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    take2007 posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 months, 1 week ago

    Disclaimer: this was inspired by @everimagine so go show her some love for this!

    This is not an SGE story

    This is a new story but i dont really wanna make a bio rn and plus i wanna make my characters flow and not have root characteristics.

    Chapter 1

    The cold wind blows softly against my combed hair. It’s a new day in Picketts. My home among the sea. I stare at the foamy waves collapse among the sand and pull back into the grey ocean. I focus on my surroundings and feel my heavy heart pound against my chest, reverberating across my body like a ripple in a pond. My mother won’t tell me what I am. I know that I am different and unique from all the other teens, but no one will admit it. A pair of feet hit the ground rhythmically, causing me to lose focus. I can hear the light hoarse voice from the way he’s breathing. I stand still and wait for him to come closer. I feel my hair slightly sway and see a boy walk up and stand next to me. “It’s so beautiful, isn’t it?” Simon breathes as he humbly smiles. I nod silently and feel his hand brush against mine. “It’s what one would call beautiful, like the aligning stars and the vibrant green of the woods. They’re all connected.” He gently grabs my hand and holds it. I wish this moment could stay forever. I wish I could freeze time for just a second and embrace this. I bury my milk white feet under the caramel colored sand and feel the grains stick in between my toes.

    This moment is seldom.
    This moment is peaceful.
    This…this is where I can forget about everything.

    I jump and look at my watch. Simon yelps and stumbles to the ground. I’m late! I look down at Simon and feel my heart beat faster. “Er- I gotta go!” I exclaim, then turn around to run. I zoom across the ground and kick sand into my pants and against my calfs which burn and tingled. I forgot to help my best friend Grace open up her cafe! I can hear Simon racing after me. “Wait! What’s your name?” he yells. I stop in my tracks and look back. “What?” I yell. “My name’s Simon!” he yells back. I already knew that. Why is he telling me something I already know? He told me his name when he walked up next to me, right? I shake my head. “My name is Sarah!” I exclaim. “What’s your number?” he races up next to me. I feel my cheeks burn with embarrassment.

    “W-What?” I murmur. He hands me a piece of paper with an unintelligible number on it. “You’re cute. I held your hand,” he smiled sheepishly. I scrunch my nose and look at the paper. He grabs my hand again. All of a sudden, my eyes widen and the only thing I can see is a bunch of unknown memories flash in front of me. Riding a bike without training wheels…a first kiss…going to a dance…playing with another boy…

    These aren’t my memories.
    These are his.

    I gasp and tear my hand from his grip. My mind is spinning and my chest is imploding with my pain. I can feel myself slipping away from consciousness. I stumble backwards and hit the ground with hard force. Simon goggles at me and helps me up, along with an, “Are you okay?” I gradually stand up and shove the paper into my snakeskin briefcase. “I’ll call you later,” I lie and run away. I just needed him to leave me alone.

    I dodge up the wooden stairs and find my crocs laying by the top stair. I slip them on and race down to the street and keep running until I can find Grace’s “Honey Bean Cafe” with a big yellow sign and French polka music blaring out into the streets, bursting people’s eardrums before they can even step inside. I can faintly hear the god-awful music. I run as fast as I can until it gets louder. I finally reach the place (my hands pressed against my head with pain) and step inside. Grace seems to dance to the music and doesn’t even hear the door open. “Grace!” I yell over the music. But I’m drowned out. I look around the cafe for some kind of way to turn the music down. I see a speaker and rush to it. My ears almost bleeding, I grasp the volume button and press the ‘lower volume’ button as much as I can. Grace opens her eyes and looks around her shop. Finally, her eyes meet mine. “Sarah Bear! You’re late!” she’s engulfed me in a big hug. She squeezes me and knocks my breath out of my lungs. She dressed in a flowy spring dress with bright yellow sunflowers dotted over her. She’s wearing a white lace apron and her hair is tied to a loose but fashionable bun.

    This is Picketts.
    Where my story begins

    I hoped you liked the chapter! Thanks for reading it and ask to be tagged (no pressure its all u)

        madnsocal replied 3 months, 1 week ago

        So interesting! Tag me!

        dragonhealer replied 3 months, 1 week ago

        plz tag me

        everimagine replied 3 months, 1 week ago

        Love it! Please tag me, this is so intriguing!

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        This is so amazing!!! I love it. Please tag me :)))))

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        That was so suspenseful, I love it! Taggles!

          evergirl391 replied 3 months, 1 week ago

          Tag me too!

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