talia-x posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 2 years ago

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if lgbtq+++ shipping and writing is allowed here?

        cutiecat1 replied 2 years ago

        Hello! I dont know but hi anyways!

          shadesofevil replied 2 years ago

          no idea

        moviestarawesome445 replied 2 years ago

        Yep! If it’s a fanfiction (though it has to be SGE related, if it’s not, put it on the Open Chat) it’s allowed. Nothing that’s inappropriate, though….otherwise it’s fine!

          talia-x replied 2 years ago

          Thank you! I will definitely be writing some SGE Sophagatha (idk) fan fiction!

        sapphy replied 2 years ago

        Agaphie, and sure it is! You can write any SGE fanfiction you like!

          eliasofaeredalexxx replied 2 years ago

          Ah! We love a good Agaphie fanfic! I used to ship them before I read the third book! :’D

        malin replied 2 years ago

        Oh yeah totally we LOVE lgbtq+ shipping and fanfic. I try to be tagged on every single one!