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    than posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 4 years ago

    POV (Raina)
    Beside me Lucinda glares at Viktoria as she sleeps. “I don’t trust her,” she states.
    I sigh. “When do you ever trust anyone?”
    “I mean it. There is something seriously off with this girl.” She reaches out her hand, almost touching her. She closes her eyes. “I’ve felt that presence before…I’m sure of it.”
    I smirk. “Maybe we knew her in a past life.”
    She scowls at me and drops her hand. “You know, when I burned that odious castle to the ground, it was to get you moving.”
    “The castle wasn’t odious,” I murmur, thinking sadly of Aura. I shake my head slightly. “Anyway, I did move. I just moved on to another place.”
    “And now you’re going to move again.”
    I glance at her, my eyebrows making a V. “What do you mean? Move where?”
    She leans forward, looking furtive, and lowers her voice. “When we lived in the castle I used to go out a lot. Whenever I wasn’t with you I was in the village. Normally at night, while you were sleeping. I caught ear of whispers, secret conversations…”
    “Get to the point.”
    “Word on the street is, the Eula has been found.”
    I gaze at her blankly. “The what?”
    She glares at me in annoyance. “The Eula? You know, the magic flower? Do you not know the story?” She rolls her eyes. “In ancient times, like, really ancient, there was this big war between two kingdoms. One kingdom was rich, practically ******** with gold and cattle. The second kingdom…had magic. Fearing the would lose the war, seven wizards came together and plotted how to save their kingdom. They decided to make seven flowers that contained incredible magic, so when the dawn of the war came, their strength would be increased. But before they could use the flowers their village was ambushed and the wizards were brutally murdered. The flowers were scattered and forgotten…for some time, until some random nobody found a wizard’s journal and brought them back to light. Six of the seven Eula’s have been found already, and apparently, so has the seventh.”
    I blink and squirm under the glow of her wide eyes. “What does any of this have to with me?”
    “Because, my incompetent fool of a friend, if you get a hold of this flower you’re ability to communicate with the dead would stretch to limitless limits. You would not only have power over dead souls, but living souls as well.”
    I am not sure if I like the sound of this. “And what makes you think I want all that?”
    She sighs. “Trust me, you do. Because if you increase your power you can find dead souls you can find…your family.”
    My heart stops. “My family?”
    She nods. “Your mother, father, any siblings you might’ve had. You could even bring them back.”
    I am breathless. “Bring them back?”
    She looks at me sideways. “This is all considering you actually find the flower, of course.”
    I grab her hands. “I will, I will! Where is it? Where can I find it?”
    She smiles at me and presses a finger to my lips. “Ssh. All in the morning, dearest Raina.”
    Aaaaannnnnddd….let the race commence!

        seren replied 4 years ago

        Wait, so this potion is a talent-enhancer?

        dance4ever replied 4 years ago

        Okay, believe me when I say that Aura/Viktoria is going to fight REALLY ***** to get this flower. She wants it BAD.

        dance4ever replied 4 years ago

        And Amber wants it to a lesser extent, to share it’s magic BTW.

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