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    theginger posted an update 2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Doc posted in comments
    Saturday, May 23rd, 2020
    Hello Poet Gang 😊!
    First off, we want to thank you for joining our club and making our dream a reality! We’re so excited to start this journey with you!
    Now, without further ado, welcome to our very first meeting!
    We went to remind you all that we post once a month, and the dates are located in our doc. We also ask that you spread the word about our family to anyone who might be interested! We want as many poets as possible to participate.
    As this is our first official post, we’re going to outline what to expect in our meetings:
    💠Each month we will center our meeting around a theme. We want you to think and discuss your thoughts concerning it on the post, and/or how you can implement it into your writing. This is a great opportunity to challenge yourself to write/share a poem centered around said theme!
    💠We will announce any activities or events going on in the club, as well as a welcome to our newest members. In this case, welcome all of you!
    💠There will be a section for our poet of the month! We’ll include their monthly poem, bio, and the reasoning behind their nomination. More details on that to come.
    💠We’ll have a monthly check-in! We want to see how you’re feeling! Talk to us about what’s happened in the past month. We’re a family, and we want to hear from you.
    💠Finally, we’ll have our closing remarks- whether that is a song, quote, piece of advice, or something else related to the monthly theme.
    Monthly Theme: 🌟Dreams🌟
    We’re starting our first meeting off with a bang with the theme of dreams- whether that means a literal dream, goal, or fantasy! Comment your thoughts below, and keep writing!
    Special Announcements:
    Date – Tuesday, June 9th Trans, (including non binary and genderfluid) Day!
    Theme – “Stuck in the Wrong Body” (link to the Pride Week doc in on our doc)
    Collaborators –
    Activities and Events:
    💠We challenge you to write a poem based on this month’s theme. Make sure to share it on the doc and down below!
    💠We also have a fun activity you can create:
    Many poets on the site have created Google slideshows to display their work. We want you to do the same! Go crazy with it, and hyperlink it in the appropriate section on the doc.
    Announcing the Poet of the Month!
    Since this is our first meeting, there won’t be a poet of the month. More details coming soon!
    Temperature Poll:
    💠How are you all?
    💠How are you staying busy during the quarantine?
    💠If you could use a color to describe your mood, what would it be?
    💠Anything interesting to share?
    Closing Remarks:
    For our first meeting, we have a song we’d like to share with you. The credit for suggesting it goes to @/shadesofevil; Amee, thank you ☺️. **Make sure you turn on the subtitles, and feel free to comment your thoughts on it below!**

    We’ll see you next month!
    Ginger and Leila
    **if you want to be tagged(Ginger included her poem tags)/if you want to join the club, just comment your email or email us at [email protected] or [email protected]**

        theginger replied 2 months, 2 weeks ago

        *hugs* I love purple as well, it’s such a mystical color. I’m glad you like the theme! We thought it would be a fun place to start, and I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with!

        never11ever8 replied 2 months, 2 weeks ago

        Heeeyyyyyy guyyyysss!
        Temperature Poll:
        To be honest I’m tired, but that’s mostly because I just did a whole lot of soccer stuff earlier.
        Mostly I’ve been doing a lot of soccer and writing. I’ve been doing a lot of plotting and outlining for a book I’m writing, and hoping to get published. (High hopes I know but a girl can dream)
        If I could use a color to describe my mood it would be a bright blue cause I’m in a good mood, and I like blue? That sounds good imma go with that. Lol

          theginger replied 2 months, 2 weeks ago

          Ooooo soccer!! We can’t go to any public places here besides our woods. What’s your book about? I would love to read it when it’s done! It may be high hopes, but I’m sure you can do it 😀

        thecoven4ever replied 2 months, 2 weeks ago

        That was awesome! I will begin my brainstorming XD
        I’ve been ok but definitely stressed bc well everything is Crazy
        I usually play basketball which helps a lot and also hang out with you guys which of course helps ❤️
        I’d say like a dark blue with swirls of gray and turquoise, the color of an ocean right before or after a wave has crashed
        I need to work on my slide show! I think I’ll try and update it tomorrow so look out for that ;))

          leilamofwoodsbeyond replied 2 months, 1 week ago

          That makes sense, the world and everything is a rather crazy place nowadays it seems, plus everything’s very busy!
          I’m glad basketball is helping, sometimes just going outside does wonders for your happiness. Plus it’s great that we can help 🙂
          Ooh, that’s a very pretty color- it can hold a lot of different meanings and emotions, I would think.
          Looking forward to seeing the slideshow, I should work on mine as well!

        never11ever8 replied 2 months, 2 weeks ago

        I’ve mostly been doing soccer in my backyard.
        My book is based a little off of a show that I watched with people who are known as Inhumans (they have a special gene in their DNA that allows them to manifest inhuman abilities hence the name.) There is a secret school known as the School for Inhumans that they can go to. Erika is the main protagonist and gets a letter for the school and she comes to figure that the only way in is to kill Tobias Prince, the hottest bad boy at her school.
        So yeah that’s what it is about, Ginge. 🙂

        effie replied 2 months, 2 weeks ago

        I like the prompt.
        There was a lot of information on that prompt, so I’m not gonna respond to it all at once, but I’ll do the tempurature prompt.
        I’m pretty good.
        I’m not too busy, but not extremely bored either. A library near my house is doing drive through, so I get to read actually books. Also, off topic, I am so excited for book 6!
        I think I would be a worn greyish-green. I’m tired of sitting in my bed all day.
        Um . . . not that I can think of.

          leilamofwoodsbeyond replied 2 months, 1 week ago

          I’m glad you’ve been pretty good!
          Ah, that’s awesome that your library is doing that, mine started doing a similar thing recently and it makes life much less boring- I think everyone’s really excited for book 6, it’ll be awesome to see how Soman decides to end the series!
          I think a lot of people are going stir crazy, honestly- there are so many less opportunities to do things other than sit in bed with this whole quarantine/lockdown thing…

        skyeoffoxforest replied 2 months, 2 weeks ago

        Its only view only

          leilamofwoodsbeyond replied 2 months, 1 week ago

          We decided to keep it on view only unless it was shared with you to hopefully avoid vandalising, since we want to keep this a safe space for everyone-
          If you’d like to join, do you have an email address we can share it with? (you can comment it here or tag me in your activity, or email Ginger or I- anything that works for you 🙂 )

          theginger replied 2 months, 1 week ago

          SKYE I MISSED YOU!! And yes, we need your email to share the doc with you 😀

          skyeoffoxforest replied 2 months, 1 week ago

          Hiiiiiiii! Its [email protected]

          leilamofwoodsbeyond replied 2 months, 1 week ago

          Okay, it should be shared with you now!

        royalfudge replied 2 months, 1 week ago

        I’m so many days late, it’s not even funny. Oh well, though.
        I’ve been spending a lot of time with the Reader’s Story and Council of Elders stuff, so I’ve been busy. I’m good, though.
        My mood… I’d say a misty yellow. I’m happy, but tired. Very pleased with how things are going in life in general.
        Love the prompt… Dreams are something which I’ve written a lot about. They keep us fueled, but they can also drag us down.
        Dreams in the literal sense- as in, those we experience when asleep- are always extremely vivid for me. I can’t name a dream that I remember that hasn’t been full of colour or emotion. Actually, in any sense of the word they’re the same. For me, at least.
        Dreams tend to be things we remember. They shape us, who we are, who we’ll be… they’re something powerful, beautiful, mysterious. We live for dreams, I think. Live for them, so that we can constantly live differently.

          leilamofwoodsbeyond replied 2 months ago

          Ahh and I’m so late to respond to your comment it isn’t funny- sincere apologies for that, it just have gotten lost in my notifications.
          That’s a great color, I’m really glad you’re pleased with how life’s going, or at least were when you wrote this. 🙂
          That’s a beautiful description of all of the different types of dreams there are, and so very true. <3

          royalfudge replied 2 months ago

          *I laugh*
          I was wondering if I had lost the notif for this somewhere, I’m glad you’ve seen it at last.

          leilamofwoodsbeyond replied 2 months ago

          *I grin*
          I think laughter is contagious, at least that I’ve found.
          Ah, that makes sense- I’m glad I finally managed to find the post again and realize you’d commented.

        itzmoviestar replied 2 months ago

        Been super busy and going through my notifications so slowly…sorry for being very late and for giving you all this notification long after you’ve forgotten about this post, I’m sure 😅
        I feel like I’ve burnt myself out these past few weeks…an unfortunate mood that seems to plague me at the end of every school year. So happy that it’s pride month, though! I’ve been spending quarantine juggling homework, writing, and random diy crafts that I work on really hard for a day and then abandon on the next. I’d say my mood is a deep blue – stormy some days, calm and blank on others.
        Now, time to ignore the rest of my homework today so I can work on this poem, haha 😛

          theginger replied 2 months ago

          Hey! So good to see you 💙.
          Quarantine has turned things sideways for everyone I think haha. Deep blue is a wonderful color, and I totally get the changing moods. I’m glad you’re working on a poem, I can’t wait to read it 😀.
          Yes, Pride Month!!!!!!!! I’m so excited to co-host the trans poem competition!! It’s going to be such a fun week 🎉🎉.

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