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    teamjoanne posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    we love feeling like this don’t we
    I should have been there but I wasn’t
    I could have said goodbye
    I might never get that chance again, and I blew it
    I could have said sorry for being such a sh.itty friend
    because everyone just ends up getting hurt
    but I didn’t
    I f.ucking hate myself for everything
    I wouldn’t be surprised if other people do too
    if you’ve made it this far, sorry
    if I can’t apologise to anyone else, I can at least apologise to whoever is reading this
    sorry that you’ve had to read all this
    sorry that you’ve had to see me weak
    sorry that I’ve made all this about me
    see? I’m a ****.tty person, and I hate myself for it
    whoops, there I go, talking about myself again
    I’m not worth your time
    I’m not worth it

        thecoven4ever replied 3 months, 1 week ago

        You’re enough, Grace. You’ll always be enough. You’ll always be worth it. Always. You’re not sh.itty. You don’t have to say sorry. You’ve done nothing wrong. I’m sorry Gracie. I love you. Always. And you are more than enough.

        darkfire2010 replied 3 months ago

        I’m so sorry to intrude on this
        We’re not very close friends I know, and maybe I shouldn’t say anything but I also know that you are loved. I see it. You’re more than worth anyone’s time
        I don’t know anyone who hates you, you are loved
        Though I understand what it is to hate yourself but you have forgive yourself for everything
        It’s okay to talk about yourself and vent and put yourself first. That’s okay. You have a right to do that. It’s n o t selfish to take care of yourself, you’re so kind to others, remember to be kind to yourself

        blondieonfire replied 3 months ago

        you’re worth everything the world has to offer. don’t apologize for being yourself, you are most definitely not a ****.tty person. you’re just about the furthest thing from that, I swear.
        love you

        royalfudge replied 1 month ago

        You remember a year or so ago? We talked. Don’t forget about that. We opened up to each other, and we’ve stayed friends.
        You’re worth far more than you can imagine.

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