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    teamfosterkeefe posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 1 year ago

    For my bookish readers,
    They say terrible things happen to you here…but I don’t know for sure anymore. I was supposed to go to the School for Evil, that’s what I was trained for anyway. Telsa taught me to be as evil as possible. Evil equals something I knew and embraced with opened arms. The School for Evil was supposed to be my home; my escape from my town. Why did I get the school of Good? School for Good was foreign, terrible even. Who wanted to be kissing princes when you could be concocting poisons? But ever since I could remember, I felt a pull toward Good…I just didn’t want to admit it. So I hid my feelings and trained myself to be the most horrible witch out there. But then I got sent to the School for Good. I still went toward Evil things but at my core was Good things. How was I ever going to survive?
    When I arrived, I was shocked. So shocked I fainted. I am not the fainting type. When I fainted, to my extreme bad luck, I fell into a group of goody-too-shoes. I woke to a handsomely terrible face…I awoke to a prince. I flew up and punched him in the head. He flew up, up, and landed on his back on the ground. The princess standing next to me looked at me and then at him.
    “What did you do to Prince Demi?” Her blonde hair and brown eyes didn’t stop me from swinging at her. She blocked me, turned me with a flip, and held my hand behind my back.
    “You WILL say you are sorry or I will call my birds on you.” Man first day and I already had birds willing to fly in my face.
    “Sheesh, chill…all I did was sucker punch him. Besides he was in my personal space.”
    “He was trying to see if you are okay, now say your sorry!”
    “Sorry, sorry! Please no birds.” She undid her strong grip on my arm and helped me up.
    “UM so I will be going.” I say trying to sneak away.
    “Hi, my name is Bellona.” Says the girl, while grabbing my hand and shaking it.
    “People call her Bell for short,” says Prince Demi, coming up behind me. A bruise was being to form on his left cheek. Bellona goes over and wraps her arm around Demi. Demi pecks her on the cheek.
    “Blugh! Too much PDA. I am out.” I head toward the school. I make my way up the stairs to the girl’s common room. My name is on one of the doors. I enter and look around.
    “Man, much better than black,” I say as I look around my pink room. “Pretty bright though.”
    I rush over to my bed and jump on it. As I am jumping on my bed, I recognize a bed across the room.
    “Nice, I got two beds! I wonder why Telsa would ever say this is terrible.”
    Just then the door opens and in steps Bellona.
    “Hi again. I am going to be your roommate. What’s your name again?”
    How am I ever going to survive?
    Name: Bellona Fremont (Bell)
    Gender: Female
    School: Good
    Year: 1st
    Finger Glow: Black
    Talent: Calling/Talking with birds
    Age: 15
    Weapon: Dagger
    Fairytale Relative: Odette (The Swan Princess)
    Appearance: Gold Hair, brown eyes, sprinkled with freckles, skinny, 5’6”
    Personality: Sweet with a hint of seriousness, friendly
    Flaws: Chews her fingernails, scar on her neck
    Backstory: TBA
    Strengths: Martial Arts, manners, Puzzles
    Weaknesses: Scared of blood, loves to much, her nose
    Likes: birds (especially swans), Cedric, ballet
    Dislikes: Bad jokes, blood, pink, people who will not listen

    Name: Demi Dieu
    Gender: Male
    School: Good
    Year: 1st
    Finger Glow: Tan
    Talent: Transforming into different animals
    Age: 14
    Weapon: Shield
    Fairytale Relative: Maui (Moana)
    Appearance: Bulky 6 foot guy, Black hair, dark chocolate skin, Blue eyes, very muscular
    Personality: A teddy bear once you get to know him, a peacemaker
    Flaws: His love for Bell and animals
    Backstory: TBA
    Strengths: Protecting, Talking with animals, cooking
    Weaknesses: His mom and dad, competiveness
    Likes: Bell, animals, cooking, weight lifting
    Dislikes: evil, rude people, racists
    Parents: Maui and ????
    So, how do you like it my bookish reader? What do you think of Bell and Demi? Personally love Bell; she just comes out of nowhere and puts Lyla on the ground. Tell me what you think!
    Sincerely bookishly yours,

        carrot123 replied 1 year ago

        it’s great! except for one thing that my brain always nags me with… when people spell your when they are supposed to spell you’re. it’s okay if you did this, but my brain gets triggered by it. it’s okay, my brain just has a problem

          grannylou replied 10 months, 1 week ago

          Sorry, didn’ read You story, but I realized your username is Team Foster-Keefe.
          I love KOTLC, and Team Foster-Keefe is my OTP.

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