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    taylorofzenovia posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 6 months ago

    Here’s the next chapter of Magic! Go to my favourites to read the other chapters, I promise it will be worth it!. This will have spoilers from the original SGE series!!!! Constructive criticism is welcome and ask to be tagged if you want.

    Chapter 16

    “Nothing’s wrong, I don’t know what you’re talking about!” Taylor insisted again, as Jenna pestered her endlessly.
    Taylor could act, she had proved so in many plays done in the kingdom of Avalon Towers. She could not however, lie. There is a big difference between lying and acting. Many people think it’s the same thing because you’re pretending to do something. In reality acting is, telling a story to make someone think differently or just for amusement. Lying is being dishonest for someone’s benefit. Taylor couldn’t lie because she felt so bad about being dishonest that she made it obvious that she was lying on purpose so other people would know that she was lying and therefore accused her of lying when really Taylor knew that they knew but they didn’t know that she knew. (Phew)
    “You are a really bad liar.” Jenna told her, hands on hips. Taylor refrained from telling her that she was a bad liar on purpose.
    Taylor began to walk away, not planning on telling her yet.
    Jenna grabbed her hand and pulled her back, sitting her down at the dining table in the hall.
    “I’m not letting you go anywhere until you tell me what’s up.” Jenna said.
    “Have…you not seen what’s happened today?” Taylor said, knowing fully that her worries started much before she passed out.
    “Nooo, you started worrying before Swordplay and Weapons training. I know that for sure.” Jenna responded, now sitting down next to her.
    The dining hall was emptying, all their friends had gone back to their rooms.
    Jenna looked at her. “You know something. About the weird stuff happening I mean.”
    Taylor avoided eye contact.
    “I might be able to help.” Jenna said, looking into Taylor’s eyes sadly.
    “You…won’t believe me.” Taylor said, trying to think of more excuses.
    “After what else happened today?” Jenna scoffed. “I highly doubt that.” She said.
    Taylor looked down. Jenna seemed trustworthy. They hit it off really well, they were roommates and Jenna really could help her. Taylor barely knew anything about her though…she barely had any classes with her. Swordplay didn’t count because she didn’t remember that class at all and Surviving Fairytales didn’t prove anything. Maybe they have Animal Communication together too but Taylor knew this wasn’t the best time to ask.
    But, Jenna had saved her from that falling chandelier, which she was sure would have caused more damage to her if she kept walking. Maybe it was a mistake to tell Jenna about the heat blast and the chest glow but, what damage would it do anyway? What was the worst that could happen if she knew?
    That’s what I’m worried about… A voice in her head said.
    I’m worried because I don’t know the worst that could happen.
    But Jenna was her friend, and in that moment Taylor felt very alone, so she took a shaky breath and looked at her friend.
    “It happened at the end of Beautification…” Taylor began.
    Jenna straitened, listening intently. They were alone in the dining hall now.
    “That was the first weird thing that happened. I felt this random, wave of heat fly threw the room and…there was a bright light with it.” Taylor gulped, the memory she had repressed came flooding back. It wasn’t scary, just…strange.
    “When the light-heat…thing hit me…my chest,” She touched her chest. “It glowed this really pretty turquoise colour. No one else saw it though, no one felt the heat even. It was just me.” She avoided Jenna’s red eyes for a moment, not wanting to see her reaction.
    Taylor felt a hand on her shoulder, it was Jenna.
    “You weren’t the only one who felt it.” She said quietly. Taylor looked up at her friend who moved her arm away from her shoulder.
    “I felt the heat, I saw the light…my chest glowed too.”

    “No,” Rian said, tossing a book behind him.
    “No.” He said again as he pulled out another one.
    “No!” He exclaimed angrily as yet another book in the library had a title related to beauty.
    “ARGH!” He groaned angrily, hitting the bookshelf.
    Ethan and Gryffin jolted awake in their comfy library chairs.
    “No not the penguins!” Gryffin groaned, before realizing where he was.
    “What are we doing?” Ethan asked groggily.
    “Come on guys, help me!” Rian insisted, taking out another book and throwing it at the pair of boys.
    “Ah!” Ethan yelled as he swatted the book from the air. Eyes still coated with sleep he rose and punched Gryffin in the arm.
    “Ouch, come on man!” Gryffin said, slapping him back. He rubbed his eyes. “How long was I asleep?” He asked Rian.
    “Only like an hour.” Rian said scanning the bookcase.
    “What?!” Ethan and Gryffin asked at the same time.
    “I thought we were only gonna be here for a couple minutes before bed!” Ethan said, finally sounding more awake.
    “This might have something…” Rian muttered, looking at another book.
    “Hello?” Ethan said.
    “Try this,” Rian said, tossing the book to Ethan.
    Ethan dropped it as he was too busy looking at the large clock in the corner. “It’s past midnight.” Ethan said, rubbing where the heavy book hit him.
    Gryffin who was nodding off again, awoke to the sound of the book falling to the floor.
    “Nothing in this library is helpful at all!” Rian shouted, slamming a book onto the ground.
    “Why are we even here?” Gryffin moaned.
    “Don’t they lock the library doors?”
    “Ya,” Rian answered, flipping through a new book.
    Gryffin made a noise that described his annoyance.
    “You should probably get some sleep,” Ethan said to Rian, yawning.
    “Ya,” he answered, turning the page.
    “Wait!” Rian exclaimed.
    “Wha?” Ethan and Gryffin jumped up.
    “Look there’s a whole chapter about glowing here!” Rian said, holding the book for them to see.
    “Throughout the years some students have felt a strange rush of heat and light, followed by a strange glowing…” Rian read. The trio looked at the picture of the glowing student. Rian went to continue reading then realized…the page had been ripped in half and the other half was nowhere to be seen.
    “No!” Ethan cried.
    All the rest of the pages had been ripped out of the book too.
    “Well we know what that means.” Gryffin said grimly.
    “What?” Ethan asked.
    “Someone doesn’t want to know what happened to us. So someone else knows and someone else did this.”

    Far across the schools in the library of Vice, Nicola also turned the pages of a book. A candle, the only thing lighting the dank room, Nicola pushed yet another book off her desk. She put her head in her hands and groaned loudly as the huge hardback thumped on the floor with twenty other books.
    She pulled another book towards her and read the title:
    Strange Happening
    Reluctantly, Nicola flipped to the table of contents.
    Her finger traced the chapter titles until she found something interesting.
    Strange Glowing
    Her heart began to beat faster as she saw the chapter’s title page.
    Could this be it? She asked herself. She turned the page to the beginning of the chapter, expecting to finally understand what was happening to her. Her heart sunk, deeper than it ever had before. She touched the place where the pages had been ripped out, sadly. Her fists balled and soon the sadness turned into anger.
    “Someone doesn’t want me to know about this.” She said in a low voice. “That someone will pay.”

    Thanks for reading!!! Do you guys lie the same way? Cause that’s how I lie. Who’s ur fav character? What’s your fav ship? And who do you think ripped out the pages? Tell me what you think!!! OH ALSO Who’s ur fav character? Answer AT LEAST the fav character one…if you want… 😀

    Sorry if I forgot anyone! Thanks for reading, seriously it means a lot <3 Remember! Constructive criticism is welcome!

        kittybp2 replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        Ya I am really bad at lying, idk I feel like a dean ripped out the pages?… and my fav character is taylor

        fuzzyjellyjoy replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        Nice job! I can’t wait for the next chapter. I answered all your questions in your last post, and they haven’t changed. I think Wither or Jenna ripped out the pages.

        taylorofzenovia replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        Cool! thanks guys

        marianne4444 replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        Wait, what about the penguins?!?!?!?!

        emberscarlet replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        Awesome chapter!

        elysianne replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        I lie occasionally.

        That was a good chapter!

        eliseofmaidenville16 replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        Fantastic chapter! 😀
        Definitely Taylor!
        A Dean, Wither or Jenna for the pages. 😛

        hatsunemikuisthebest replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        Favorite character is Taylor. Plz make it a bit longer plz!!!

        taylorofzenovia replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        kk I’ll try!

        applesophie replied 3 years, 5 months ago

        Love it

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