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    taylorofzenovia posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 7 months ago

    Here’s the next chapter of Magic! Go to my favourites to read the other chapters, I promise it will be worth it!. This will have spoilers from the original SGE series!!!! Constructive criticism is welcome and ask to be tagged if you want.

    Chapter 15
    How Not To Survive A Fairy Tale

    After a long day of stress and fear it was finally time for the last subject of the day. Surviving Fairy Tales. This was the subject Taylor was most excited for and when Gryffin joined her later in the day she became more positive towards it. He only had one broken rib which was easily fixed with magic but it didn’t mean that Taylor wasn’t spooked.
    Students found their instructor and their groups. The blonde haired princess looked down remembered being in group 7 so she headed towards the tall Nymph holding the number 7 over her head. She recognized Ivanka the Nymph as the one who had given Taylor her schedule, the one Jenna knew. Her smile was wide and nearly split her face in half, Taylor had never seen a Nymph so happy. She was the first one in the group so she made small talk with Ivanka. She found out that Ivanka was Jenna’s mom’s best friend before she came to the School for Good.
    “Fancy meeting you here.” Said a voice behind her. Taylor turned to see Gryffin walking up t the group, holding up a schedule.
    “Forest group 7?” He asked.
    Ivanka nodded happily.
    Soon the rest of the group began to show up.
    Nicola of the Woods Beyond skulked up to the group, glaring at the Nymph. She gave a half hearted greeting to Taylor and a glare to Gyrffin.
    The blonde haired boy Taylor defended one time was also there. She remembered hearing his name in one of the classes, maybe it started with an E? He nodded at her knowingly and gave a half smile to Gryffin.
    A very tall never with curly ginger hair also showed up, with a terrifying girl next to him.
    The pair gave Nicola a look that made her shuffle away and ignore them, suddenly not minding the Nymph to much.
    Taylor saw Jenna in the distance. She figured her friend wouldn’t be in her group if she was in her dorm room but she was wrong. Jenna approached and Taylor became confused.
    “I thought you can’t be in a group with a roommate.” Taylor said as Jenna arrived.
    Jenna just shrugged. “I didn’t make the schedules.” She said. “Besides, aren’t you happy to see me.” She smiled sarcastically and Gryffin tapped his foot awkwardly after being pushed aside by Taylor’s friend.
    Just a metre away the same exchange was going on as Rian joined Ethan.
    “Aren’t we not supposed to be in a group together?” Rian began, as he spotted Ethan.
    “Hush,” Ethan said, putting his finger to Rian’s lips. “They’ll never fix it if we don’t say anything.”
    Rian snorted in response, knowing even the most magic schools could make schedule mistakes.
    “We’re just missing one person…” Ivanka said, breathily, looking around.
    “There are a lot of people in this group.” Taylor muttered to Jenna. She just shrugged again in response.
    Out of the corner of her eye Taylor saw Gryffin wince and his hand shot up to his rib. Taylor still couldn’t believe how a chandelier could do so much damage. How was that possible?
    “Ah! I believe that’s him!” Ivanka exclaimed. The 8 students turned to see the ninth member and three faces went white as they saw who it was, two lightened.
    Taylor, Jenna and Nicola no longer had colour in their faces. Wither and Igor looked at each other, smiling.
    Nicola wasn’t sure she trusted him as fully as she did before. After her class where all she thought of was the events of that day she thought of what other people knew about Viktor.
    And what she knew not. The best villains make you doubt…
    “This might be our chance.” Ethan hissed to Rian. “To talk to Taylor I mean.”
    “I guess…”
    “Well, don’t you think it’s like…destiny or something?” Ethan said quietly.
    Rian looked at him, making it clear that it had nothing to do with destiny.
    “Oh come on, I mean…out of all the people we could have been in a group with, we got magic girl? That’s got to mean something.”
    “Ya, ya okay we’ll talk to her…just not today.”
    Viktor had finally made his way to the group and Ivanka began to lead them into the blue forest.
    “Now students. We’re going to get right into learning how to survive in a fairy tale.” The nymph began.
    “It is of the utmost importance to learn this or else you will definitely die before your tale even starts.”
    The class blinked at her.
    Ivanka clapped her hands together. “SO!” She continued. “Today we will be keeping with a theme of telling evers from nevers just like the school master’s previous curriculum. So everyone spread out.” Ivanka instructed. They obeyed.
    “We’re going to start easy this time, with human forms but distorted appearances.” Ivanka said.
    “So who would like to go first?” She smiled.
    Gryffin raised his hand. “Should be easy enough.” He smiled. “Who get mogrified?” He asked.
    Wither shot her hand up, ready to show that she could be the best villain. Taylor raised her hand too, cause why not? However before Taylor could fully raise her hand Jenna had jumped in front of her, arm high in the air waving around.
    Soon, Wither and Jenna stood in front of Gryffin, who covered his eyes with his hands.
    Both girls looked extremely confident, Wither already began to look like a princess.
    Seconds later, the girls were gnomes with pointy hats and long beards, Gryffin laughed as he removed his hands and the girls ran around, switching places. However his look of amusement soon became confused. They both looked exactly the same, batting **** eyelashes, hands folded together and smiles identical. But it wasn’t their kindred kindness that Gryffin was confused by. Gryffin had always gone with his gut, he was waiting for his soul to tell him one of them was a beautiful ever girl…but all his soul felt was darkness.
    He looked deep into their eyes and saw one gnome glare at the other, just for a second.
    He still felt nothing though.
    “Uuuuh…” Gryffin wondered out loud.
    The class looked at him intently.
    I guess it must be the gnome who glared at the other one…
    “Uh…her I guess?” He said pointing to the gnome who had glared for a second.
    Ivanka snapped her fingers and revealed a giddy Wither and an upset Jenna.
    “Well, that’s all right. It was your first try.” Ivanka said sweetly.
    Gryffin kicked at the dirt, wondering why he couldn’t tell the ever from the never.
    “Who’s next?” Ivanka asked.
    Ethan went next and chose Rian over Nicola right away.
    Taylor went and chose Gryffin over Viktor easily.
    Jenna chose Ethan over Viktor and Rian chose Taylor over a disappointed Wither.
    Gryffin leaned on a tree, arms crossed and face red.
    “Can the nevers try?” Nicola asked , monotonically.
    “Well, I don’t see why not.” Ivanka smiled and pulled Nicola forward.
    Ivanka chuckled as every never failed and by the time Viktor had chosen Jenna over Wither she was nearly in tears.
    “Why do we all **** at this?” Viktor groaned as Jenna jumped up and down cheering.
    “Because you guessed wrong.” Ivanka said, stifling her laughter.
    The Evers looked just as confused as the nevers.
    Ivanka scowled “I mean only an ever can feel such a connection to someone else that they can tell them from a never. It makes sense, Evers love, nevers hate.”
    She shrugged like it was the most obvious thing.
    “You had no idea so you guessed, and you guessed wrong.”
    Gryffin’s face was even more red now.
    Was he actually a never? He thought to himself.
    Don’t be stupid, that’s not how
    It works. You’re obviously an ever, you can’t just switch.
    “You okay Gryff?” Ethan asked him.
    Gryffin snorted, trying to remind himself how well he did at the other classes.
    “Never call me that again.” He said, laughing dryly.
    “Right,” Ethan replied, looking at Gryffin, confused. He never answered the question.
    “Let me try again!” Viktor insisted impatiently.
    “Okaaay…” Ivanka said chuckling.
    Igor and Rian were turned into snowmen and Viktor chose Rian again.
    He kicked a tree.
    “One more time!” He said angrily.
    Wither and Jenna. Jenna.
    This time Nicola and Gryffin stepped up. They were turned into goblins by a chuckling Ivanka.
    You can do this! Viktor told himself.
    He had been almost last in all of his classes and he was going to do well in this one.
    Viktor looked at the pair of goblins in front of them.
    “This is your last chance.” Ivanka said, picking at her long nails. “We need to move on.”
    Viktor took a deep breath and asked his gut to give him some kind of connection.
    Come on…give me a never….
    “That one!” Viktor exclaimed, pointing at a goblin, he knew that one was someone like him.
    Suddenly the goblins were humans and Ivanka gasped, as Nicola appeared in front of Viktor’s pointing finger.
    “Yes!” Viktor exclaimed.
    Nicola looked him up and down, uneasily. She was still wary about what she didn’t know about him. Nicola gave him a half hearted high five and a huge first rank exploded over his head.
    Ivanka muttered to herself bitterly.
    Wither and Igor smirked at each other and Taylor tensed. Gryffin rolled his eyes at the last rank on his head.
    “And that,” he said to Taylor bitterly.
    “Is how not to survive a fairytale.”
    Taylor laughed and patted him on the back, Gryffin grimaced at this.
    “Oh relax, I failed Beautification and the teacher already hates me AND I slept through Animal Communication.” Taylor comforted him.
    “Ya and all my teachers hate me.” Rian snorted.
    “Same.” Ethan said, rolling his eyes.
    Jenna said nothing, she was watching Gryffin and Taylor carefully.
    “Problem?” Gryffin asked, spotting Jenna watching.
    Jenna flushed dramatically.
    “Wha-? No!” She said looking away. She turned her eyes to the nevers.
    Wither and Igor were congratulating Viktor, at least it seemed that way.
    Nicola was in a similar position as Jenna. She stood watching the other nevers talk and her expression was unreadable.
    Jenna looked back to her friend Taylor. She was acting very strange that day. Ever since the end of the first class. Jenna had seen her after fiset class and Taylor had looked worried and scared.
    Jenna made plans to ask her what was wrong later. Because Jenna was worried too.

    Thanks for reading!!! Who do you ship? Who will be the main villain? Will the “chest glowers” finally unite and figure out what’s going on? And what the heck is with the colour green? Tell me what you think!!! OH ALSO Who’s ur fav character? Answer AT LEAST the fav character one…if you want… 😀

    Sorry if I forgot anyone! Thanks for reading, seriously it means a lot <3 Remember! Constructive criticism is welcome!

        elysianne replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        Great chapter!

        kittybp2 replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        Amazing! I love taylor… nicola? Na Taylor’s my fave. 🙂

        saphire101 replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        Great chapter! I ship Taylor and Hale. Maybe Jenna or Wither for main villain? My fav character is probably Taylor or Nicola.

        emberscarlet replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        Love it!! Probably my fave character(s), Ethan and Rian. And also Taylor. I think Viktor will be the main villain. Anyways, awesome chapter!

        fuzzyjellyjoy replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        Good job! I ship Nicola and Viktor, Ethan and Rian, and Taylor and Hale. I think Jenna will be the main villain. I know this sounds weird, Jenna is an ever – you just keep sending clues. Yes, they will figure out what happened when the chests glowed. Green… maybe Taylor glowed green because she is good with plants? I don’t know. My favorite character is either Jenna, Nicola, or Viktor. I can’t decide. Jenna because of her villainous ways, Nicola… I don’t know why, and Viktor because he is such a great character. I found myself hoping that he would do well in the challenges. There were a few grammatical errors, but other than that, great chapter! 🙂

          taylorofzenovia replied 3 years, 7 months ago

          Thanks so much! I love hearing your theories!!!

          fuzzyjellyjoy replied 3 years, 7 months ago

          No problemo

          fuzzyjellyjoy replied 3 years, 7 months ago

          I enjoy giving people feedback!

        marianne4444 replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        Sorry I read this late, but here are my thoughts: I think it’s sweet of Jenna to worry about Taylor, and she’s probably my favorite character, too. Or maybe it’s Taylor….no, Jenna, no Taylor, no Jenna. Yeah, Jenna’s my favorite. NO. Taylor. No Jenna. No. Taylor…okay I’ve decided. It’s drumroll……………………JENNA!!!! Man I have a hard time deciding on things. Great chapter!! <3 Keep it up 😉

          taylorofzenovia replied 3 years, 7 months ago

          XD okay thanks!

        applesophie replied 3 years, 5 months ago

        Good chapter

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