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    than posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 2 months ago

    Diana POV
    Diana couldn’t help feeling jittery. What were they doing in Maidenvale? They should be heading straight to Aeaea, no distractions! Only God knows what her mother had resorted to once she found out they had escaped. She would have been livid, Diana was sure. She felt a knot of worry tighten in her stomach as she envisioned her mother taking her fury out on her friends. She had to clamp her mouth shut to stifle the scream rising in her throat.
    “I know that look.”
    Diana turned around frantically, but it was only Maesie, approaching her with a smile, Gabe at her side. Diana turned away. “What look?”
    “You’re overthinking,” Maesie said simply. “Again. Even though you know it never benefits you. Look at where you are, Di. There’s nothing you can do about your circumstances except make the most of them.”
    Diana scowled and turned her head fully, before relenting with a sigh. “I suppose you’re right.”
    Gabe stepped forward. “Come on a walk,” he said offering her his arm, “it’ll help you clear your head, not to mention you could really do with some fresh air.”
    “That’s right. Have you seen yourself lately? You look like a ghost. More so than usual,” Maesie added cheekily. Diana stuck her tongue out and then smiled.
    “Okay,” she said, accepting Gabe’s arm, “a quick walk around can’t hurt.”

    Once again this is trash; I’m so sorry. @crystalwillow @larkofwoodsbeyond

        julianaarthur replied 2 months ago

        Red has explained that her crew needed to rest up but otherwise your writing is 10/10 as usual!

          than replied 2 months ago

          Thank you! Sorry I missed that; I hope this can still work in a way

        julianaarthur replied 2 months ago

        It’s totes fine! You already mentioned that Diana was overthinking which meant that she lost sight of what was happening around her (happens to me all the time)

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