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    teamhester123 posted an update 1 year, 1 month ago

    I often find myself bored so… here are some interesting facts about One Direction. (you might already know some)If you are a Directioner and happen to see this, comment and say. I’m a Louis girl, if you needed to know that. (Actually, comment anyway) 😆🆔.

    •Harry has 4 *******
    •Louis is (or was, IDK) a somnambulist – someone who walks in their sleep
    •Niall has Ornithophobia – the fear of birds. (Especially pigeons, which James Corden seemed to make worse… Watch Niall Horan Carpool Karaoke for more on that)
    •Liam is afraid of spoons… But you should have already known that, really.
    •Louis’ first crush was Hermione Granger
    •Liam and Niall have the same middle name (James)
    •When he was younger, someone broke up with Louis because apparently he wasn’t good looking enough!!! I find that incredibly hard to believe, but he said that in an interview, sometime, somewhere…
    •Harry used to sing at weddings with his band White Eskimo before he was in 1D.
    •Liam’s favourite colour is purple! (Same as mine)
    •Liam taught Zayn how to swim
    •Liam’s sisters used to dress him up in their clothes
    •Quote from Harry “Niall and Louis get the least solos because their voices make girls pregnant” 😂😂
    •Liam cried when watching Toy Story 3
    •One of Harry’s favourite films is Titanic.
    •Roman Kemp and James Corden are the true heroes of this fandom.
    Okay, the last one is just my opinion. But it’s true. Roman gave us an hour long video for the reunion, and James… well, it’s James. He did carpool karaoke with Niall and Harry as solo artists, and with 1D as a band. Anyway, hope you liked this!

        teamhester123 replied 1 year, 1 month ago

        4 nipp.les.

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