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    teamhester123 posted an update in the group SGE MOVIE FANTASY CASTING 7 months ago

    So, I’m going to do this personality thing, but I found it hard to describe myself, so I asked one of my friends to. I am literally just going to copy and paste what she wrote so here it is. But I’m also a SlytherClaw and 60% Never.
    i am very privileged to have a friend that is smart, likes to work hard in everything they do and they dont like to show up to school with a leather handbag like half the year did which shows you have your own mind.😂😂
    So, who do you think I am? I’d also like to add that I enjoy rugby, so I CAN be rough when necessary.

        rainbowlion replied 7 months ago

        Beatrix probably.

        agatha-and-sophie replied 7 months ago

        Maybe someone in the coven like anadil or maybe dot

          teamhester123 replied 7 months ago

          Thanks. I would LIKE to be Anadil, but I think I’m too nice for that, so, dot.

          agatha-and-sophie replied 7 months ago

          Yeah but can’t u act

          teamhester123 replied 7 months ago

          Well, I can, but we were doing this based on personality not acting skills.

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