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    Hello everyone! I’m sure you probably don’t like my long intros. So I’ll just get to the point. So since Open Chat closed back in September, I’m setting up a chat (not on a doc) where I’ll tag people daily for a chat. It’ll start when at least seven people (me includes) are part of it. So let me know if you want to be tagged for the chat. Second thing I want to say is if you’re new reading this story and want the past 24 chapters without going through my activity, I’ve made a doc with all the chapters, if you want to see that, here’s the link
    And let me know if you want to be tagged (and for what).
    So without further-a-do may I present Chapter 25 of Camelot’s Princess!

    Camelot’s Princess
    Chapter Twenty-Five : To Execute or not to Execute

    Tags: @adi-booklover

    Warning to all Angelinas. You may be offended. Not that I mean it.

    I follow Mother and Father down a corridor, Merlin beside me.
    “So what exactly are we going to do?” I ask.
    “Not us” Father says, “You”
    “Me?” I say jolting to a stop, before one of Mother’s assistant pushes me forward.
    “Why me?” I inquire.
    “Because you’re Camelot’s princess” Mother replies without looking back.
    “What am I supposed to be doing, then?” I ask.
    “You’re going to read some children a story” Mother says.
    I stop again.
    Mother’s assistant pushes me forward with a huff.
    “And what’re you doing?” I say.
    “We have some business with the orphanage owner” Father states.
    “So you’re just going to leave me?” I whine.
    “Celeste, you’re thirteen ” Mother says.
    “Not old enough to be at school apparently” I mumble loud enough for them to hear.
    Mother and Father turn to me sharply with identical glares. They turn back and continue walking.
    Shortly after, Mother and Father stop suddenly, and I bump into Father’s assistant.
    “Right, this is where we’ll leave you” Mother says pointing at a door.
    Father’s assistant opens the door and I go inside the room.
    A group of children are sitting on a large carpet. A cameraman, and a bunch of other people are standing against the wall.
    “Smile” an assistant whispers to me, pointing at the cameraman.
    I quickly fake a smile, as a bright light blinds me.
    I open my eyes and see the cameraman grinning at his photo.
    A woman dressed in a blue suit clears her throat and steps in front of the children.
    “I hope you realized how fortunate you are” the woman begins, “Because today, the magnificent Princess Celeste has come from Camelot Castle to read you a story, and give you a special surprise”
    The children turn to me and start cheering.
    I fake another smile.
    Great, now I have to read some kids a story, and give them a surprise I’m not aware of.
    “Go” the same assistant whispers pushing me forward.
    I turn around and glare at her, and then walk towards a chair and sit down.
    The woman in blue hands me an orange storybook.
    “This is the latest story from the Schoolfir Good and Evil” the woman says, “The Princess and the Blue Knight”
    I open the book and clear my throat.
    “Once upon a time, there lived a young, beautiful princess” I read, cringing, “Her name was Angelina”
    “She was the daughter of the King, who cared about her very much” I continue, “So the king prevented his daughter from doing anything dangerous to keep her out of her harm, although the daughter thought he was being over-protective and was holding her back”
    Why does this remind me of my parents and me? Oh yeah, because this is basically my parents and me.
    “The princess eventually got tired of this and decided she would put a stop to this. So one night, when everyone was asleep, she snuck out of her castle and into the woods. Princess Angelina was captured by some pirates and taken aboard a ship, hostage. When the King couldn’t find the princess, he reported her missing, and set out a search party. Since Princess Angelina hadn’t told anyone where she was, no one could find or help her. Princess Angelina felt helpless. But then, a knight, known to the people as The Blue Knight, had heard about the missing princess, and made it his mission to find and save the princess”
    Of course the prince saves her. Why didn’t I expect that?
    ” The Blue Knight found the pirate’s ship in no time, and sailed on his own boat to find the pirate’s ship. He found the princess in her cell, and freed her. Princess Angelina was so grateful. Unfortunately, the pirates had caught them and attacked them. The Blue Knight fought off the pirates, and left the ship with the princess. The King was glad that he had his daughter back. Princess Angelina was sorry she ever tried to leave. She realized she was nothing alone. She needed a prince. Or a knight. So she married the Blue Knight, and they lived Happily Ever After. The End”
    The child applaud and I cringe in my head.
    So the moral is don’t try to be your own hero if you’re a girl.
    Sometimes I hate the Woods we live in.
    “Thank you, Princess Celeste!” The woman in blue clips, “Now the princess will give you a surprise”
    The children hold their breath as I pretend I know what the surprise.
    “Princess Celeste will be giving signed teddy-bears to all of you!” The woman practically yells.
    The children cheer and I fake another smile.
    Sometimes, I really wish I wasn’t a princess. I’m pretty sure any other Evergirl would love this life, but not me. You’d think that after Mother’s tale they would change their views and ways of a princess. But no, they still want me to be some prissy princess and marry a stuck-up prince.
    I sigh as I’m handed a pen.
    The woman in blue drops a black bag full of teddy-bears next to me.
    “How many are there?” I whisper to her.
    Twenty-seven ” The woman says smiling.
    My fake smile fades. Great. Just great.
    An hour later, I’m back in the carriage by myself.
    As soon I was done signing and handing out teddy-bears, Mother and Father walked in and I told them I wanted to go before the woman would make me do something I didn’t want to do. Mother and Father made her make up an excuse and she told them I had explosive diarrhoea and needed to go back to the castle. If looks could kill, I would’ve killed her on the spot. I nearly strangled her. But I’m back in the carriage now and hopefully won’t have to see her. Ever. Or they won’t find her body.
    I sigh and look out the window.
    When will Mother and Father get back?
    It’s been half an hour .
    Just then, the orphanage door opens and I sit up. I slump back down when I see it’s just an assistant. She scurries to the carriage and whispers something to the driver that I can’t hear. He nods and the woman hands him a piece of paper and he gets back on his horse.
    The carriage starts to move and I look at the assistant confused.
    Why am I leaving without Mother? And Father? And Merlin?
    A short while after, the carriage stops in front of the castle and the door opens.
    I step out and then approach the driver.
    “Why did we leave my parents and Merlin behind?” I ask.
    “Your parents needed another half hour there, so they said to take you back” The driver explains.
    I frown.
    “But they also said to give you this” The driver says, handing me the same piece of paper.
    “Thanks” I mutter walking back to the castle.
    I sigh and open the letter.
    The handwriting looks rushed. Father must have written it.
    After some consideration, and a talk with Merlin, we’ve decided to let you go back to The School for Good.

    I don’t even read the rest and break into a victory dance. Yes! Yes! Yes!
    I earn some stares from the guards. But I don’t care, I love it. Almost like I could write a song about those six words. I look back at the letter as I walk into the castle and up the stairs.
    You’ll be leaving tonight after dinner. Pack your bags while we’re gone, and try to get some rest. We’ll see you later.
    -Mother and Father

    I snort. I didn’t even unpack my bags.
    I race up the stairs, startling some maids while I’m at it.
    But at least Mother and Father came to their senses in the end.
    Nearly three hours later, I’m walking towards the dining room.
    Mother and Father just got back.
    I’m starting to think that letter was too good to be true. What if someone was pranking me?
    I take a deep breath and open the doors.
    Mother and Father are sitting at their places, along with the witches, Aunt Sophie and Merlin.
    “Good evening” Father says.
    “Good evening” I reply, I sitting down at my usual spot.
    Servants walk in carrying dishes with lids on them.
    They place them in front of all of us and lift the lid. Well all of us except Aunt Sophie.
    “Where’s my food!” Aunt Sophie demands.
    “Yours will take a while, since you have a very specific order” A servant replies.
    “I guess we should eat then” Father says.
    “Hey, hey, hey” Hester says stopping everyone from eating, “Should we really eat while Sophie has no food and is watching?”
    Everyone drops their forks and spoons staring at Hester, and Aunt Sophie smiles.
    I didn’t expect this from Hester .
    “Throw her out” Hester orders, “There’s no food to keep her distracted. We don’t want the imp watching us”
    Aunt Sophie’s mouth falls open, and everyone relaxes and eats.
    “Seriously!?” Aunt Sophie screeches.
    Aunt Sophie glares at Hester, and Hester returns her glare. After an eternity of glaring, the waiter walks in and places a plate in front of Aunt Sophie. He lifts the lid to reveal a salad and a cup of water.
    “It took you that long to make a salad” Aunt Sophie scolds, picking up her fork and eating the salad.
    Aunt Sophie’s eyes widen.
    “This is really good” she marvels, “How on earth did you make it taste so good
    Father rolls his eyes as Aunt Sophie closes her eyes in delight.
    “Well, we didn’t actually” The waiter says.
    Aunt Sophie looks at the waiter confused, still munching on the salad.
    “I’ve been meaning to ask you” The waiter says, “Is your spirit animal a giraffe?”
    “What type of question is that?” Aunt Sophie says, while everyone snickers.
    “Well” the waiter says, “You share the same food, so I figu-”
    WHAT! ” Aunt Sophie screams.
    The table erupts in laughter.
    The waiter winces.
    “The only place we could find what you asked was the gardens” The waiter explains, “So we got the leaves that the giraffes eat from the gardens and brought it to you”
    “Ugh” Aunt Sophie says spitting out the salad and drinking the water.
    “Don’t tell me the water is the giraffe’s too” Aunt Sophie scowls.
    The waiter pauses.
    ARE YOU KIDDING ME !” Aunt Sophie screams standing up.
    “Tedros, fire him!” Aunt Sophie shrieks, “Fire everyone who decided it was a good idea to give me giraffe food!”
    “Actually,” Father says turning to the waiter, “You’re promoted, keep up the good work. Besides, you seemed to be enjoying your giraffe food”
    Aunt Sophie screams and stomps out of the dining room.
    The laughter gets louder and I can hardly breathe.
    The waiter shrugs and leaves.
    “I don’t get paid enough for this” he mutters.
    Now I’m laughing with tears.
    If you ask me, that waiter gets paid too much for this entertainment.

    Thanks for reading! Sorry the chapter wasn’t that good or long. Stuff happened yesterday and now my cramps are getting to my head. (If you don’t get it, then I uh went running. Yup. Running. Nothing else my cramps could come from. 😉 Just don’t report moi. Please. From human to human)
    Also, I tried drawing Celeste, it’s eh to me but to art students and people who like art it’s probably a disgrace. I don’t know how to share it, but if anyone can tell me that would be great. Don’t forget to let me know what you want to be tagged for.
    Have a great day!

        sydneywhite replied 6 months ago

        The **** is B a r f

        thegoodorevilgirl replied 6 months ago

        omg so good tag me I LOVE it so good I have a question are her parents agatha and tedros.

          sydneywhite replied 6 months ago

          Thanks, and yeah Agatha and Tedros are her parents

        anadil777 replied 6 months ago

        There is already an open chat doc; also great chapter 🙂

          sydneywhite replied 6 months ago

          I know, it’s just umm, I lost it, and keeps on crashing, maybe for some other people too, and thanks!

        bookworm87654321 replied 6 months ago

        Awesome chapter! You know, what’s ironic was that in my RP, Wildrose, there’s also a character called the Blue Knight that my plot diagrams say is supposed to come in in chapter 2 or 3. I say ironic because 1) The Blue Knight’s a girl 2) She’s married to the Crown Prince of Camelot who tends to be the one who needs saving and 3)She’s an icon of feminism and girl power. Yet your Blue Knight on the other hand…

          sydneywhite replied 6 months ago

          Omg, when I wrote it it was totally random! I just reread the books and remembered the Green Knight, so I changed it to Blue Knight. It’s like it’s the same, but it’s not!
          Stories: Connected
          Minds: Blown
          Hotels: Closed 😭

          bookworm87654321 replied 6 months ago

          I know, but still. See, in Wildrose in Camelot Castle, just below the king, queen, and heir apparent at the Knights of the Round Table meetings are the Gold Knight (Lady Nicola) and the Blue Knight (Crown Princess Kayla, the main character of my old RP, Girl Knight) In my story, the first accolade went to Lancelot, and the second to Sir Gawain, and it kind of had something to do with the Blue Tower and Gold Tower. But yeah, random.

        sydneywhite replied 6 months ago

        And here I thought I was the mastermind of docs, thanks though.

        lavenderbell5505 replied 6 months ago

        I share your “running” cramps pain :'( another great chapter! Keep tagging me, please!

        pencilpeytie replied 6 months ago


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