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    themaskedgirl posted an update in the group Fan Fiction 3 years, 10 months ago

    The Start of it all

    I was born on December 25, 3003 in the 2000s, before there was Christmas now it’s the unluckiest day and this year is unlucky too. So of course I was cursed with bad luck yay. That same day in Ohio (oh did I mention I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio probably not) there was a huge blizzard that took out what was left of the state. The hospital and my house were somehow protected with magic.
    “It must be Skylar are sweet little baby.” my mom said with a tear in her eye.
    “It can’t be our little Sky.” My dad said sternly in a whisper. “Also I know her power already she won’t be able to get hurt.” Dad said with confidence but still in a whisper.
    “That can’t be possible unless no that can’t be true.” my mom said with a tear of fear coming from her eye.
    I started crying and tearing myself out of the blanket I was swaddle in. With furry in my eyes I screamed a sirens song the room stilled with pain and sadness. They knew the council would want to turn me dark or drain my powers and kill me. The doctor came and tested our blood to see if we were evos it came back negative my parents looked at me then at each other. They insisted we leave now but the doctor said no suddenly we appeared at home and they had took a big risk showing the doctor my mom was an evo. For many years we lived safe and alone until I was 9 years old, on that day which was my birthday there was an explosion at the store, apparently the council drained and killed my parents. From then on I used my powers against the evil council.
    Now I was 10 I had gained control of the powers that I thought were my only powers. I came upon a boy holding blades in his hands they were burning red like fire. He turned and saw me, started running at me with furry in his eyes, and suddenly we he was about to stab me I got a new power. I floated up in a bubble and he stabbed a wall. I laughed amused with this new power and how the boy stabbed the wall. The boy looked up and cursed under his breath he decided to say
    “Hi my name is Gregory I thought you were the council” I didn’t respond. His blades fire turned green
    “It is okay.”
    Finally I responded “How do I know you aren’t working for the council?”
    “I am only ten” he said.
    “So am I, my name is Skylar but, I go by Sky and my parents are dead can I come with you?”
    “Sure” he said.
    So I followed him to an abandoned warehouse he lead me inside and put his arm around my shoulder.
    “Welcome to your new home “he said
    “Um ok I guess this is my new home”
    “You should meet my sis Rose”
    “Not right now”
    Suddenly I get a new power I teleport to my old home get my stuff and teleport back to my new home. Gregory looks absolutely surprised.
    “Someone having more than one power impossible”
    “I was born on old Christmas of the unlucky year”
    His jaw drops realizing something I don’t know I look at him confused. He shakes his head like he rather not tell me but, I am tempted to ask. I decide not ask scared of the truth.
    (this is the book i am writing soman plz read it I might want to be an author so if you could read it the would be great)

        impossiblegirl replied 3 years, 10 months ago

        I live in Cincinnati

          themaskedgirl replied 3 years, 10 months ago

          cool i want to live in Ohio

        kitkat446 replied 3 years, 10 months ago

        It’s cool!

          themaskedgirl replied 3 years, 10 months ago

          thz this is a book i am writing

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