right?” Mother inquires.
    “Well, technically-”
    Mother silences me with another glare.
    “And you” Mother says, turning on Father.
    “What were you doing in the dungeons?”
    “Getting my own gallon” Father mumbles, looking down. His face changes and he looks back up.
    “Hold on” he says, “Why were you in there?”
    Mother frown turns into an impish grin.
    Hester let’s out an exasperated sigh.
    “So I guess we all were working to the same target” Mother sighs.
    “And here you were trying to make us feel guilty” Dot grumps.
    “But you should be” Mother says, turning on the witches, “See, Tedros and I planned to go by ourselves, without bringing Celeste, that’s why it was okay. It would’ve been okay for you three if you didn’t bring Celeste. You know she looks up to you, I don’t want my daughter breaking into dungeons and blood sucking crazy madwomen”
    “So you don’t want her to be like you” Hester says.
    “She’s thirteen ” Mother gasps.
    “And so were you when you were crossing borders in schools and doing all sorts of things to help Sophie get Tedros” Anadil points out.
    Dot snorts.
    “What?” Father glares.
    “I’m sorry” Dot says, “It’s just I imagined Tedros and Sophie, together.”
    The witches crack up, and I see Mother hold in a laugh.
    “Like that would happen” Father scoffs.
    “What would the child be called” Dot says, “Sedros? Tophie?”
    “Hmmm, let’s see” Hester says, “With Sophie as the mother…. Sophie”
    The witches start howling, and even Mother and Father start laughing.
    “Alright, enough” Mother says.
    The witches slowly stop laughing.
    “The point is” Mother says, “Whenever you want to do something dangerous, don’t bring Celeste”
    “Oh, we didn’t bring her” Anadil says.
    “What?” Mother blurts out.
    “Celeste brought us” Dot says.
    What ” Mother and Father blurt at the same time.
    Mother turns on me with a glare.
    “If you wanted blood” Mother says, “You ask me
    “Me too, obviously” Father peeps.
    “You would let me?” I inquire.
    “No” Mother says, “I’d knock the crazy out of you”
    Anadil let’s out a tut.
    “What?” Mother says.
    “Bad parenting, Agatha” Anadil says, “Never reveal your plan to the child immediately. Give them false hope that you’ll approve of their actions. And then when they come to you, change them.”
    “Anadil!” I exclaim.
    Anadil shrugs.
    “The point is” Father says, “I did nothing wrong”
    “Is that so?” Mother says, turning on Father, “So it’s not wrong that even when Celeste knew your plan, you didn’t stop it, but instead continued with and set a bad excuse for Celeste”
    “Why do you always act like I’m a baby” I groan.
    “Because you’re still young and you’ll make mistakes” Mother argues.
    “When you were young, you made mistakes” I say, “And those mistakes brought you here today. When you were young, your parents weren’t watching your every move, or else your fairy tale wouldn’t be as it is. So maybe some mistakes should be made, if they should be called ‘mistakes’ at all”
    Mother stares at me speechless.
    Dot coughs.
    “Let’s just forget this ever happened” Hester says, “Everyone gets their blood and the guards will get more blood next time instead of any of us.”
    “I guess that’s fair” Mother sighs.
    “So can I have my vial back?” I ask.
    Mother hands it back to me with an exasperated sigh.
    I wrap it around my neck.
    “So is the trial over?” Father says jokingly.
    “Very funny” Mother says, “You guys can go”
    “Thank you” Anadil says, launching to her feet.
    Dot, Hester and I follow and leave the room.
    An hour later, I’m in my bed reading my book. The witches, Mother, Father and Aunt Sophie are having lunch. They started without Aunt Sophie, and Aunt Sophie showed up fifteen minutes late. At least Aunt Sophie’s out of my bathroom.
    The door sounds loudly.
    If I had a gold piece for every time that door was knocked, I could build another castle.
    “Come in” I sigh, shoving my book back under my pillow.
    I approach the door as Monae walks in carrying some letters, alongside Luna, who’s carrying her white bag.
    “How’d the thing with your parents go?” Monae asks.
    “Not too bad” I reply.
    “You got some letters” Monae says placing them on the coffee table, “All from the School for Good and Evil”
    “Really?” I say, picking them up.
    I read the first one.
    From Asher
    I throw the letter to the couch.
    “What was that about?” Luna inquires.
    “Nothing” I say, reading the second one.
    From Flora
    I open the letter.
    Dear Celeste,
    How’s Camelot? Hope you’re not too bored, or at least as bored I am. With you gone, and Holly being my roommate, things are really boring.
    And since it’s Saturday, everyone’s either in the library or in their dorms. So that means I can’t find a friend to replace Holly. She’s been really annoying. She keeps on inviting Max to our room, and I have to remind myself that I’m Good and can’t kill them. Last night at dinner everyone was talking about how you turned Madame Rochard into a stymph and used Excalibur to disassemble her stymph bones. I’m pretty sure that’s not the full story, but hopefully you can tell me in a week. Say hello for me to your mother, father, aunt and the witches. And any other fairytale legend that you know.

    I let out a small laugh and place the letter back down on the table.
    “Also” Luna says, “We have some news”
    “What is it?” I ask.
    Luna and Monae look at each other.
    “Madame Rochard is being executed two days from now”

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        Okay, on the one hand Madame Rochard deserves it, but on the other…
        the Good forgive, and will Celeste feel any guilt about her former tutor’s execution.

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