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    than posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 4 years, 1 month ago

    POV (Raina)
    Aura! I am about to dive in after her, but Lucinda pulls be back. “Stop it, Raina! She’s dead; you can’t save her now.”
    I shake her off. “No, she’s not! If she was dead I’d be able to sense her spirit. She’s alive, I need to save her…”
    “She’ll be okay. Trust me, she can handle herself. You need to focus on getting out.”
    And suddenly the fog lifts from my eyes and I can see clearly. The castle is on fire. If I stay I will die. “There are other people in this house. We need to rescue them.”
    Lucinda looks annoyed but she nods. “Rune and Ryan. They’re in the dungeons.”
    I nod and she leads the way there. The fire has not spread there yet, but it will, soon. “Get Rune first,” Lucinda screams, “she’s weakest.”
    She points to her cell and I enter it, with her close behind. Rune is slumped on the floor, looking weak and bloodless, still in the dress she wore to the ball. I heave her limp body up; it’s hard, as we must weigh the same.
    “Ryan’s in there,” Lucinda says, pointing to cell far off from Rune’s. Lucinda touches my cheek, giving me enough strength to carry Rune all the way there. When I open the cell, Ryan is wide awake. She looks different from when I last saw her. Thinner. Less innocent.
    “What’s going on?” she growls. Lucinda hisses quietly beside me. She doesn’t like Ryan. She senses threat. Danger, maybe.
    But that doesn’t matter now.
    “The castle’s burning down,” I gasp, “we need to get out of here.”
    “We can’t,” she says flatly.
    “I — what do you mean?”
    “We can’t,” she repeats, and she points behind me. I turn around, slowly.
    The stairs on which we came down are ablaze. Dense smoke is gradually filling the air. Our exit is blocked. Gone. I see what Ryan means. We cannot leave.
    I look at Lucinda. She grabs my hand. She is already dead, so she will not feel the pain of death, but she will feel the pain of mine. I look at Ryan. Her face is empty and emotionless. I do not know her. I do not know what she is feeling. Does she know it’s the end? Is she scared? I look at Rune, and I am glad she is unconscious. She will have no memory of this.
    Of course she won’t, I think grimly, she’ll be dead.
    I am about to drop Rune. It doesn’t matter now, I suppose, but I don’t want to. I shift her upright, into a more comfortable position. As I do so, something digs into my leg. I frown and reach into my pocket. Cool metal kisses my fingers.
    My whistle!
    Suddenly hope lights up inside me. I pull it out. I had forgotten about it entirely. I exchange joyful looks with Lucinda. Then I look at Ryan.
    “You ready to live?”
    I bring the whistle to my lips and blow. There’s are shriek, a whoosh, then a lot of whirling as we are transported out of the castle.
    @dance4ever @willowwind I honestly had no idea how Ryan would react or feel in that situation so I judt gave her no emotion. Sorry. @missbonnibelleborealis

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