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    Hello everyone! I hope your having a good day and staying safe and most importantly inside. Innoverts like me find that easy. Although it is kinda hard since I reread the series and can’t get anymore books since bookstores are closed 🙁 . But enough about me, I’m sure you came here for Celeste and Madame Rochard, and not my quarantine life so may I present… wait hold on, I forgot to remind you guys about the chat. Julio, get the board! Thank you Julio. Now back around September, Open Chat most unfortunately closed *crowd boos* . So I’m setting up this chat which shall begin when at least seven people (myself included) are part of it, which I think we’re close to. Remember, I said at least . I wouldn’t mind if the whole site tagged along (actually I’d be overwhelmed) . Tag me if you’d like to be tagged for the chat. And from now on, I’ll be sharing the doc with all the chapters in every post, so anyone new reading the series can find all the chapters without the trouble of going through my activity.
    Here it is:
    So now, may I present-without interruptions- Chapter 24 of Camelot’s Princess!
    Camelot’s Princess
    Chapter Twenty-Four : The White Star

    Tags: @adi-booklover

    “Wait really?” I say.
    “Yeah, your father just announced the execution” Luna replies.
    “So, in two days, she’s dead” I say.
    Luna and Monae nod.
    I process this. I’m kind of upset. I really wanted to see Madame Rochard suffer in our dungeons.
    I see Luna and Monae watching me for a reaction.
    “What?” I say.
    “You don’t feel anything?” Luna inquires.
    “About what?” I say.
    “Your life-long steward is being executed” Monae says, “Don’t you feel something? Like guilt, or pity or maybe even relief?”
    “Okay, one. She pretended to be my steward-”
    “She still was committed to you” Luna says.
    “Only to get me thrown off the school roof!” I exclaim, “And two, what’s down there probably isn’t human”
    “What’s not human?” Luna inquires.
    “Madame Rochard” I say, “You should’ve seen the look in her eyes”
    “Sorrow?” Monae says.
    Madness ” I say.
    “I don’t know, it’s just not the best thing to do” Luna says.
    “It’s just not the Good thing to do” Monae says.
    “Well then what is?” I inquire, “Mother and Father are the greatest defenders of Good. If they decide to execute Madame Rochard, then I guess we better believe it’s the Good thing to do”
    Monae and Luna stare at me.
    “Yeah, we’re gonna go now” Luna says grabbing Monae’s arm, before they both turn.
    “I actually expected more of a reaction” Monae whispers before she shuts the door.
    I slump onto the couch with a huge sigh.
    Is it the good thing to do though?
    The Good forgive .
    They forgive everyone. Even beasts like Madame Rochard.
    So does that mean executing Madame Rochard isn’t Good?
    Does that mean I should…
    No way. Never. Madame Rochard is my sworn enemy, ever since she tried to stop me from getting into the School for Good.
    Stopping her execution… it wouldn’t make her any better. And it wouldn’t bring me any closer to the School for Good.
    I stand up and head back to my bed. Mother and Father are the greatest defenders of Good. I’m sure they know what’s Good and what’s not.
    I slump onto my bed and dig under my pillow for my book. My finger ****** something.
    “What in the…” I mutter lifting my pillow. I gasp. My eyes widen in surprise. A star. A white star. Merlin’s white star.
    Five minutes later, I’m falling through the sky, my eyes closed tight. Any second now. I land on a cloud with a small thud. I look up to see Merlin grinning over me, his purple hat on his white hair.
    “Merlin!” I exclaim sitting up.
    “Hello, my girl” Merlin says, “I haven’t seen you in ages. Sorry I couldn’t make it to your thirteenth birthday”
    “So much has happened since you last saw me” I say.
    “Well then, I suggest you tell me” Merlin says.
    I eye Merlin’s hat.
    “Sure, but one thing first” I say.
    Merlin raises a brow. “And that is?”
    I grin. “Double marshmallow and candy cream chocolate, please”
    Merlin lets out a sigh. “If there’s one thing you and your father and Mother have in common, it’s your love for food. Specifically, my hat’s food”
    Merlin takes of his hat.
    I stare at him.
    “Humans aren’t the only ones who grow old” Merlin sighs, “The hat can’t hear properly. Learnt that the hard way at Camelot’s Central Park on a picnic”
    Merlin digs into the hat and seconds later, he’s holding a foaming mug with two large marshmallows, candy cream, and rainbow sprinkles.
    “Here you go” Merlin chimes handing me the cup.
    “Thanks, I needed it” I clip taking a swig from the mug. I exhale as my mouth tingles with delight.
    I turn to Merlin.
    “I guess I should tell you what happened, since you left” I say.
    Merlin nods.
    I take a deep breath.
    “And now Madame Rochard’s being executed in two days” I finish.
    Merlin processes this twirling his beard.
    “And how do you feel about that?” Merlin says.
    “Well I mean, she kinda had it coming for throwing a dagger into my back” I say.
    “But how do you feel ?” Merlin repeats.
    “Funny thing, Luna and Monae said the same thing” I mumble.
    Merlin glares at me.
    “I don’t know” I say, dangling my feet over the cloud “I mean, how am I supposed to feel. On one hand, the Good forgive, they’ve forgiven people as bad as Madame Rochard, maybe even worse. On the other hand, stopping the execution won’t make Madame Rochard any better”
    “How do you know that?” Merlin inquires.
    I turn to him, “Are you implying we should stop the execution?”
    Merlin sighs. For a while, he says nothing.
    “In every situation, you can find a way to do Good” Merlin starts, “It doesn’t mean everyone will approve, but it doesn’t make it any less Good. Or any worse. Good has been changing over the years. Not the rules. The strategies . The way you’ll deal with Evil. You’ve defended yourself against Evil, but then it’s time for consequences. The way you punish them for their actions, or deal with them. Madame Rochard is going to be executed for multiple reasons. Those were the consequences of her actions. But can you change the consequences of her actions, for the benefit of Good?”
    “Merlin, are you suggesting I stop the execution?” I inquire.
    “I’m suggesting you find what’s Good, and do it” Merlin says.
    The Celestium goes quiet.
    “I suppose we should go now” Merlin says popping his hat back on, “Your father doesn’t know I’m here”
    “How’d you get in then?” I ask.
    “A wizard has his ways” Merlin says with a wink.
    “I’ll go first” I say standing up.
    “I’ll be right behind you” Merlin says.
    I retreat and then run off the cloud and jump into the sky
    The next thing I know, I’m back in bed.
    I hear someone pounding on the door.
    “Celeste!” Monae’s voice calls.
    “The door’s open!” I yell, getting out of bed.
    Monae walks in with her hands on her hips.
    “Where were you? The carriage is leaving!” Monae berates.
    “What carriage?” I say.
    “The carriage taking you to the charity event!” Monae says, “I told you half an hour ago!”
    Half an hour ago I was in the Celestium.
    “Yeah, yeah, I remember” I lie, scurrying past Monae.
    “Where’re you going!” Monae shouts behind me.
    “I thought I had a carriage waiting” I call back, sprinting down the hallway.
    I hear Monae groan before she follows me.
    I run down the stairs, Monae mumbling something under her breath.
    I pause, then run out of the castle to see Mother and Father and Merlin standing outside a carriage.
    “There you are!” Mother says as I run up to her.
    “Merlin’s going to be joining us” Father says, “I found him outside… doing?”
    Father turns to Merlin.
    “Well what do you think I was doing!” Merlin says smacking Father on the back, “How else would I get inside!”
    “Calm down!” Father yells, “Besides, you were inside your cape when we found you”
    Inside my Cape?” Merlin berates, “I was wearing it! The reason it’s called a cape!”
    Merlin turns to Mother, “Does he need glasses?”
    Father scowls at Merlin.
    “Let’s just go” Mother says, stepping in the carriage.
    Merlin follows her. Father extends his hand to help Merlin get in the carriage. Merlin smacks his hand in return.
    “Hey!” Father yells.
    “Why’re you helping me!” Merlin says, “Do I look old to you?!”
    Father gapes at Merlin, who glares at him before getting in the carriage.
    Father looks at me bewildered and then gets in the carriage.
    I follow after him and sit next to Merlin.
    The door closes, and the carriage starts to move.
    We sit in akward silence, Merlin and Father staring each other down.
    I glance at Mother, who looks at Father, clearly disturbed.
    Father reads her face and sighs. He looks at Merlin with a forgiving face. Merlin frowns in return.
    I let out a laugh, and then change it to a cough immediately.
    Mother clears her throat.
    “So Merlin, what have you been up to?” Mother asks, trying to break the silence.
    Merlin’s frown turns into a bright smile. Father gapes at him.
    “Well, my dear” Merlin says, “I’ve discovered a new kingdom. Well, not exactly new . It’s a kingdom of goblins! They haven’t been known since now, but they were still there, all along. They don’t have a king, though they’d like me to be their king.”
    Father snorts.
    “What?” Merlin glares.
    “I’m sorry” Father says, “It’s just, you ? A king?”
    Merlin glares at Father as he cracks up.
    Merlin kicks Father in his leg.
    Father stops laughing, and Merlin and Father continue glaring at each other.
    Mother and I look at each other.
    If the carriage doesn’t stop soon, Merlin and Father are going to kill each other.
    “I’ve been meaning to ask you” Merlin says, “Why did you take Celeste away from school? I don’t recall her doing anything wrong”
    I suddenly remember why I’m mad at Mother and Father.
    “Yeah, why ” I mumble.
    Mother sighs. “Merlin, Celeste’s taking too much advantage of her freedom at school”
    “And we saw how that turned out” Father seconds.
    “I’m the reason Madame Rochard’s in the dungeons at all!” I blurt out angrily, “You were lucky when you were at school you didn’t have helicopter parents”
    “We are not helicopter parents” Father replies.
    “Then why am I here with you, when I’m supposed to be at school” I point out.
    “Because you’re acting reckless!” Mother lashes.
    “Agatha, so were you when you were her age” Merlin says calmly.
    “But Merlin, it’s not like we chose what happened” Mother argues.
    “And neither did Celeste” Merlin replies.
    Mother falls silent.
    “So, I think Celeste should go back to school” Merlin concludes.
    I smile hopefully at Merlin.
    Mother opens her mouth to reply, but then the carriage stops and the door opens.
    “We’ll talk about this later” Mother says, before climbing out.
    “But we just did!” I say, my smile turning into a frown.
    Later ” Father says before following Mother out.
    I let out an exasperated sigh and get out of the carriage. I really do have helicopter parents.

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