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    theathewarrior posted an update in the group RP Level 3: The Endless Woods 1 year, 1 month ago

    Hey guys. For those of you who like warrior cats, this is for you! I haven’t read any of the books past the darkest hour, so I’m just gonna play out how i would’ve done it after that series. Hope you like it! ❤❤❤
    Time of the Moon

    Chapter 1
    Moonkit walked up to the fresh kill pile and grabbed a shrew. This will be a nice and tasty meal, but first, it will make a good trouble starter.
    Moonkit ran back to the nursery, where she found Cinderheart and Squirrelflight talking in the back of the den. “Bramblestar says my kits will be apprenticed today at sunhigh-” Moonkit stopped listening. Firekit, one of Cinderheart’s kits, was her best friend. Moonkit couldn’t help thinking that Firekit might not pay attention to her anymore once she became an apprentice. Well, better make the most of Firekit while she was here!
    “Hey Firekit!” Moonkit whispered, dropping the shrew. “I have a plan, come on!” and with that Moonkit ran outside, Firekit on her tail.
    Moonkit settled down and told Firekit her idea. “ I’ll pretend to trip in front of one of the warriors, ands throw the shrew at their face-”
    “How about Cloudtail?” Firekit interrupted.
    Moonkit nodded. “Good idea!” then she continued. “After you see the shrew hit Cloudtail, call Jayfeather and say you have a thorn in your paw. Then when he asks wear, you can shove leaves at his face!”
    Firekit looked thoughtful. “This is gonna be fun!” she mewed. Then Firekit pawed the ground. “ Bramblestar will come to see what’s going on, right?”
    Moonkit nodded, thinking. “ Yeah, i guess we could do something when he comes out of his den.”
    Firekit leaped to her paws. “ Then someone could leap on his tail!”
    “But who?” Moonkit wondered aloud. “We can’t do it, we’ll be over near Jayfeather’s den.”
    Firekit purred. “We can’t do it, but Vinepaw can!”
    Moonkit looked over at her sister just in time to see Vinekit’s ears *****. “Did you say my name?” Vinekit asked.
    Firekit nodded, then told Vinekit the plan, and her role in it.
    “Got it!” Vinekit mewed excitedly. “We’re going to be in so much trouble!”
    Moonkit batted Vinekit’s ear. “Are you scared?” she taunted.
    “Never!” Vinekit growled, and leaped onto Moonkit’s back.
    Firepaw nudged Moonkit and whacked Vinekit with her tail. “Come on!” Firekit urged. “We don’t have all day!”
    And so the three kits separated in different directions. Moonkit pinpointed Cloudtail talking with Brightheart just outside the warrior’s den. She picked up the shrew once more and walked over to them.
    Moonkit pretended to slip and swung her head around, tossing the shrew at Cloudtail.
    Cloudtail’s pelt fluffed up. He spun around, growling. “Who dares-” then he saw Moonkit on the ground. “What do you think your doing?” he growled.
    Moonkit sat up and licked her ruffled fur. “I slipped, that’s all.”
    Brightheart walked over. “Shouldn’t you be in the nursery?” she scolded.
    Moonkit opened her mouth to reply. “I…er…wanted to join you.” she stammered.
    Before either of the warriors could answer, Firekit yowled in mock-pain. “Jayfeather! Help! I have a thorn stuck in my pad!”
    Moonkit ran over to Firekit, who was limping to the medicine cat’s den when Jayfeather appeared. “Where’s the thorn?” he asked Firekit.
    Firekit laughed and shoved leaves into Jayfeather’s face. “Run!” Firekit yowled, and they ran back to the entrance of the nursery, leaving Jayfeather growling.
    “Where’s Vinekit?” Moonkit asked Firekit. “Bramblestar’s coming.”
    Firekit pointed with her tail to a corner under highledge, where Vinkit sat crouching at an easy pouncing range to pounce on anyone who came down from the leaders den.
    Bramblestar leaped down from highledge, and as quick as the wind, Vinekit was on Bramblestar’s tail. Then Vinekit ran and joined Moonkit and Firekit by the nursery.
    “That was a close one!” Firekit mewed.
    Then Moonkit heard Cinderheart pad up behind them. “What was a close one?” she asked, giving each kit a hard look.
    “Nothing!” Vinekit mewed innocently.
    “It was all Moonkit’s idea!” Firekit mewed at the same time.
    Moonkit leaped onto Firekit. “Was not! It was your idea for Vinekit to pounce onto Bramblestar’s tail!”
    Vinekit was growling. “Shut-up you mousebrains! Cinderheart can hear you!”
    Then Bramblestar and Jayfeather walked in. “I believe i have heard enough.” Cinderheart mewed.
    Squirrelflight joined Cinderheart at her side. “Yes.” she nodded. Then she turned to her mate Bramblestar. “What else did they do?”
    Firekit stood up on her hind legs to match Bramblestar’s height. “It was all Moonkit!” she spoke up boldly. “I didn’t do anything!”
    “Liar!” Moonkit announced and flung herself at Firekit.
    “Enough!” Bramblestar’s voice boomed against the rest. “I know exactly what each of you did.” he meowed as the noise died down. “And you all agreed to do it, so your all in the wrong. Now can one of you explain why you did it?” When no one answered he said, “Well?”
    Moonkit shuffled her paws. “It just sounded like a good idea at the time.” she mewed uncomfortably.
    Bramblestar looked straight at her. Moonkit hated making her father unhappy. “How about now>” he mewed, softening.
    Moonkit shook her head. “I’ll never do it again.”
    Bramblestar looked at Firekit and Vinekit. “What about you two?” Both of them shook their heads. “Good.” then he began to walk out of the den, as Vinekit and Firekit shoved each other to get out of the den.
    “Wait!” Moonkit called after her father.
    He turned around. “Yes?” he looked at her, studying her. “Is something wrong?”
    Moonkit shook her head no. “I just have a question. Can I, I mean, me, Vinekit, and Eaglekit, become apprentices with Cinderheart’s kits?Please! Look, I’ve already mastered the hunting crouch!” she began to stalk a leaf when Bramblestar stopped her.
    Bramblestar’s eyes shone. “I don’t know about mastered.” he purred. “But yes. That was the plan.”
    Moonkit looked up at her father. “Really?”
    “Would i lie?” Bramblestar asked and flicked her with his tail.
    Moonkit bounced up. “I’ll go tell Vinekit and Eaglekit!” and at that she bounced over to were Vinekit and Firekit were telling the other kits what happened.
    “Wow!” Nightkit said.
    “Did you get into trouble?” Spottedkit squeaked.
    “I bet they did!” Eaglekit mewed.
    “Wish i could’ve joined in!” Hailkit said wistfully. “I could pretended a Shadowclan patrol was attacking!”
    Firekit pounced on her brother Hailkit. “Yeah, right! I’d like to see you try to convince Brackenfur a Shadowclan patrol was attacking.”
    Hailkit pushed Firekit off with his hind legs. “I bet i could trick Toadstep into thinking it! He’s so obsessed with Ivypool right now he wouldn’t think twice about it!”
    Vinekit laughed. “Your right! Just don’t let Toadstep catch you saying that!”
    Moonkit was running so fast she rammed into Hailkit knocking him off his feet. “Hey!” Hailkit screeched. “What was that for?”
    Moonkit rolled over then jumped to her feet. “Guess what Vinkit! Eaglekit! We’re going to be apprenticed today as well as those other mousebrains!”
    “Who are you calling mousebrains?” Nightkit challenged. “Your the mousebrains!”
    “Are you sure?” Eaglekit joked.
    Nightkit tackled him.
    Spottedkit was buzzing with excitement. “I’m going to be the best apprentice ever!”
    “No you won’t!” Eaglekit announced. “Lilypaw and Seedpaw already are!”
    Vinekit purred with amusement. “Your just saying that because you like Lilypaw!”
    Eaglekit looked flustered. “Do not! She’s way to old!”
    Moonkit nodded. “And bossy!”
    Then Bramblestar’s call rang out across the clearing. “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather around for a clan meeting!”
    It was time!

        theathewarrior replied 1 year, 1 month ago

        ask to be tagged!

        zeegrey replied 1 year ago

        Um!!! Uhhhggggghhhhh
        Ok, fiRsT off, this is an sge rp, which we barely even incorporate the books, but still. This is nOt a Warrior Cat forum????? Please don’t post that here lol
        SeCoNd, we rp as a group, not write fanfics
        Third, why?????

        engi replied 1 year ago

        3 things: 1 not warrior cats, I enjoy the series but not this
        2: In the warrior cats cannon this makes as much sense as Tedros’ ambitions in the second book.
        3: This is suppost to be the higher class rp, you can find a warriors form to post it but please not here its cluttering and anoyying

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