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    taylorofzenovia posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 3 years, 7 months ago

    Here’s the next chapter of Magic! Go to my favourites to read the other chapters, I promise it will be worth it!. This will have spoilers from the original SGE series!!!! Constructive criticism is welcome and ask to be tagged if you want.

    Chapter 18

    It was killing him. The suspense. His heart in his throat, pulsing against his adam’s apple. His palms sweat in Rian’s hand but he couldn’t tell if it was actually him sweating or he was just feeling the sweat from Rian.
    It’s not that big of a deal.
    Ethan told himself.
    Ya it totally is a big deal
    Another voice in his head said.
    They all think you’re impure, that’s not ever worthy at all, you’ll end up a wolf for the nevers
    “Stop.” Rian ordered. As if reading his thoughts.
    “I know what you’re thinking about.” He continued.
    “You know I’m thinking about how the creator of cheese is a genius?” Ethan asked, trying to lighten the mood.
    Rian elbowed him playfully.
    “Look at me.” Rian ordered to Ethan.
    Ethan turned but avoided Rian’s eyes.
    “It’s gonna be fine. We can get through this. We’ll make them see clearer.” Rian said, trying to catch his eyes.
    Ethan tried hard to believe him but after such a long time of tradition in fairytales, he couldn’t help but think about what he’d be mogrified into at the end of the years at this school.
    “Let’s go,” Rian said, smiling weakly.
    Ethan nodded tensely.
    It’s not that big of a deal…
    He told himself again.
    What people thought of them however was at the back of Rian’s mind.
    Instead he thought of what would happen today.
    What would happen to Taylor.
    Or anyone else.

    How is it possible that she wasn’t terrified all the time?
    Taylor didn’t know.
    She was now though.
    Waiting for something to happen, for someone near her to get hurt. There was only one attack and one accident. She thought, trying to sooth herself. It didn’t help.
    The suspense was killing her.
    Maybe nothing will happen today? Maybe everything yesterday was a fluke.
    She sat in her bed in the dark, her Briar Rose sleeping mask couldn’t keep her asleep when her heart forced her awake. She had hoped that her dreams about Viktor would stop since he no longer seemed like a threat (Even if she still didn’t trust him) but now new dreams that were sure to return stopped her from having an enjoyable rest.
    Taylor looked to her window. The crack in the curtains where light would surely leak in was still dark. She had a while.
    Suddenly, she heard a gasp, and Taylor looked over to see Jenna shoot up in her bed.
    Taylor saw her breathing hard, almost gasping for air, Jenna put her hand to her throat as if something had been there a second before.
    “Jenna” Taylor whispered tentatively across the room.
    Jenna’s head shot to where she heard the sound.
    Her face was full of fear and her even in the darkness tears were visible on her face. Her pink hair was plastered to her sweaty face and her hand was still lightly touching her throat.
    “Am I awake?” Jenna asked, pinching her neck.
    “Ya…” Taylor said in a rough voice, she cleared her throat and pushed her blonde hair out of her face.
    Jenna curled herself into a ball as Taylor slipped out of bed. She quickly jumped onto her friend’s bed, as if afraid a monster would ****** her.
    Soon Taylor was under Jenna’s blankets, pressed up against her friend and shivering with fright.
    “I’ve been having dreams to…” Taylor said to her after a period of silence.
    “I figured,” Jenna replied, half laughing.
    “Do you…wanna…talk about it?” Taylor asked her.
    Jenna began to shake her head, looking at her blanket, then stopped.
    “All I remember is…a pair of red eyes…and a pen.” Jenna said.
    Taylor looked up, quickly. “Me too, well, and I remember this weird glow…and I think you were there?”
    The girls didn’t move for a long time and soon their eyes became heavy.
    “Wake up you silly gooses!” Said a giggly voice.
    Taylor and Jenna shot awake, their sleep finally not haunted by disturbing dreams.
    The girls looked at each other as they realised what a good sleep they had, had.
    “Come on!” Vienna continued.
    “We have to get ready” She insisted, throwing her arms in the air and releasing rose petals into the air. A dead petal landed on Jenna’s head.
    “These are your welcoming roses?” she asked.
    Vienna nodded dramatically and flounced out. “I’m going to the Groom Room!”
    “Oh ya,” Taylor said, rubbing her puffy eyes. “I wonder what I got ranked, I never checked!”
    Jenna blushed dramatically.
    “What’s wrong?” Taylor asked her friend.
    “Oh, I just, didn’t do very well…” She replied, now the colour of a tomato.
    “Awe,” Taylor cooed. “It’s okay, it’s only the second day right now.” Taylor said, excited but nervous to see where she stood on the list.
    Her Beautification rank was a fail, her Princess Etiquette was perfect, her Swordplay class was canceled and she missed animal communication…that wasn’t to good. But History of Heroes was great because she already knew everything and Good Deeds she almost got first! She had done well in Surviving Fairytales, but was that enough?
    Soon Taylor found herself standing in front of the rankings.
    “20th?!” She cried. “I was so close!” She exclaimed, kicking the wall next to it.
    “Better than me,” Jenna replied, her eyes tracing to the very bottom of the page.
    Taylor saw Jenna’s name amongst the dust and immediately felt bad for being upset at a rank 20.
    “Like I said.” Taylor continued, trying to comfort her friend.
    “That was only the first day…”

    Nicola ducked her head as she saw Viktors messy hair bobbing against the crowd.
    She pretended to scratch her forehead to hide her face, not wanting to talk to him in that moment.
    “Nicola there you are!” Viktor,s voice said from behind her. “Where were you, you said we’d meet at the staircases.” Nicola turned to see Viktor’s hurt face.
    “Oh…ya” Nicola said, avoiding his yellow eyes. “I, forgot I guess.” She said, voice trailing off.
    “Right…” Viktor said, realising that he wasn’t wanted.
    There was an awkward silence.
    “So…Uglification?” Viktor asked.
    “Right, ya of course.” Nicola said. Maybe she didn’t trust him but at least if they hung out together she could find out what was going on. Nicola was sure he was hiding something. The way people were reacting to him couldn’t mean nothing. But he seemed so helpless, so powerless, so…innocent.
    Isn’t that what villains want you to think though? The smart ones make you trust them first…
    But why should I be afraid of him? She asked herself as her and Viktor traveled in silence to class.
    I’m a never too, he wouldn’t do anything bad to someone who wasn’t his nemesis, right?
    If he even got a nemesis…he was doing so well at failing that it was almost convincing.
    But Nicola knew better. You can still fail every class and get a nemesis (unless of course you get turned into a fairy)
    Nicola found her fists tightening as she came to the realization.
    He’s using you
    A voice in her head said maniacally.
    You’ll be his henchman
    Another voice in her head said.
    I am no one’s henchmen. Even if I never wanted to come here, I’m still gonna win like I won everything back at home, he’ll be my henchman. I’ll make sure of it, he’ll try to make me of a lower class, try to have power over me eventually. I’ll just have to manipulate him back.
    The voice in her head was now shouting and she found her palms bleeding from her nails. Wait, nails? She always cut her nails to nubs because of sports, her nails weren’t long enough to hurt anyone.
    “Nicola!” A faint voice, Viktor’s voice exclaimed.
    That’s when she felt the warm liquid in her throat. Nicola released her fists to see long claws and her vision changed everything purple and kaleidoscopic.
    Her anger form, her monster form.
    “Nicola!” His voice was louder this time.
    “What?!” She yelled at him in a snarling voice.
    He flinched dramatically.
    Her only friend here, who really did seem like he needed her help.
    Either he was an amazing actor or he was genuinely afraid in that moment.
    She had nearly pushed him away because of the way some ever girls looked at him.
    Well they should all be afraid of nevers.
    She was being stupid.
    Her terrifying form melted away, her vision cleared and she felt horns recede into her head.
    “Sorry,” She said quietly.
    Viktor just nodded and walked quickly into the class that they had finally arrived at.

    “Really?” The girl asked.
    “You’re Wither?”
    “Got a problem with that?” Wither asked defensively.
    “No your evilness!” The green haired never girl insisted.
    “That’s better.” Wither smirked. “First rank ain’t that bad huh?” She muttered to Igor.
    “Are you going to Henchman Training?” The girl asked.
    “Ya,” Wither replied, picking at her jagged teeth.
    “It would be an honor if I could accompany you,” The girl said, bowing deeply.
    Wither smiled at Igor again. “Getting a **** is easier than I thought.” She said, snorting.
    Then she turned to the girl.
    “Okay, but I hope you know that you should be very grateful for this.”
    The green haired never jumped with joy.
    “Carry my books.” Wither ordered to the girl.
    “Of course!” The girl said smiling. She took the pile of texts from the villain’s arms. She then opened her mouth to speak again. “I’m-”
    “I don’t care,” Wither replied.

    Thanks for reading!!! Who’s ur fav character now? Who do you ship? What’s up with Viktor? Who do you think is gonna be the main villain? Tell me what you think!!!
    Just so you know, my fav character is def Ethan XD
    Sorry if I forgot anyone! Thanks for reading, seriously it means a lot <3 Remember! Constructive criticism is welcome!

        taylorofzenovia replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        Sorry this took so long btw! I faced a lot of complications!

          marianne4444 replied 3 years, 7 months ago

          It’s okay, just glad it’s out 🙂

        elysianne replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        Lovely chapter!

        I can’t answer your questions yet, as I’ve only started reading your story a few chapters back.

        taylorofzenovia replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        Oh ok XD that’s fine

        emberscarlet replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        Awesome chapter!!

        marianne4444 replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        Sorry I read this so late, Jenna is still my favorite character, and I agree, the creator of cheese IS a genius

          fuzzyjellyjoy replied 3 years, 7 months ago

          Yeah, I LOVE CHEESE!

          marianne4444 replied 3 years, 7 months ago

          Yeah, it’s my favorite food p:

        saphire101 replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        Awesome chapter!
        Nicola and Taylor are my fav characters.

        eliseofmaidenville16 replied 3 years, 7 months ago

        Fantastic chapter! 😀
        Taylor’s still my favourite.

        applesophie replied 3 years, 6 months ago

        It is a great chapter
        Good job

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