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    themaplebacondonut posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 2 years, 5 months ago

    Okay so this a writing project I’ve been working on, and I’ve finally finished editing the first chapter!!!
    Besides this, I’ve also been working on two other projects which is why I couldn’t work on SGE reacts…
    Anyway, this was the main SGE themed one.
    Thanks for understanding:)

    The SGExHeathers AU that no one needed, nor asked for…

    HESTERS, a musical
    Starring: Agatha
    Act One: SGE High School’s most elite clique, The Hesters (also known as Coven 66), are the coolest but cruelest kids at SGE High. When emo-ish nerd Agatha manages to get the Hesters out a week of detention, they offer her a spot in their group (Beautiful). The catch? She has to ditch her ‘fake’ kinda airheaded and overweight friend Sophie. When she basically fails at this, the Hesters decide that she can still stay in their clique, but only if she forges a love note in Hort’s (a rich ****) handwriting inviting Sophie to his homecoming party. Agatha agrees and writes the note (Candy Store). After school, Agatha witnesses a fist fight between **** and rude bully Aric and a mysterious but handsome boy without a mother, Tedros (Fight For Me). Later on her way to Hort’s homecoming party, Agatha meets Tedros again at a 7/11 store and the two get slushies (Freeze Your Brain). Later on at the party, Sophie shows up and manages to completely embarrass herself. The Hesters begin to mercilessly tease Sophie for attending causing her to rush out of the party in tears. Furious, Agatha yells at Hester Raven (the Leader of the trio) for ruining the party for Sophie. Hester at first just shrugs it off and tries to go off to dance, but Agatha refuses to let her. Soon the party is in full swing, and both Agatha and the Hesters are quite *****. Finally, right before the end of the party, Agatha vomits all over Hester Raven and runs off (Big Fun). After the party she feels bad for ‘betraying’ the Hesters by defending Sophie. Agatha goes over to Tedros’s house searching for advice, and ends up with her first kiss. After kissing him, she asks Tedros for help. He suggests going over to Hester’s house and apologizing (Dead Girl Walking). So she and Tedros go over to the main Hester’s house and tries to apologize. It does not go well. Finally, Hester orders Agatha to get her a cup of orange juice. Tedros pours some orange colored soap into a cup and gives it to Agatha telling her it’s Hester’s orange juice. Agatha believes him and gives the chemical concoction to Hester. Hester promptly dies. Worried that no one will believe that she made a mistake and didn’t mean to poison Hester, Agatha (with the help of Tedros) writes a elaborate suicide note. However, the suicide note in which “brainless doll” Hester admits that in reality she did not survive the problems and hardships of this world, and realized that she has no more place in this world, making everyone think that that she was really just a misunderstood and insecure girl (The Me inside of Me). Later on, after Hester’s funeral, the remaining Hester’s (Hester Dot and Hester Anadil) try to hold a meeting with Agatha about what to do next. However, this meeting is cut short when a very ***** Hort and a even drunker Aric (cause he had to do something so he’s *****), try to attack them and smash Hester Anadil’s car windows. Hester Anadil and Hester Dot manage to escape Hort and Aric by telling them they can have Agatha as a punching bag (Blue). Agatha is saved when Tedros shows up with more wine which the two of them give to Hort and Aric who pass out. Tedros plans to get revenge on Hort and Aric for trying to beat up Agatha by shooting them. At first, Agatha refuses. However, the next day at school, the remaining Hester with the help of Hort and Aric start to spread cruel rumors about Agatha being a **** (Blue Reprise). Tedros tells Agatha that the bullets are tranquilizer and asks her to arrange a meeting with Hort and Aric. She arranges the meeting and she and Tedros shoot Aric. Only then does she realize that the bullets are real. She refuses to shoot a terrified Hort, but Tedros shoots him anyway. Then, Tedros declares his undying love to a horrified Agatha (Our Love Is God).
    Act Two: Tedros forges a suicide note in Aric’s handwriting saying that Aric and Hort killed themselves because they were gay. This leads the entire student body (lead by odd professor Evelyn Sader) to endorse anti suicide amongst the students of SGE high (Shine A Light). During a school wide discussion Professor Sader asks if any of the students have ever had suicidal thoughts. Hester Dot is the only one who admits to feeling constantly pressured and has considered killing herself (Lifeboat). Once the school wide discussion is over, Hester Anadil mocks Hester Dot for admitting that she had suicidal thoughts. With the encouragement of Hester Anadil, the other students begin to make fun of Hester Dot. This leads to Hester Dot running to the girls bathroom and trying to kill herself by overdosing (Shine A Light Reprise). Agatha manages finds her right before she swallows the pills and convinces her not to go through with her death. The next day, right after Hort and Aric’s funeral, where Hort’s dad admits that he two is homosexual (I Love My Dead Gay Son), Sophie tells Agatha that she doesn’t think that Hort and Aric killed themselves because they couldn’t have been gay. Sophie then pulls out her evidence, the love letter inviting Sophie to Hort’s homecoming party that Agatha had forged. Agatha, feeling bad, tries to explain to her friend that it was her who wrote the note. Heartbroken and furious, Sophie severs her friendship with Agatha. Later that night, Sophie jumps off a bridge in a suicide attempt but survives with a few broken bones (Kindergarten Boyfriend). Hester Anadil proclaims her failed suicide as an attempt to imitate the popular kids. Agatha (accompanied by the ghosts of Hester, Hort, and Aric) rushes to the hospital where Sophie is staying. She realizes that she has become as evil and cruel as Hester (Yo Girl). Agatha decides that the way to stop all of this is to confront Tedros and stop him from killing anyone else. She goes back to her house and is greeted by her worried mother who tells her that her friend Tedros had told her the Agatha has been depressed. Agatha’s mom (Callis) implores her daughter to talk to her. Agatha (still surrounded by the ghosts of Hester, Hort, and Aric), realizes that she is Tedros’s next target. She runs into her room just as Tedros climbs through her bedroom window and tells her that he’s taking her as her date to the pep rally at SGE high school. Agatha shoves him out of her room and locks the door only to hear him beg her to let him in (Meant To Be Yours). He explains about his new plan. Instead of murdering the students one by one, he’ll set up a bomb that will explode during the pep rally killing all the students. Tedros has also forged a suicide note supposedly written by the student body of SGE high. When Agatha refuses to let Tedros in, he eventually slams open the door only to discover that Agatha has hanged herself using a curtain. Tedros is heartbroken but decides to still go on with his plan to blow up SGE high school. Agatha, who is actually not dead and has faked her hanging, goes to the pep rally determined to stop Tedros. She arrives just in time to see Tedros about to finish setting up the bomb. She grabs the bomb and tries to run away but Tedros threatens to shoot her. She reluctantly drops the bomb. Then, she tackles Tedros and grabs his gun. When he refuses to defuse the bomb, Agatha ends up shooting him in the leg. He survives though (Dead Girl Walking Reprise). As a final act of manipulation, he decides to sacrifice himself and save the student body by taking the bomb out towards the school’s football field. Agatha begs him to stay but he refuses. Finally, she says, “Say hi to God.” letting Tedros die (I Am Damaged). The next day everyone at SGE high is buzzing about the bomb that got set off on the football field at the pep rally. Sick of all the gossip, Agatha proclaims that there will be no more Heathers. She then invites Sophie and Dot over to watch movie and just have a good time before they grow up (Seventeen Reprise).

    Chapter One: Beautiful
    September 1st, 1989
    Dear Diary,
    I believe I’m a good person. You know, I think that there’s good in everyone, but—here we are! First day of senior year!
    And uh… I look around at these kids that I’ve known all my life and I ask myself—what happened?

    “Freak! ****! Burnout! Bug-eyes! Poser! ********** It was only the first day of the school year, and insults were already flying about like missiles that were constantly missing their target, but hitting something or someone else. Agatha Sawyer sighed, readjusted her glasses, and kept her head low as she navigated the dangerous halls of the High School For Good and Evil. It’s actually name was the High School For Good, but over time it had become The High School For Good and Evil (or as the students called it, SGE High). She was searching for her best friend, Sophie Dunstock, when she saw some **** slam his huge hairy fist into the chest of a guy with pink braces, and winced at the loud crunching noise. Stay low Aggie, stay low…She thought to herself. Now, what did Sophie say she was wearing? Probably that fuzzy pink dress with the unicorn. After scanning the mob of seniors that were crowding the hall and torturing freshmen, Agatha figured that her best bet at finding Sophie was by her locker. She was almost at Sophie’s locker when a guy in a hideous neon green shirt tripped over her.
    “Hey, are you okay?” Asked Agatha offering her hand to the guy. To Agatha’s surprise, the guy (who’s name was Radley) spit on her palm and said, “Get away, nerd!”
    “Oh, okay…” Mumbled Agatha, but Radley had already stalked off. Trying her best not to scowl, she wiped her hands off on her beige skirt. Agatha always tried to wear colors like gray and beige to sort of blend in. Of course, the color of her clothes did nothing when she was with Sophie. Sophie always wore pink, loved unicorns, and had a huge crush on the athletic but rude Hort. Another thing about Sophie was that she was always bullied for weight. Suddenly, the bell rang, and Agatha had to run to class.

    A couple of periods later, it was lunch. Or as Agatha liked to call it, living ****. Honestly, what scheming demon came up with the cruel idea of shoving a bunch of high schoolers into a small room with no windows and poisonous meat loaf for over half an hour? A truly devilish one apparently. Still, if there was one good thing about this horrid scene, it was that she might be able to find Sophie! If that was a good thing…not that Agatha didn’t love her best friend! It was just that the more she hung out with Sophie, the more often she would be subject to teasing (and not the flirting type). Agatha couldn’t wait to escape to college. Things would surely get better once her letter came from Harvard, Duke, or Brown. She would finally be able to take her diploma and blow this school. Every day was like a battle where each group was an army. As she shuffled into the lunch line, Agatha noticed Hort and Aric were right behind her. Beautiful! She thought. Perhaps if she kept her head then they wouldn’t notice her? She sighed, grabbed a lunch tray, and was almost safely away when someone smacked her lunch tray to the ground.
    “Ooooops!” Hort’s weasley voice crowed.
    “Hort Sweeney.” Agatha said, half in disgust, and half in terror. Hort was rude, brash, and pretty dumb. Yet despite all of this, it was third year as linebacker…and eighth year of smacking lunch trays and being a huge ****.
    Hort’s sickening smile disappeared in a flash, “What did you say to me, *****?”
    Agatha blinked in surprise, Wait…did I just say that out loud? A large hand wrapped around her neck and interrupted her thoughts.
    “Well?” Asked a ****** Hort
    Despite her best efforts, she turned a slight red and said, “Ahh, nothing!”
    Smirking, Hort rejoined Aric in the lunch line. I cannot wait to get out of here!!! This place is horrible. Worse than Sophie’s poetry about Hort! And that says something… Agatha grimaced as she surveyed the cafeteria for Sophie. Ready to give up, Agatha headed towards her regular table. Right before she got there, she felt someone tap her shoulder.
    “Agh!” Yelped Agatha before turning around and noticing Sophie, “Hey Sophie.”
    Sophie smiled, “Hey! We on for movie night this Friday?”
    Agatha grinned, “Yeah, you’re on Jiffy Pop detail.”
    “I rented “The Princess Bride.” Said Sophie, her smile widening
    “Again?” Agatha snorted, “Don’t you have it memorized by now?”
    “What can I say? I’m a sucker for a happy ending.” Sophie replied cheerfully.

    The two finished walking the distance to their table and were about to sit down when Aric ran up behind Sophie and slammed her blue lunch tray onto the cold floor.
    “Sophie Dumptruck! Wide load! Honk!” Yelled Aric as Sophie stared at the floor. Ugh. Agatha thought, Aric Kelly. Quarterback. He is the smartest guy on the football team. Which is kind of like being the tallest dwarf.
    “Hey!” Agatha said with a scowl, “Pick that up right now!”
    Aric turned around and looked at her as if she **** from the bottom of his shoe, “I’m sorry, are you actually talking to me?” He asked in disgust.
    Agatha swallowed down an alarming amount bile that had been building up in her throat and took a step closer to the ****, “Yes, I am. I wanna know what gives you the right to pick on my friend. You’re a high school has-been waiting to happen. A future gas station attendant!”
    Aric looked surprised that she had even spoke, “You have a zit right there…” he murmured pointing to her left cheek. Agatha turned tomato red and a chorus of laughter rang through the cafeteria. As she sat down, Sophie sympathetically patted
    her back.
    “He’s so mean! I can’t believe that such a good guy like Hort is friends with him.” Said Sophie looking genuinely upset and confused.
    Agatha almost laughed. No matter what he did, Hort would always be a saint to Sophie, “Yeah…”
    She began to eat her lunch and offered her friend an apple.
    “Did you start working on Professor Dovey’s assignment?” Questioned Sophie
    “The diary one?” Agatha asked, “Yeah.”
    “I wonder what Hort writes in his diary…”
    “Probably about football.” In a gruff voice Agatha said, “Football practice today. September fourth, Coach told me I was awesome. September eighth, kissed a cheerleader after football practice— beautiful! September twelfth, played football for four hours today,”
    “Stop it!” Exclaimed Sophie, but she was laughing.
    “You know what I think Aric writes about?”
    “Being a perverted idiot!” Agatha cleared her throat, “Dear Diary, why do I act like such a creep?”
    Sophie wheezed and Agatha couldn’t help but smirk. The two spent the rest of their lunch period trying to come up with what their peers might say (“Dear Diary, why won’t he date me?” For Beatrix, “Dear Diary, why don’t I fight back?” For Kiko, “Dear Diary, why did I hit him?” For Raven, and “Dear Diary, why don’t I hit on him?” For Tristan). All too soon, there were only five minutes until the bell rang. Agatha was was in stitches laughing when she realized that the the cafeteria had suddenly gone silent. She sent a confused look to Sophie, but Sophie just shrugged. Then, three girls walked in. Oh…
    The first girl to walk in was called Hester Dot. She had gorgeous shoulder length chocolate brown hair that was wavy and shined in the light. Her light blonde highlights looked beautiful against her peachy skin. Her dad is loaded! Not only did he get a huge inheritance, he’s also the head of the police department…
    Second to walk in was Hester Anadil. Anadil was head of the yearbook committee. Though her albino white skin, crimson brown eyes, and platinum blonde hair often made heads turn, she really didn’t seem to have any personality…her mom did pay for implants though!
    And last of all, Hester Raven.
    She is a mythic *****.
    They are solid teflon. Never bothered, never harassed…
    “I would give anything to be like them.” The chorus of whispers echoed around the room.
    “I’d like to be their boyfriend.” Mumbled Chad****
    “If I sat at their table, guys would notice me.” Whispered Reena
    Sophie scowled, “I’d like them to be nicer.”
    “I’d like to kidnap a Heather and photograph her ***** in an abandoned warehouse
    and leave her ******* for the rats!” Murmured Hort deep in thought. For a whole second, the whispers stopped and everyone, including the Hesters, stared at Hort.
    Ring-a-a-a-ring-a-ring went the bell, and out filed the Hesters, with Raven in the front, followed by Anadil, tailed by Dot.
    “I’ll see you later Aggie!” Said Sophie as she scrambled off to calculus.
    Agatha waved goodbye and headed off to biology. She had almost arrived at her classroom when she was passing by the girls restroom and heard a loud voice say, “Grow up, Hester. Bulimia is so ’87.”
    Curious, Agatha peered through a crack in the bathroom door, and cringed as she heard a loud vomiting noise. Hester Raven and Dot were standing by the mirror applying lipstick, while Hester Anadil’s feet could be seen kneeling down in a stall,
    “Maybe you should see a doctor, Hester.” suggested Hester Dot while finishing her final coat of chocolate cherry gloss.
    “Yeah, Heather. Maybe I should.” Came Anadil’s reply, followed by another series of loud gagging sounds.
    Wow…thought Agatha. Anadil really didn’t have a personality! She backed up from the door and was about to start walking to her class again when the bell rang, and she ran right into Ms. Sader.
    “Excuse me Agatha, I have some-“ Ms. Sader suddenly stopped speaking and flung herself at the girls restroom door. There was silence for complete moment until the obnoxious retching noise reoccurred. Ms. Sader threw open the door, brushed back a strand of her honey blonde hair, and placed her hands on her hips, “Ah, Heather and Heather.”
    Anadil barfed.
    “… and Heather. Perhaps you didn’t hear the bell over all the vomiting. You’re late for class.” Said Ms. Sader biting her full lips.
    Agatha quietly pulled out a piece of pink paper from her backpack and began to hurriedly write something.
    Hester Raven tossed her jet black hair, making sure that the red highlight fell on delicate shoulders, “Hester wasn’t feeling well. We’re helping her.”
    Ms. Sader smirked, “Not without a hall pass you’re not. A week’s detention.”
    Agatha tapped Ms. Sader’s shoulder and handed her the piece of pink paper, “Actually, Ms. Fleming, all four of us are out on a hall pass. Yearbook committee.”
    Ms. Sader snatched the paper and scanned it, her evergreen eyes moving up and down. Finally, she scowled and said, “I see you’re all listed. Hurry up and get where you’re going.” With great flourish, she handed the pink paper back to Agatha. She then lifted up the hem of her baby blue skirt and flounced out.
    Hester Raven grabbed the pink paper from Agatha, “This is an excellent forgery. Who are you?”
    Agatha’s cheeks flushed, “Agatha Sawyer. I crave a boon.”
    “Hmm…” She murmured, “What boon?”
    Agatha’s felt her traitorous hands begin to fidget with the trim of her blouse, “Let me sit at your table at lunch.” She noticed their incredulous looks, “Just once. No talking necessary.” Agatha felt sweaty, “If people think you guys tolerate me, they’ll leave me alone…” The Hesters giggled in unison.
    “Before you answer, I also do report cards, permission slips and absence notes!” Blurted our Agatha.
    Anadil walked out of her stall, “How about prescriptions?”
    Raven glared at Anadil, “Shut up, Hester.”
    “Sorry, Hester…” Mumbled Anadil
    Raven pulled Agatha closer and inspected her face, “For a greasy little nobody, you do have good bone structure.”
    Hester Dot slid her palm over the bridge of Agatha’s nose, “And a symmetrical face. If I took a meat cleaver down the center of your skull, I’d have matching halves.” She observed, “That’s very important.”
    Anadil frowned, “Of course, you could stand to lose a few pounds.”
    Raven smiled and took Agatha’s hands in her own, “And ya know…This could be beautiful!” She looked Agatha straight in the eye, and Agatha could swear that her eyes were red, “Mascara, maybe some lip gloss, and we’re on our way. Get this girl some blush; And Heather, I need your brush!”
    Anadil raised her eyebrow but handed Raven her brush.
    “Let’s make her beautiful!” Exclaimed Raven.
    “Let’s make her beautiful…” Echoed Anadil
    “Beautiful!” Squealed Dot.
    Raven grinned. Agatha gulped and mumbled, “Okay?”
    Sophie shuffled down the hall wishing that the day could just end already. It was only the second day back at school and she was already yearning for Summer and ice cream and movie night every night. Speaking of movie night, Sophie had already rented the Princess Bride, but had decided to get some other movies too for variety. She ended up also getting West Side Story and Breakfast at Tiffany’s. At least one of them had a happy ending she figured. Finally, the bell rang and Sophie hurried off to lunch, ecstatic to see Agatha again…only, she couldn’t find her! Sighing, Sophie sat down at their lunch table. Maybe Agatha just had to finish a test or something…she had almost convinced herself of this when a loud commotion interrupted her thought.
    “Out of my way geek! I don’t want any trouble-You’re gonna die at 3pm!” Yelled Aric at Tristan right before pushing him into Beatrix and Mona.
    “Ewww!” Screeched Beatrix, “Don’t you dare touch me!”
    Mona smacked Tristan with the back of her lunch tray, “Get away pervert!” She then grabbed Mona’s hand and dragged her out of the cafeteria.
    Tristan scrambled off at the floor and realized that everyone was staring at him, “What did I ever do to them?” He protested while Aric laughed and fist bumped Hort. Hort offered a lopsided grin in return.
    Who could survive this? Wondered Sophie.
    The three Hesters strolled into the cafeteria.
    “Whoa.” Murmured Hort, and Sophie sighed. Everything was always about
    Hester, Hester, Hester…
    Radley pointed to a shadow like figure behind the Hesters, “And… someone!”
    Ugh…sighed Sophie a chorus of whispers swept across the room…Everything will always be about Hester, Hester, Hester
    Ms. Sader (who was stuck with the difficult job as the Tuesday Turkeyballs lunch monitor) suddenly jumped from the staff tabled and yelled, “Who’s that with Hester?”
    …Wait! Did he just say, ‘And…someone!”??? But the Hesters never let anyone into their *********…Her eyes snapped up from her blue plastic lunch tray and scanned the Hesters
    “A babe!” Whistled Coach.
    Sophie squinted at the figure in the stunning blue skirt and jacket, “Agatha?!”
    “Agatha? Agatha? Agatha?!” The name was echoing off the walls and flying about like a missile that was constantly not just hitting the target, but blasting through it and landing on another. And in the smoky target remains, all that was left was smoking hot Agatha, glasses forgotten, lips painted, wearing a blue mini skirt and matching crisp jacket and adorned with a single golden necklace, smiling like it was the end of the millennium.

    Across the lunchroom, a transfer was peering at Agatha, “Holy ********** he mumbled as he ran his hands through his golden hair,


        srose2 replied 2 years, 5 months ago

        Please, no swearing or words that the site may block out with an asterisk.. Otherwise, AMAZING!!

          themaplebacondonut replied 2 years, 5 months ago

          Ack my bad (I was going to post this on Wattpad So that’s why I didn’t really fix the bad words…)
          I’m really glad that you like it though 🙂

        srose2 replied 2 years, 5 months ago

        Tag me on wattpad please? And my friends?
        And also read what I have up, pretty pleases?

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        Love it! 🙂

        donutqueen11 replied 2 years, 5 months ago

        I love this! I haven’t seen Heathers but I’d love to! 🙂 🙂 🙂

        prstncharlie replied 2 years, 5 months ago

        “The SGExHeathers AU that no one needed, nor asked for…” Ummmmmm . . . this was a SGEXHeathers AU that I now LIVE for!???! XD I love it! This is some great writing, too! <3

          themaplebacondonut replied 2 years, 5 months ago

          Haha XD
          I’m just happy that you enjoyed it 😀

        agathaandtedrosrock replied 2 years, 5 months ago

        can you tag me?

          themaplebacondonut replied 2 years, 5 months ago


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          themaplebacondonut replied 2 years, 5 months ago

          Thanks!!! I’m really glad you like it X3… at first I wasn’t sure if mixing Heathers and SGE was a good idea but the thought the coven 66 as the Heathers wouldn’t leave me alone lol

        mollyeverdeen replied 2 years, 5 months ago

        this is amazing SGE and Heathers together xD just so guud!!

          themaplebacondonut replied 2 years, 5 months ago

          Ikr the SGE crew are all such drama queens like the Heathers XD

        shadowstorm12 replied 2 years, 5 months ago

        AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!! I <3 your SGE stuff. It's the best!

          themaplebacondonut replied 2 years, 5 months ago

          Thanks 🙂
          I’m super happy you like it lol!!!

        agathaandtedrosrock replied 2 years, 5 months ago

        Also, why do they switch between saying Heather and Hester?

          themaplebacondonut replied 2 years, 5 months ago

          Hmmm mostly because I knew if I was to do a Heathers/SGE AU, the coven 66 would have to be the Heathers.
          And since I’m a horrible person with a evil brain, I thought: “Heather…Heather…Hester???” lol. It’s sort of a pun too I guess 😛

        kirby212 replied 2 years, 5 months ago

        Is it ok if we draw fan art? I can’t get the idea of them being in the Heather coustumes. I also really want to draw Tedros with guyliner.

          themaplebacondonut replied 2 years, 5 months ago

          Do you have a Wattpad account? I could put the art in the Hesters Wattpad book (you’d get full credit)! 😀

          kirby212 replied 2 years, 5 months ago

          I don’t have a wattpad but I’ll post it on the reader gallery and what you do afterwards is up to you.

          themaplebacondonut replied 2 years, 5 months ago

          Okie 🙂

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