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    teamfosterkeefe posted an update in the group RP Level 0: The Clearing 8 months, 4 weeks ago

    For my readers,
    Chapter 4
    First day at school and I was already loving it. Well… not exactly. The only thing I loved about it was the first class: Beautification. Tesla, my old caretaker, once taught me about how Evil people should not be dressed ****. Have you ever heard of Revan the Wicked Wizard or the sea witch, Denna? Of course, not! Have you heard of my uncle, Hans of the Southern Isles, or Mother Gothel? Of course, you have. My uncle was the best dressed villain and look how that helped him. Anna didn’t know he was the villain until she was almost frozen. My uncle’s motto is “The best dressed stay alive.”
    “Okay, kids, today you will be working on making your gowns and suits for the Winter Ball. Before we begin sewing or anything else, we need to draw out the designs for our gowns and suits.”
    “You are going down, Bell!” I yell across the room. Everybody looks at me. I shrug and turn back to my work. A note is passed to me. “You are so on. You are going down. Sincerely, Bell.” I snicker and start to work on my masterpiece. Pants dresses are so in now, but do I want to show off my sculpted legs with a high low dress? So many choices! I look around at my classmates. Ugh! It’s that boy that I bumped into this morning.
    “So, during the fall semester, you will partner up with someone. You will discuss the patterns, your dress or suit, and finally do a fashion show at the end of semester. You and your partner will design your final dress pieces to complement each other. Also, as your teacher, I will assign the partners.”
    Everybody groaned.
    “Here is your assignments:
    Scarlett and Ben-Hsin
    Rolan and Candy
    Bellona and Siona
    Liam and Kara
    Seraphina and Poppy
    Jaxon and Demi
    Bronwen and Eli
    Lyla and Kia-Jin
    Isadora and Laurel
    Katya and Thisbe
    Now get into your groups. Chop-chop!”
    Demi high-fives a boy that I suppose is his partner. They must know each other. And… Bellona is already with her partner, Siona. Kyle-Jane and I are so going to whoop both of them. I take a quick look around the room. Boo-ya! Mr. Snooty-pants-who-I-bumped-into-this-morning is paired with someone else. I start doing a jig and then realize I am in class. My classmates can’t handle my awesome dance moves.
    “Um, are you Lily?”
    “Of course, not!” I say indignantly. I turn around and stop short. It can’t be! Nope, nopety, nope! I am not partnering up with him. Besides, I thought he was paired with someone else. I then realize something.
    “Why did your parents call you Kyle-Jane?
    His eyes bugged out of his head. He looked like he was about to throw up, but then he started laughing.
    “My name is Kia-Jin. Son of Mulan and Shang. My brother told me all about you running into him this morning.”
    I swiftly look around the room. For the third time today! Oh! There is his brother. I look at Kia-Jin and then at his brother. And back again. And again. Kia-Jin laughs.
    “You haven’t cloned yourself to mess with me have you?” I ask as I start poking him.
    “That tickles, Lily. No that is my twin brother, Ben-Hsin.”
    “My name is Lyla. Get that into your brain, dumbo!”
    He grins and sits down beside me. I grunt and turn my face to the teacher.
    Name: Kai-Jin
    Gender: Male
    School: Good
    Year: 1st
    Finger Glow: Navy Blue
    Talent: Dragons
    Age: 15
    Weapon: Long sword
    Fairytale Relative: Mulan and Shang
    Appearance: Black hair, brown eyes with golden flecks, tan skin, scar on his left hand
    Personality: Lover of jokes, cocky, follows all the rules
    Flaws: Jokes too much, Trusts anybody, cocky
    Strengths: Martial Arts, Sword fighting, dragons
    Weaknesses: Can’t swim, food, being cocky
    Likes: collecting swords, food, joking
    Dislikes: ***** jokes, fake girls, makeup, damsels in distress
    HI!! Please tell me anything that you might find faulty! Hope you liked it! I enjoy writing this for y’all! My writing schedule is a bit weird, but I will try to stick to every other week on Tuesday. This is an early update

    Sincerely bookishly yours,

        teamfosterkeefe replied 8 months, 4 weeks ago

        Ok, the starred out word is u.gly. Don’t know why they starred that out. But whatever. Hope you enjoy every bit!

        teamfosterkeefe replied 8 months, 4 weeks ago

        Also on the dislikes on the bio: they have starred out the word d.irty.

        carrot123 replied 8 months, 3 weeks ago

        Nice job!

        lilbugs replied 8 months, 3 weeks ago

        Tag me plsss

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